Author's Note: I am Really sorry for not updating this sooner, but things have been hecktic with Thanksgiving being last week. Hope this makes up for that. Final Chapter in the story.

Rukia closed her eyes, Ichigo took the plunge. There was a sharp intake of breathe amongst the other dancers. Ichigo's head moving down, his lip were on a collision course for…

"Beep… Beep… Beep," pulling the little cell phone like device out of seemingly nowhere. She flipped it open and looked at the screen.

You gave got to be kidding me! Where the hell was she hiding that?" Rukia looking up at his questioning face.

"You would want to know where I put the Hollow Detector. Come on we have to get going." Pulling out one of the little Chappy Pills, Ichigo grabbed her hand.

"I had Mr. Hat N' Clogs make us a special one for the occasion." Pulling out a green and purple pill, he swallowed the green one. He felt his soul rip away from his body. He watched as his body got up and walked over to the side of the dance floor and sat down scowling. Rukia flowed promptly in swallowing the pill and watched as her body tried to goad the Ichigo over to the dance floor. Scowling Ichigo pulled Rukia, who was laughing at the two bodies, through the door.

Once outside Ichigo and Rukia speed off in the direction of the Hollow. Ichigo was in disbelief, he didn't act like that. Rukia smiled at him, amused at his confusion.

"Not so pretty when you see the real you, huh?"

Ichigo acted like he hadn't heard her, "Which way?"

"About two more blocks and then a left."

Turning the corner they almost ran into the hollow. Ichigo grabbed Rukia by the back of her robes and pulled her back. The sound of the hollow sniffing could be heard.

"Mmm… two tasty souls have come to me to be eaten!" Turning to Rukia first, "You look the tastiest." He charged at Rukia. Without thinking Ichigo got in front of Rukia and blocked the Hallow with Zangetsu.

Rukia looked at Ichigo with disbelief, why the hell did he do that. She was a full Soul Reaper. "Ichigo, I could have handled it myself!"

"Rukia don't just stand there, kill the damn thing," He yelled angrily. He felt himself being slowly being pushed backwards.

"Right." Rukia jumped up in the air, slicing down on the hollow, she missed the mask and only cut the arm off.

Blood sprayed from the Hollow's wounds as he roared in pain. Ichigo followed up by slashing the hollow's mask. Feeling pretty good about it, Ichigo turned his back as the Hollow began to disintegrate.

Just then about ten Hollows appeared behind Ichigo, One slammed Ichigo into one of the building that lined the square. Ichigo fell to the ground unconscious.

"Ichigo!!!" She watched in horror as he didn't move. She could feel her heart begin to race. Oh god I hope he is okay. Turning back to her foes, how the hell as she suppose to fight ten all alone. Had Ichigo been awake he could have taken care of them easily. No, I have to be strong for Ichigo. I need to finish this fast so I can check on him.

Out of nowhere the Hollows shrieked in agony. Rukia hadn't moved a muscle, yet the hollows were in pain. Blood gushed from wounds unseen. They began to disappear. Rukia could feel the spirit pressure of someone nearby. It was a strong pressure, yet gentle at the same time. Looking up she saw someone standing there. He was wearing the robes of soul Reaper (cloak hiding the face), yet his Zanpakto was odd. It looked like a normal zanpakto yet there was no guard (it looks like a katana without the hand guard). The blade was made of the whitest steal and the hilt was also white. In the other hand what the sheath, which was also white. She had seen this zanpakto before, but where?

"Hey Rukia."

Rukia heard the voice, but still she couldn't remember who it was. She got ready for the person to attack.

"Strength and honor." With that the person disappeared, most likely using shunpo.

Ichigo began to pick himself up from where he lay. He tried to shake off the pain that was shooting through his back, but it remained. Sitting down with his back to the wall, he just stared at Rukia. He had heard the entire conversation between the mysterious man and Rukia. What the hell does Strength and honor mean? Rukia rushed over to where he sat, concern rimmed her eyes.

"Ichigo are you okay?"

"Yeah, nothing but a large bruise on my back…" Just then Rukia threw her arms around his neck, crying into his chest. He smiled, she was that worried.

"Don't you ever do that, baka. I can handle myself against some wimpy hollows."

She looked up into his eyes. He responded with a hug. "I know, but I don't care I want to protect you. By the way who was that?"

"I have no idea, yet I have heard that saying before. Let's get going." Ichigo stood up. Rukia placed her hand on his back. Yelping in pain, "What are you trying to do munchkin, trying to kill me?"

"Who the hell are you calling munchkin?"

Back at the dance, once they had quit fighting and returned, "They removed the little pills from their bodies (which had attracted quite the crowd, by kissing eat other).

"Who knew Kurosaki and Kuchiki?"

Ichigo pulled his body away from Rukia's and entered, Rukia doing the same. They began to fight, as an act to get people to move away. However this didn't help that fact that their little group found it funny to tease the two.

Matasumoto had to toy with Rukia, "You had better hope Renji doesn't find out about this."

Rukia blushed a crimson color, while Ichigo laughed at her uncomfortableness. Not enjoying the spot light being on her, she formulated a plot to get back at him. Grabbing his wrist she pulled him towards the dance floor.

"Rukia you have to be kidding, there is no way I am going back out there!" Ignoring his protests she finally got him there. She turned to look at him. The next song that came on was a fast one. Ichigo drew in a nervous breath at the glint in her eye. Turning around Rukia began to grind her ass into his thigh. It began to rise, the blush that is, into his cheeks. Everything began to feel really hot. Looking down at her he found her looking up at him. Her eyes captivating him, pulling him in, he saw something that he had never noticed before. It made him think about his feelings. There was something in her eyes that made his insides melt, but he couldn't bring himself to tell her how he felt. He had to show her. Swaying with Rukia, he lowered his head towards hers; aiming for her lips.

When His lips made contact with hers; Rukia's eyes widen in shock, yet is felt so right. All she could do was go along with it. This is how she wanted it to be. She felt safe in his arms. Where did he learn to do this?

They swayed back and forth inside their own world. Unknown to the couple all eyes were one them. They didn't care what people thought it was just right.

Outside of the restaurant, there stood a cloaked figure. In his hand was a white zanpakto, he watched the couple dance. Byakuya would murder this kid and then go to work on him if he found out. Luckily for Ichigo the figure wanted Ichigo alive.

"Let them enjoy themselves for now, this may be one of the few times. Who knows what the future hold." The figure laughed manically at his little joke.

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P.S. The Character with the white zanpakto is a creation of mine and would take a larger role in the next story.