"Kisame, get up."

"What is it?"

Kisame opened his eyes to see a shadow looming over him.

"Oh, Leader-sama! You're here!"

"Yes. Who is this next to you?"

"Oh, this is the guy I found who has great recon skills. His name's Zetsu."

"Hmmm, well done Kisame. You've passed your test. I declare you and Zetsu official members of the Akatsuki."

"Thank you, Leader-sama. Zetsu, wake up! You're in the Akatsuki now."

"Kisame, I'm still tired. Five more- "

"Now Zetsu!"

Zetsu opened his eyes and sat up.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the leader of the Akatsuki. In terms, your new boss."

"I'm a member now?"

"Yes. There are simple rules you must now follow. As long as you complete your missions thoroughly, we'll take care of you. And in return for your assistance, you'll be trained by one of us. Our skills are far more superior than those learned through you're academies or jonin teachers. We each come from different villages, so you'll be exposed to jutsu only known by those native to their home country. What element of jutsu do you think is necessary, based on your own skills?"

"Definitely ground, and possibly water."

"Kisame can help you with water, while another member, Sasori, can help you with ground. If he's successful in his mission of finding another member, Deidara can help you."

"I have a question. What is the main objective the Akatsuki hope to achieve?"

"To purge the world of war and famine by destroying those who make the weak and innocent suffer. Mainly our target is politicians and country daimyos. Is that all right with you?"


"Than it's settled. You both begin as an Akatsuki, today!"

Kisame looked at Zetsu with a smile. Finally, the two shinobi could begin their lives anew. Most importantly, they both had people who would care for and respect them; things the two had never gotten from the outside world.

I hope you liked the story. As I said before, it was my first attempt at a serious story. Everything else for Naruto is humor. I'll be creating some funny drabbles, so look forward to those. Please review to let me know this story wasn't for naught.