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Summary: They were sworn enemies. Until they have an accidental 'change' and come to know eachother better, and finally accept eachother.

After all, the only cure to Hate is Love.

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"Outside In"

chapter 1 – Opponent Switch

(Demyx POV)

I sighed as I wrote down my name on the black piece of paper.

A French test… that sure was unexpected.

Mr. Vexen liked giving unexpected tests, just on the times I didn't learn.

My head started to hurt when I readed the small dialogue I was supposed to translate.

Shit… How am I going to get myself out of this mess?

My parents would kill me if I came home with another bad grade…

But then I noticed I just happened to sit next to the kid with the highest possible IQ in this class.


Okay, I didn't like him. He was always glaring at me with only one visible eye; his other eye always covered by his long emo-hair. One time, I asked him if he was emo and then he hit me with his dictionary… that was in sixth grade.

Since then, he doesn't like me and I neither like him.

But I don't remember we've ever spoken to each other. Except for the time when he hit me. He's just so… silent.

Roxas is the only one that sometimes walks up to him and talks a bit. Once, he invited him to sit at our table in the canteen. But he refused. Not that I wanted him to. Our table is already crowded enough. We don't need him.

He's a bastard.

Anyway, I sat next to him and I knew he was good in French… He always got good grades, in every subject. Except for P.E, he wasn't good at that.

I just didn't want another bad grade… My dad would probably yell at me and mom would made spinach for dinner to punish me.

I hate spinach.

So, as silently and unnoticed as I could, I looked from the corner of my eyes at Zexion's paper on his table.


I bended forward a little to take a better look at it.

Bonjour, je m'appelle…

Then I noticed Zexion wasn't writing like everyone else.

No, he was already done with the test and reading a book now. But he wasn't reading either.

In fact, the silverhaired was staring at me.

He arched a brow suspiciously.

Oh shit. My eyes became wide and my face turned a slight red. Quickly I looked back at my blank paper, biting my lip in shame.

Zexion saw me looking at his test. Okay, that sure was stupid. I hit my head mentally three times while looking at my paper.

Then I tried to concentrate on my own test again.

I was truly clueless about the whole thing. Everything that had something to do with French had somehow disappeared out of my head. My mind was totally blank as I looked at the words.

Dammit, I can't do this!

I thought about a plate full of spinach and made a disgusted face.

I frowned at my paper, but almost automatically my eyes began to wander to the paper just a metre away from me…

My eyes began to scan the clear handwriting. Zexion sure had nice handwriting…

Then a book was thrown down on the table and I flinched up so high I could almost touch the ceiling.

Okay, not really, but that sure scared the hell out of me.

I shuddered when I saw Zexion's eyes shooting daggers at me.

Crap. So he was still staring. And he saw me looking at his exam.

Not only me, but nearly the whole class shocked when Zexion had slapped his book down on the table. Everyone was staring now.

"Mr. Schemer, something you'd like to share with us?" the teacher asked with a rather bored voice. He was the only one who wasn't startled.

My eyes became wider. Oh shit, now Zexion was gonna tell everyone that I…

Zexion was still staring at me, warning me with his eyes. He looked truly terrifying now.

Then he turned away from me.

"It's nothing." He said dully. I released my breath.

As he said that, the bell rang.

I whined silently to myself when I stared back at my still blank paper. Mr. Vexen took it and grinned.

"Good Work, Mr. Nocturne." He said with sarcasm.

I sighed and took a look at his schedule.

P.E … just great. Anything a long, clumsy guy could ask for.

I gathered my books, and put them in my black backpack.

Then I noticed I was the only one left in the classroom, except for the teacher who was mumbling to himself, and a book on the table next to me.

I picked it up and looked at the cover.

"Everything's about to Change" it read.

Hey, didn't this book belong to Zexion?

I thought for a second. If I was right… Zexion also had P.E with me… I should give it back to him. It was the least I could do, since he didn't told the teacher about my peeking…

I swung my black backpack over one shoulder and made a quick walk to catch up with Zexion.

(Zexion POV)

I never liked P.E .

In fact, I hate it with my whole life.

What's the whole point of running after a ball or how-should-I know-what anyway? I'd rather read a book.

Speaking of book… I think I left mine in French class…

Crap, that one was expensive.

"Hey, Zexion!" someone called.

I turned around and felt my eye twitch from annoyance when I saw that… stupid Mohawk-boy running up to me.

It was him… Demyx. Who called me emo and was always looking at me like I was some sort of creep.

Okay, maybe I am. But at least I'm much smarter than him.

The blonde catched up with me and leaned forward on his knees for some seconds, trying to catch his breath again. I stared down at him with impatience.

"What." I asked monotonic. It didn't sound like a question, more like a command. Ohh how I liked to do that.

The guy in front of me breathed in and out like he ran a marathon or something. That annoyed the hell out of me.

Then Demyx stood upright again, and now I noticed that he grew a few inches, leaving me about half a head smaller.


Now it was Demyx turn to look down at me, and a bright smile appeared on his face. It made me wanna punch him.

"Here, you forgot your book at French class!" he said, grinning wider, if that's even possible, and handling me the book.

"It was the least I could do after…"

I snatched it away from him, giving him another one of my glares. "After you chose to use my test as yours?" I stated.

He blinked his eyes.

Then he smiled awkwardly. "Uh… Well… "

Zexion sighed, turned around and walked away, ignoring Demyx.

"Hey!" he heard the blonde yell after him.

"Couldn't you at least thank me?"

I shot a glare at him over my shoulder.

"About what?" I asked.

Demyx gave no reply.

I continued walking. I'm already late for P.E

It seemed that, everytime I had to join P.E (sometimes I would get a note from my parents), everyone chose to do Basketball.

And I guess that even you can figure out that short and Basketball doesn't match.

Coach Lexaeus came in and yelled everyone to be silent, in his own so-subtle way.

He chose two regular class mates to be the team captains and let them choose their teammates.

Axel was the captain of team red and Kairi of team blue.

I already knew where this was going.

Axel was the first to choose. "Roxas."

Then Kairi. "Naminé! "







And so on.

Until only Pence and me were left.

The two teams stared for a second at us. A sigh escaped me.

That seemed to let them make an action.

Too bad, Axel's team was faster.

"Pence!" they all yelled, except for Roxas who gave me a pitied look.

Kairi's group groaned.

"I don't want to be with that bookworm!" Kairi whimpered over-dramatic. Naminé patted her on the shoulder.

I walked over at the group and shot a glare at all of them. They made room for me.

I pretended I didn't care.


(Third Person view)

Soon, the game was on full speed.

It stood 9-8, one point in difference for Kairi's team.

Riku happened to be good in basketball, and so did Axel, but he was rather brute.

Roxas was good with dribbling, but Sora and Olette were too.

The tide was high for both sides.

Anyhow, although Demyx was long, no one passed to him since he would always miss catching it, dribble in the wrong direction or pass it to an opponent, thinking it was one of his team mates.

And of course no one either passed to Zexion. But not because he was dumb or clumsy like Demyx. He just didn't stand out. He was like a shadow to the others that wasn't actually there.

Not that Zexion cared anyway, or at least he pretended he didn't care. He just walked up and down enough and watched the ball being passed between his team-mates. That should be enough for Coach Lexaeus to give him a good grade in P.E, or so he thought.

Demyx on the other hand, hopped up and down the Gym, trying to get the attention of whoever got the ball.

It annoyed the hell out of everyone, but in particular Zexion.

Just when the silverhaired male got the urge to walk up to Demyx and tell him to shut up, Roxas decided it was the right moment to pass the ball to Zexion.

"Zexion, catch!" he yelled, as he threw the ball up in the air towards Zexion.

As he said that, the following events went in slow-motion. Or at least it felt like that. In fact, it were only a mere 20 seconds.

Zexion turned his face in the direction of where Roxas stood, being blocked by Riku and Sora. Then Zexion looked up at the orange object flying through the air.

His hands rose up when he saw the ball coming his way.

At that same moment, Demyx realised this would be the perfect opporturnity for him to catch the ball and score a point.

So he also reached out for the ball and ran to were the object should possibly land.

That's how they ran into each other, both fixated on the ball, not wanting the other to catch it.

When both of their hands just touched the object, their bodies soon followed and they bumped into each other.


They both fell to the ground.

Coach Lexaeus blowed his whistle.

( Zexion POV)

I groaned as a headache seized me. I felt the cold floor of the gym right under my back.

Slowly, I sat up and blinked my eyes in confusion.

Everything in front of me was blurry. I only could see a bright orange object that my hands were holding. I blinked my eyes again.

Then, my vision started to clear. I blinked my eyes another time.

And then thought that my eyes were somehow betraying me.

Okay, I wasn't hallucinating. But what I saw in front of me sure wasn't normal either.

Because, what I saw, was myself.

Sitting upright on the ground, eyes disorientated and questioning mine.

I wondered if I happened to bump into a mirror. But that would be weird, because I reminded clearly that I bumped into Demyx.

I let go of the basketball I was holding to scratch my head that began to throb.

That's weird… myself in front of me didn't do the same. He just kept staring and blinking at me.

And why did my hair felt so… strange?

Okay, maybe I was hallucinating.

"Oy! You guys okay? That looked quite painful, yanno!" Axel ran up to us, and kneeled next to myself on the opposite.

My mirrorself was still blinking, but I wasn't blinking… I think.

Could it be that I somehow split in two?

"Yeah, I guess so." He –or me?- said, but in a voice that didn't sound like me. It had a but of an accent and a very dodgy sound.

I frowned.

What's happening here

Then I saw a hand on the ground next to me. I looked at it.

The hand belonged to me, but it didn't look like my hand…

It had long, slender fingers and a blue little wristband that I knew I saw before…

Hey wait, isn't that Demyx'…?

Uhhhh, okay. What's Demyx' wristband doing around my wrist?

I frowned again.

Wait a minute…

I touched my hair.

It felt… fluffy, straight…


My eyes became wide.

As my mind slowly began to understand the current situation, my other self, or maybe not, was still blinking in confusion.

"But…" he said, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Why am I there…" – he pointed at me – "when I'm here too?" he asked, pointing at himself.

Axel gave him an 'what-are-you-on?'-look.

I looked at myself in front of me, or rather, my appearance, and then back at my hand again.

Okay, if my mind isn't fucking with me… I think that I, somehow, am in Demyx' body now.

And Demyx is in mine.

Then, the reality hit me as a rock.

We switched bodies.




Switched bodies.

Holy devils in hell.

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