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The Frohike was dead. Really, truly dead.

Resuscitation attempts had been valiantly made, but the old VW bus finally just buckled under the strain of being the getaway vehicle for a Gotham villain and his helpers.

Jonathan Crane thought it a quite ridiculous spectacle the way the Captain, Al and Techie were carrying on over a mere automobile, but he didn't stalk away from the scene at the side of the road when Techie dropped to her knees and sobbed "Melvin!" while hugging the bus.

He did, however, tap his foot impatiently with his arms crossed over his chest.

The girls mourned and he waited. And waited. And waited some more…

And then finally, the three whackos each broke off a piece of the bus to take with her as a memento.

Captain took the rearview mirror, Al snapped off a door handle and Techie pried the Volkswagen emblem from the bus's front fender. They then patted it as one would the casket of a dearly departed family member and--still somewhat misty--got on their way.

It was a good thing that the Frohike had broken down in a part of town which was both run down for two reasons.

One, there were very few people around to see the disgustingly sentimental display over a VW bus--and therefore very few people to see that the Scarecrow, Master of Fear, was indirectly a part of it…

And two, this particular area of Gotham was near several chop shops and parking lots--meaning that there was a minimum amount of walking time before they found a suitable alternative (Techie had threatened to hand Crane his lungs if he said 'replacement') for the Frohike.

They picked a parking lot at random that was filled with a dozen or so cars and started 'shopping'.

Crane nixed the idea of a Ford Pinto immediately, glaring at Al for even suggesting it. Techie put the kibosh on the idea of another van ("It'd be like sleeping with my best friend's husband!") and the Captain…

Well, naturally, she just had to find something that nobody could object to…

At least, nobody whose opinion actually mattered to her in this instance.

She was standing directly across from Crane's position, when she shouted at the top of her lungs, "I found it!"

The other two scampered over to her instantly; Crane was a bit more subdued in joining them, but when he saw the vehicle that the Captain was embracing he knew straight away that there would be much squealing from his minions in the next few moments.

A 1978 Oldsmobile--the very same model that he'd been forced to watch fall into the twelfth century more time than he cared to count--sat regally between two other rusted out cars.

Of course. Naturally. They simply had to find a replica of the Evil Dead Trilogy car…

Crane wanted to smack his own forehead but he controlled himself. There were worse ways to go through life than with themed getaway vehicles…he decided to pick his battles.

Techie was the only one who attempted to say something negative about the hunk of steel. "But…it's beige."

"It's not beige," the Captain corrected, "it's butter cream."

Al bounced on the balls of her feet. "This is definitely the new Squishmobile!"

"Don't call it that," Crane stated, his voice dangerously low. "You will not call anything a Squishmobile. If you must form attachments to inanimate objects, leave me out of it and call it something else."

All three women went quiet at the same moment, glanced at each other and then back at him, speaking in unison in a very creepy manner:

"Can we call it the Enterprise?"