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Chapter One: Addictions are for Drug Users

She swears she doesn't have problems like they seem to imply. What she does is simply her way of passing time to make the day go faster; maybe it's even a hobby—for it's something she enjoys doing. But when you go so far as calling her… hobby an addiction, that's where she draws the line. For there is no way Fujino Shizuru was addicted to anything—that makes it sound as if she were on drugs. So as the collected Kyoto beauty listened to a hot-tempered blond rant on about her addictions, Shizuru decided to take on her own defense.

"It's not like I have a problem or anything," the student council president said calmly as she gazed at the fuming executive director in front of her.

"You're freaking addicted to teasing girls and making them slush!" The wild blond exclaimed to the bubuzuke woman.

"Blush Haruka…" came the squeak of the mousy brunette behind the raging blond.

"What Yukino?" Haruka said in a much softer voice.

"It's blush, not slush." Yukino replied to Haruka with… guess what… a blush.

"That's what I said!" was the quick retort to the mousy woman before she turned back to the brunette who had an amused expression on her face.

"Ara," Shizuru said before the Haruka could get out any words, "I wouldn't really call it an addiction…." Knowing what the blond was going to ask before she actually had a chance to, Shizuru continued on saying, "it's more like an obsession."

Yes, an obsession was what she had, because having addictions were unhealthy, and who knows what would happen to the world if Fujino Shizuru ever lacked in health.

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