Bella and Edward have always had crushes on each other. Now that they are both starting the ninth grade, will their true feelings come out? Everyone is human!

I was in a frenzy. I was entering high school. My mom and I had went out shopping for school supplies, and it just made me even more nervous then before. Thanks to my brother for scaring me, I was contemplating faking sick, knowing that it would never work.

Me: Hey Alex, what's the worst thing about high school.

Alex: I dunno. I'm trying to study.

Me: Study?

Alex: Yes, I'm finishing up some summer projects.

Me: Do I have any?

Alex: Probably.

Me: But my teachers never said anything about summer projects.

Alex: Teachers don't tell you that sort of thing. You have to check the school website.

Me: Alex! They're only two more days of summer left. Why are you still working?

Alex: I'm done now, I was just proofreading my research paper.

Me: Research paper?!

Alex: Look Bella, you're going to be a freshman okay, I'm going to be a senior. I have far much more of a workload than you do.

Me: But...What's scary about high school.

Alex: Fine then. Do you really want to know?

Me: Yes.

Alex: The teachers don't really care about you, and your not going to have a life because of all of the homework. Oh, and don't forget Freshman Friday.

Me: What's Freshman Friday?

Alex: It's where seniors go around putting Fs on freshmans foreheads. If they get a chance, then they dunk you in the toilets. Also, don't count on getting a seat on the bus.

Me: You'll protect me won't you?

Alex: I have far more important things to worry about. Just get yourself a boyfriend, and he'll protect you. I have to go. Bye.

I wish I could take Alex's advice, but the guy that I had a crush on only treated me like he treated any other girl. Edward Cullen. Girls always stared at him, and he would wink at them. I was one of those girls, but we were friends, which was a bit of a start. Not.

Focusing on Edward Cullen wasn't one of my first priorities right now. I went over to my mom to talk about high school.

"Mom, were you scared of going into high school?"

"Oh sweety, I can perfectly understand what you are going through right now. But look at every adult, me your father, your gradparents, we all survived."

"Gee, thanks mom." Helpful.

Yeah, so I was really nervous. I had never had my head dunked in a toilet before, and I certainly never wanted to experience it. Wearing a sweater with a hood that was pulled up should do the trick of at least not getting my forehead covered in Fs.

I went out to La Push, to go see my friend Jacob before school started. He was going into eigth grade.

"Hey Jake," I waved him over to a bench.

"Hi Bella, nervous about school?"

"Totally. Alex said I was going to get my head dunked in a toilet," I wailed. Jacob just started laughing. I glared at him.

"Bella, Alex is a funny guy, he was just joking. You're not going to get your head dunked in a toilet."

"That's easy for you to say, your not the one who's going to be a freshman." Jacob reassuring me had not helped at all.

"What am I going to wear on my first day?"

"Bella," he groaned, "I'm a boy, not a girl."

"No one has been helpful. Alex scared me, and my mom just said that I had to look around at everyone who has survived high school. No advice whatsoever."

"I've got great advice Bella." I looked at him eagerly. Jacob made me feel so peaceful, he was one of my best friends.

"Really, what?"

"Just relax." My eager expression probably plummeted. Just relax, how could I relax?

"How do you propose that I relax Jacob?"

"Distract yourself. Take your mind off of high school. Let's watch clouds."

"Watch clouds?" I asked doubtful.

"Sure, that's always relaxing."

"It's in two days Jacob," I whispered. Jacob just sighed, took my hand, and brought me to a grassy hill, where we could see a lot of clouds. He lied down, and I did the same next to him.

"I see a bird. What about you?" I giggled a little. I was way past the age to do this.

"Hmmm. I'm not sure." I was surprised that this was actually relaxing, and taking my mind off of high school.

"What about that one over there?" I asked Jacob. When he didn't respond, I looked at him. He was asleep. I lied down once again, and looked at the clouds.

2 hours later...(dinner time in the Swan household)

"Well Bella, tomorrow is your last day of summer, before school starts. You'll be going to Forks High, isn't that exciting?" My mother was way too energetic.

"Yeah, just avoid getting your head dunked in the toilet, and you'll be okay." Alex, always the supportive one.

"Alex, what have you been telling Bella?"

"Nothing much."

"It sure doesn't sound like it. What is all of this nonsense about getting heads dunked in toilets?"

"Never mind." While they were having this lovely conversation, I was looking at my soup. I slammed my fist against the table. My mom, and brother looked up, startled.

"Bella?" She asked, concerned.

"Damnit, I don't want to go to school tommorow. I went to go see Jake today, and we watched clouds, and it helped me relax a little. But I'm tired of all of this nonsense, people saying that it won't be that bad, I don't even know what to wear!" They both looked at me like I was crazy. Then, my brother burst out laughing.

"Bella, you thought I was serious? People don't get their heads dunked in toilets. And some people do haze freshmen, but just for fun. Not everyone does it. In fact, you probably won't get hazed at all. When I said that you wouldn't have a life, I was kidding too. You might have more homework, but it really isn't that bad."

My cheeks turned red, and I felt like hitting Alex with something. Jacob was right, Alex was kidding, I was so stupid!

"Well, why did you tell me all of that if you were kidding?"

"You need some humor in your life. You take everything way too seriously."

I heard the front door unlock. That would be my dad. He was the police chief of Forks, and sometimes worked really late.

"Bella, how are you honey?"

"Terrific," I said sarcastically. A confused look crossed his face, and then he looked amused.

"Worried about high school, eh?"

"I don't even know what to wear on my first day. My friend told me that you had to make a very good impression on your first day, or else you'll be labeled as a freak!"

"Honey, it doesn't work like that. Nobody will be concerned about their clothes. They'll probably just wear what they like. Besides, the school really isn't that big. I got you something that you can bring on your first day." He held out a little tiny Coach wallet. I had been dying to have one.

"Thanks dad, I love it. I'll put my libary card, and lunch money in it." I then hugged him. He held out something very carefully, and a serious look crossed his face, but an ecstatic one crossed mine.

"Daddy," I breathed, "It's beautiful!"

"Now Bella, this is for calls to us only. You can text to friends, because we got that for free, but nothing else. This phone is strictly for emergencies only."

"Of course dad. Thanks-you so much. This is just what I need to cheer me up."

"I just thought my little girl would like something before high school." I bounded up to my room, to charge my beautiful phone. The home phone rung, and I yelled that I would get it.


"Well, well, well. How are you Bella?" Oh. My. God. It was Edward Cullen! I smoothed my hair, even though he couldn't see it.

"Umm...Hi Edward." Could I be any more lame?

"Hey. You seem just a tad excited. Is it high school? I'm certainly looking forward to it."

"Oh no! I'm dreading it!" Oh god! I had just said that to Edward Cullen. I had to hang up now, before I said anything that would embarrass me for the rest of my life.

"Anyway, I was just calling to see how you were. You never said what you were excited about."

"I got a cell phone, and a little coach wallet."

"Wow! I don't know why girls are in love with designer purses, and clothes. Isn't a wallet, a wallet?"

"It's the brand, and they're very stylish."

"Cool, I still don't understand."

"Never mind." Awkward silence, why couldn't I say anything witty like Jessica or Lauren. They were really popular. Edward dated Lauren last year, I don't even know why they broke up.

"Hey Edward?"


"Uh, see you tommorow."

"Okay, see you." I was the first to hang up. What had I done? Edward Cullen had just called, and I had abruptly ended the phone call. I needed to go to bed, and chill. I only had one day left. I suddenly remembered the work that Alex had told me about. Screw the work, I wasn't going to waste what little summer I had left on work. Alex came up the stairs.

"Hey who was on the phone?"


"You usually talk to her for about two hours, that was less than five minutes. You okay?"

"Uh yeah, she was just um checking to see if I had done the summer work, and I said no. She had to go eat dinner, that's why it was so short. Yup."

"Okay. Whatever. I'm going to bed. Good night."

"Night Alex."

I got ready for bed slowly, concentrating on each task, then I got into bed. When my head hit the pillow, I hoped that I wouldn't have nightmares about high school, then I fell asleep.