Worse than Being Stabbed

"Good morning, Ichigoooooo!" yelled his father as he burst there the door. Ichigo sat up just in time to block his father's punch and send his dad flying into the closet door. He was too used to that. He had an alarm clock to wake him up, but he dad felt the need to do that job. Already Ichigo could tell that today was not going to be good. Climbing out of bed he walked over to his closet, rapt on the door.

Yawn, "Time to get up for school." Then he gathered his clothing for a shower. When he got out of the shower he noticed that his closet door was still closed. Releasing a loud breathe, "Hey shorty time to get up." Nothing. "Hey I'm talking to you, time to wake up." With that he pulled open the closet door to find… Rukia wasn't there. "Where did she go?" Then it struck him. Ever since they had defeated Aizen, she had lived at his house, but not in his room. She was sleeping in Yuzu room while Yuzu slept in Karin's room (Ichigo's father had the habit of calling her his third daughter). Since she had a two yearlong posting for Karakura town, so that was enough time for her to finish their senior year. Hell the now that he realized it, it was almost April. Her posting was almost over. Ichigo went to his window; the blossoms on the trees were beginning to appear.

"Why are you yelling at yourself, strawberry?" Came this smug voice. Ichigo turned to see Rukia staring at him with a smile of amusement.

"Shut up."

Once at school he sat down in his desk, Uryū Ishida was at his desk knitting something. The rest of the group decided to congregate at Ichigo's desk. Rukia was sitting on her desk (next to Ichigo's, seating was alphabetical), Orihime Inoue and Tatsuki Arisawa were in deep conversation about Orihime's lunch. Yasutora "Chad" Sado was standing next to the two girls, in his usual silent mood. Rukia seemed to be in a pleasant mood ever since she had caught him trying to find her. Just then Keigo decided to make his usual appearance.

"Hey Ichigo" Keigo came bounding into the room diving for Ichigo, but all Ichigo Had to do was put his fist behind him and Keigo's face made perfect connection with Ichigo's fist. By now he would have learn, but I guess not.

"Hello Ichigo," said one on the girl classmates as she walked by and she winked her eye, then she and her friend broke out into giggles.

"Hey has anybody noticed that the other girls are acting strangely today?" asked Orihime.

Ichigo hadn't noticed a thing, but now that she had mentioned it they were all acting really odd. A lot of them seemed to go by Ichigo's desk and it seemed like they were trying to get his attention. That girl wasn't the first one.

"It seems a lot of people want to be with Ichigo right now," added Tatsuki. "I wonder why they would want to be with an idiot."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean, Tatsuki?" Ichigo's anger flaring.

Just then Ochi-sensei entered and there was a mad rush for the students to get to their seats. She smiled at the class before she began to speak. "Some of you have heard of a rumor about there being a dance this year." All of the girls besides Rukia, Orihime, and Tatsuki, began to talk amongst themselves. "Even though there is absolutely no reason for you to be talking right now. I have been told to tell you that the rumors are true. However unlike most normal dances it was decided to make this a Sadie Hawkins dance."

Ichigo's stomach dropped like a rock. Shit, he had made it for three years without any dances and then they added this shit. Then again what the hell was a Sadie Hawkins Dance? Luckily he wasn't the only one. Rukia had raised her hand.

"Ochi-sensei what is a Sadie Hawkins dance?" She felt embarrassed, but when she saw Ichigo she didn't feel that bad, he looked horrible. He looked like Orihime had force fed him one of her usually lunch items. I guess he doesn't really go to dances.

"I am glad you asked Rukia-san. A Sadie Hawkins dance is a dance where the girl asked the guy to go to the dance with him. It is some strange American dance concept; we have never done one of these at this school, but anyways let's get to work."

The buzz of the girls talking didn't die down, it took Ochi-sensei four times to get them to quiet down and she had to put a few of them out in the hallway.

By lunch time the news of the dance had infected the entire school. Everywhere he walked girls looked at him and giggled if he looked in their direction. Running his hand through his hair he exhaled deeply, this was worse than being stabbed by a zanpakutou. Rukia seemed to be amused with his dilemma.

"What is little Ichigo afraid of some cooties?"

"Knock it off Rukia, this isn't funny. I thought you of all people would be a little more understanding with me. Besides who are you going to ask?" The look on Rukia's face looked just as uncomfortable as his.

"I wasn't planning on asking anyone, why do you care so much?"

"I don't, I just was curious."

Finally making their way to the roof of the school, they walked towards their friends. Out of nowhere Chizuru Honshō leapt for Orihime.

"Hime will you go to the Dance with me?"

Tatsuki punched Chizuru, "Come on she wanted to go with someone else you idiot. Hey Ichigo, Rukia. So Ichigo how many times were you asked on the way here?"

"None thank god, but I swear if this doesn't end soon I am seriously not coming to class anymore."

"I don't see why you feel so stressed," said Rukia, "At least you don't have to ask anyone."

"I thought you weren't going to ask anyone?"Ichigo's anger flared.

"I never said I was. I was just trying to be supportive of the other girls." Then she looked away. She wanted to ask someone, she just didn't think she wanted to hear the answer.

"I think you are lucky Kurosaki-kun to have so many people who want to go with you," added Orihime.

"You think so? I dunno, personally I think it is just a waste of time." Ichigo smiled to himself, there was no way in hell he was going to be dragged to that dance.

"Kurosake, why don't you just enjoy it while it lasts?"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean Ishida?"

"Oh nothing. However it might make sense to say yes to one of the girls. That way they won't keep asking you."

Ichigo had this confused look, everyone laughed at him. Then his anger increased. "You idiot I don't want to go to the stupid dance." On the other hand Ishida had a point. He just didn't want to lose face over a stupid dance, in front of his classmates. He spent years setting up 'his look'. "Does anybody actually know when it is?"

"April 5." Ichigo was surprised; Rukia was the one who answered that question.

Just then the bell rang for them to go back to class. Ichigo got up and headed into the school with the rest of the group, but then he noticed…

"Hey Rukia, what's the matter?" His voice seemed to snap her out of her daze.

"Nothing, I will be right there." What was she going to do? She wanted to go to the dance, but what the Hell. Maybe she should go and ask Orihime or Tatsuki.