Toph sighed, waiting for Aang to come back and supposedly 'show her the moon'.

See, it all started when Sokka had given her that little chunk of the meteorite, and she had made a few shapes with it. That night Aang had suddenly gotten all excited and told her that he would show her what the moon looked like, but he would need to borrow her meteorite. She hadn't really believed him, or was too sleepy to listen, but either way she wasn't going to let him borrow it. But he continued to try and take the meteorite from her pack.

He had ended up with only his head above the ground that night, but she still thought he deserved it. In the morning when she let him out, well, when Katara made her let him out, he had continued to bug her. And boy could he be persistent.

To make a long story short she eventually agreed to let Aang show her, and here she was, waiting at their campground for Aang to return with her meteorite. She heard a strange sound, which she immediately recognized as a sleeping Sokka. Sokka and Katara were both fast asleep, totally unaware what had been going on the past couple of days.

She groaned. Why was he taking so long? It was annoying. He was annoying.

Two sounds echoed through the campsite. The first was Sokka's snoring. And the second was Toph banging her head on the rock wall, trying to keep herself awake.


Toph jolted upright at the feeling of Aang's light footsteps walking toward the camp. She quickly jumped up and ran to him, nearly knocking him down in the process. "Good god Twinkle toes, what took you so long?!" Aang chuckled, "A little impatient I see." She punched him in the shoulder, but said nothing as he walked over to an earthbended table.

He sat down what he was holding onto the table. As far as Toph could feel it was an empty jar, a full water skin, and a thick piece of cloth. The cloth however was wrapping something, probably to keep her from feeling what it was.

Aang unwrapped the object, but placed it on the cloth so Toph still couldn't see it. Of course, by now she knew that it was the meteorite. Aang earthbended a small hole in it, leading to the center. He opened the seemingly empty jar, which actually held fireflies, and placed a few into the center of the meteorite. He quickly closed the gap, but leaving a tiny hole so the fireflies wouldn't die. He popped open the water skin and waterbended a very thin layer over the meteorite and blew, causing it to freeze.

Smiling at his work, he handed Toph the little 'moon'. No expression graced Toph's face as she held it. She was too busy feeling the strange thing Aang had handed her to worry about something as silly as an expression. The rock was warm from the fireflies, yet cold at the same time. It wasn't a perfect sphere either; little cracks and indentions covered its surface. Eventually a small smile came to her face as she sat the little 'moon' down and hugged Aang's neck. She then turned and headed for Sokka's sleeping bag.

At the moment Aang was shocked for two reasons. The first was that Toph actually smiled. A true, sincere, non sarcastic smile. And the second was that she had hugged him. Toph never hugged him. Once he had hugged her when he said goodnight and she had given him a good punch in the gut.

Wow. That was weird.


Sokka groaned as Toph nudged him awake. He was about going to tell her to go to bed until he saw the serious expression she had on her face. "Toph, is something wrong?" Toph shook her head. "No, I just wanted to tell you something." Sokka's expression turned from concern into confusion. He knew Toph wouldn't wake him up, so seriously at least, if it wasn't important. "What is it?" A small smile tugged at Toph's lips.

"I-I just wanted to say that Yue is really pretty."