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Chapter Seven: Crack that Whip

Natsuki was walking toward the school with her best friend when she decided to explain why she wouldn't be eating with her at lunch.

"What do you mean you got in trouble again?" the busty carrot-haired girl said.

"I mean just what I said. I have to meet Kaicho in the Student Council room for my… punishment." Natsuki tried not to shiver as she thought of what the student body president might have in store for her.

"Wow," Mai shook her head and patted her friend on the back. "I feel sorry for you."

Natsuki nodded sadly.


"MAAI!" the feral teen appeared out of nowhere and attached herself to the older woman's waist.

"Hey Mikoto." Mai affectionately rubbed the smaller girl's raven tresses.

"Mai, why's Natsuki sad?" Mikoto asked, turning sideways to look at Natsuki.

"Well," Mai began at a whisper as she looked over her shoulder to see if the blunette was listening. When it seemed like she wasn't, Mai continued. "Natsuki got in trouble yesterday and she's going to Kaicho to get punished."

"Nn." Mikoto nodded emphatically. "Natsuki is going to get a spanking!"

Mai gaped at the lithe girl and Natsuki froze.

"W-what?" Natsuki and Mai asked at the same time.

"Nao told me that's what happens when people get in trouble." Mikoto nodded as if Nao was telling her at that very moment. "She said the only way for a punishment to end is if someone gets down on their hands and knees for a spanking, but you can't release them unless they're moaning and groaning and asking for more."


"Yeah! She said they have to say your name like that." Mikoto nodded again. "Nao is so smart." She grinned.

Mai covered her mouth before she could mutter the girl's name again, and Natsuki fell to the ground, thinking of her impending doom.

"No Natsuki, you're doing it wrong." Mikoto released Mai and got on the ground to show the girl the proper way to do it. She went on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder at Mai and Natsuki. "Just like this… then you wait for your spanking." Mikoto nodded. Her voice lowered a bit from the position she was in as she continued to look at the females behind her. "Am I going to get a spanking now, Mai?"

Mai's face heated up immediately. "M-mikoto!"

"Mai…" Mikoto licked her lips. "I'm ready…"

Natsuki sat on the side, watching the whole ordeal. She saw Mai collapse in a heap, but could not do anything to help, she was still frozen. 'Oh my God, Mikoto! … Mai…'

"Spankings are delicious, right… Mai?" Mikoto looked at Natsuki then to the busty female. "Mai?" She crawled over to her roommate and tilted her head. "Mai…?"


"No. No. No." Natsuki shook her head as the lunch bell rang. "Mikoto didn't know what she was saying. Dammit, Nao, you need to stop teaching her those things!" She continued to grumble under her breath as she stepped into the elevator.

When the elevator opened as it reached the top floor, she stopped her mutterings. With a gulp she took a step towards the Student Council room. She lifted a hand to knock, and then stopped as she took another breath.

"No one's going to hear you if you don't let them know you're there."

Natsuki, scared at the voice, spun around quickly; unaware of the hand she still had raised, she backhanded the newcomer in the face.

"Oh God." Natsuki quickly covered her face, not wanting to see who she just knocked out. After a second, she peeked between her fingers to see an attractive male with black hair. 'At least it wasn't Shizuru…'

The door behind her slid open at that moment and Natsuki knew she was screwed.

"Ah Natsuki… and Reito-han." She covered her mouth as a giggle threatened to escape. "I see he found you…"

"I… uh-he… knock… the voice… BLAM…?"

Shizuru ushered the blunette inside. "Do not worry about Reito-han. I'll get someone to take him to the nurse." She pulled out her cell phone and made a quick call. When she finished she smirked at the younger female. "You, on the other hand, have a punishment to receive."

The brunette swung her hand and cracked the whip that seemed to materialize into her hand.

'What the hell? How does she keep doing that?' Natsuki thought frantically as she took a step away from the other woman. 'I've gotta get as far from this crazy woman as I can.'

"Where are you going, Na-tsu-ki?" the Kaicho took a menacing step closer to the blunette, who in turn, took another step backward.

"I'm getting away from you… What does it look like?" Natsuki glanced behind her quickly to see if any objects would be obstructing her path as she moved further from the brunette.

And it was only a second that her eyes left Shizuru's frame, but so much things can happen in a second, as Natsuki was soon to find out.

Just as she was looking away from Shizuru, she stepped backward and her foot got caught on the edge of a small rug. Shizuru, who noticed the other girl beginning to look away, cracked the whip toward the ground in an effort to scare the other girl into stopping her movements; but of course Natsuki was in the middle of falling backward and one of her legs swung up as she began to fall. Then as Shizuru was bringing the whip back it caught onto the blunette's flailing leg, causing her to jerk the other female around and onto her knees as she hit the ground.

Natsuki was stunned. She had no idea what had just happened. All she knew was that one second she was looking away Shizuru and the next she was on her hands and knees facing away from the other girl.

Natsuki gulped. 'Mikoto was right… Punishments are spankings.'

Biting her bottom lip, she hesitantly turned her head toward Shizuru.

Shizuru was confused. She had no idea why Natsuki was on her hands and knees. Not that she was complaining, but really, what the hell just happened?

Then Natsuki turned her head.

'Oh God,' were Shizuru's first thoughts. Her mind then went blank. All she could see was the vulnerable look on Natsuki's face, the nibbling on the bottom lip, the slight blush on her cheeks, the hesitant look in her eyes. It took all her strength not to pounce on the younger girl in that moment. She looked to the whip in her hand, unsure of what to do…

"I'm ready…"

Shizuru raised an eyebrow at the whip, thinking it was the Natsuki in her mind calling out words from her fantasy. But the voice spoke again.

"I'm ready for my punishment… Shizuru." Natsuki breathed out the president's name in an effort to calm herself. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do, but with Shizuru glancing at the whip like was, Natsuki could only assume what Mikoto had said was true. So she kept the right position and continued to look over her shoulder at the Kaicho.

'Oh my God.' Shizuru's face flushed. Natsuki was looking very tantalizing. She started to take a step forward, but then Natsuki said her name.

'Fucking hell,' were Shizuru's final thoughts before her brain suffered from a massive overload. Blood shot out of her nostrils and she dropped the whip. She hit the ground with a smile on her face and one word on her lips, "Natsuki"



"So you no longer have any punishment?" Mai asked her blue-haired friend.

"No," Natsuki shook her head; a confused look on her face. "It was weird too, because I asked Shizuru about it just to make sure."

"Oh wow, it seems like Kaicho let you off the hook." Mai grinned.

"Yeah it seems like it. I mean I was really afraid I was going to be punished just like Mikoto said…" Natsuki trailed off as she saw the certain brunette they were talking about walk by.

"Shizuru!" she called out and ran up to her. "Thanks for letting me off the hook with that punishment." She grinned with a wave and returned to her carrot-haired friend.

Now that the blue-haired beauty was not in her direct presence Shizuru was able to keep her usual mask up. Even with the many things that were running through her mind at the moment.

'Punishment… hook… Natsuki… whip…'

She smiled her usual smile, wiped the drop of blood from her nose, and continued on her previous path.

'Yes, Kuga Natsuki, you are quickly becoming a habit… Not that I am addicted.'


Shizuru was lying on a bed in the Youko, the school nurse's, office, and Natsuki was sitting in a chair beside her. Though she hid it well, if one looked close enough he or she would be able to see the worry on the young blunette's face.


"Shizuru." Natsuki sighed. "You're finally awake."

"But of course." She smiled. "I couldn't let my cute little Natsuki worry about me."

Natsuki turned her back and mumbled something along the lines of 'I wasn't worried.'

Shizuru laughed lightly at the younger female and grinned widely when she received a glare.

"Don't laugh at me!" Natsuki pouted.

Shizuru began to laugh again.

"Whatever." Natsuki grumbled and crossed her arms. "Anyway, just tell me when I need to come in for my next punishment."

As she said those words Shizuru's face began to heat up. The brunette quickly held the bridge of her nose and lifted her head up as her mind was assaulted by images of Natsuki, moaning and groaning on her hands and knees.

"It's all right," Shizuru quickly said. "You no longer have any p-punishment." Shizuru struggled to say the words.

"Are you su—" Natsuki was interrupted by the crack of a whip.

"Yes, now you can go."

Natsuki nodded and quickly fled the room.

Shizuru looked to the whip in her hand then sighed, relaxing against the pillow.

This was going to be a long day.

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