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For those of you who either have or haven't read my story "Greater then giftwrap," This story is made to be a parallel to that story- I noticed the similarity as I was writing, and thought it would be cool to take the same overall idea and make Raito's evil intentions a lot more clear.

Enjoy minna-san 3

Summary: It sounded easy at first. Getting the boy to fall in love with him didn't sound like such a difficult task. From there, his name would come in no time. But little did he know, L was smarter then he thought. And the last thing Raito expected was to develop feelings for him...

Impatient fingers clicked against the mouse, creating a rhythmic beat that portreyed the impatience the auburn haired boy was feeling at that moment. Having wasted the recent days of his life sitting in a room chasing after himself, it had been a long while scince Raito had seen sunlight -or moonlight for that matter. Raito was bored. Boredom. The whole reason why he had picked up and tried out the death note in the beginning. Boredom had gotten him into the windowless room that seemed to be a prison from which there was no escape other then confession. Boredom created this life for him. And boredom was giving him a new idea.

Giving a lazy blink of his eyes, his gaze slipped silently from the screen that lit the darkened room, falling upon the dark haried boy who seemed to have his own methods of self entertainment. L appeared to be preoccupied with rolling the circular chocolate back and forth upon the surface of the computer desk, completely disregarding the paper he held between the thumb and the index finger of his other hand. Often, Raito found himself studying the boy's curious actions, such as that strange way he sat and all of the strange habits he posessed. L was just...one of a kind. The auburn haired boy determined that though the detective was in fact a genious when it came to solving mysteries, he also had the attitude of a small clueless child whom had no idea how to socialize. He was blunt, stubborn, and unaware of the bizarity of his habits. Sure, he knew that the way he was seated was different, but Raito wondered if he understood how strange he in fact was.

Perhaps the boy thought not sleeping was normal...perhaps he just couldn't find it in him to halt in his thinking. Whichever he thought, Raito knew L was defensive even around the task force. Often the team would take a break and sleep in the vast space they had to work with. However, the detective had only closed his eyes once or twice that they were around for, dosing for a mere hour or two then waking up in suprise, not seeming to understand why exactly he had let his guard down. No one else had seemed to take notice to the suprise in his eyes as he had awoken, the silent glance in both directions that clarified the whereabouts of where he was and how he had gotten there. A normal person would of had no idea that the boy was ever asleep.

Raito always had his eyes on L, watching his peculiar actions and tapping into his mind as far as his psychoanalyzation would let him, trying to figure out exactly how he worked. It was a difficult task, considering how well the pale boy masked his emotions and spoke so little of himself; the only thing he was nonchalant about was his opinion. If L thought Raito was Kira, then Raito must have been kira. Between his persistence and his intellegence, the chestnut haired boy had found reattaining the deathnote to have been a more difficult task then he anticipated. It had almost seemed impossible, having taken his greatest risk yet. Higuchi had been the perfect pawn, his selfishness was vital to his downfall- though all in all his intelligence (or lack there-of) had been the pre-eminent factor leading to the end. Had he been less careless, Raito may not have been able to get his hands on the notebook once again, and would have lived his life never accomplishing his goal. He could feel it- he was close. There was just one obstacle which he had to get past. And that obstacle was sitting beside him, playing with his food.

Its ok...The auburn-haired boy thought, his lips twisting into a wicked smirk. His plan was already set in motion. L had many strong points, but to accompany them, so many flaws. He could practically guarentee that the curious boy had never been in a relationship; had never recieved love. He'd be so easy so seduce- at the very least, easy to butter up so that his achiles heel would stand out like a sore thumb. No mentaly secure person would be willing to be handcuffed to a member of the same sex, especially someone who took on the role of one whom avoided love. To be within that little room would be "In his sight." It was no matter to Raito. The detective would be defeated by his own security set up. While bonded physically, they'd have no choice but to grow closer to one another...And thats when his guard would be down, and figuring out his name would be a piece of cake.

"Raito-kun." The sound of the detectives voice was almost distant as it dragged him back from his musing. The named student cast a quick glance in his direction, barely acknowledging him. He already knew what the dark haired boy wanted to say- Raito had examined the material long before he had- and he found giving L little of his attention worked as well as ignoring him.

"What is it?" He responded upon noting the frailer of the duo staring at him, demanding his focus. Those eyes...they could intimidate even the most fiercest of fighters, perhaps even the most experienced soldiers, hardened by war. Those eyes that bore into your brain and read your thoughts, those eyes that would not let one bit of weakness pass...they could make anyone look away. That is, anyone other than Raito. He had played that game many times, and had learned that he could never loose a staring contest if one were never started.

He could see, out of the corner of his eye, a thumb raise to awaiting lips. "Kiras power has shifted again," The pale boy spoke, obviously watching for a reaction. Raito had a talent at this game though- in fact, deceit was one of his specialties. When L spoke the obvious, it meant that he was challenging the college student in an acting competition. The darker haired boy would try to get Raito to screw up and give himself away. He wouldn't fall for it.

"You're just realising this, Ryuuzaki?" The boy gave a sigh, typing furiously at the keypad. "With the Yobatsu corprates all dead, its only a matter of time before Kira targets those who tracked down Higuchi. Namely us." The holder of the Death Note prepared for what was to come- the only time the detective did not reply immediately was when he was choosing his words carefully. This meant that he planned to say something to throw Raito off. Just try me...

"Iie, Kira will not kill us." L replied bluntly, his thumb scanning his lips, eyes drilling into the side of Raito's head. The boy could tell he expected a reply, and decided to give it to him.

"What do you mean?"

A mixture of suspicion and amusement mixed to make a small smirk fall across the dark haired boys face. "We wont die. I have a theory that power has shifted back to the original Kira."

In other words, Me. Despite his external face of confusion, the inner Raito wore a smirk of approval. Well done Ryuuzaki, you figured me out. But without solid evidence, you're powerless to stop me. And you wont ever find evidence, because I'm not the one doing the killings. It was too late regardless. The existance of the notebook had been discovered, but the existance of multiple notebooks had yet to be known. Misa had already reassumed the role of Kira. However, that was a mere baby step in the students plan. First L, then the task force would be destroyed. Soon no one would be left to oppose, the entire world would fear Kira's power, and he'd take his place as the god of his utopia. And it was simple. The first step on his list was to take down a mentaly unstable supergenious. Lucky for him, he had the mind power to compete. Without either of them knowing, he had put this plan into action back when he had first met the detective. By posing as his friend, he had won a place in the shadowy-eyed boys empty heart. He had even said, many a time, how sad he would be if he was right in his theory of Raito being Kira.

"Why would you say that?" Raito questioned, his cheek falling and resting on his palm. It was the little things like this that assured his plan's sucess- He watched with a touch of satisfation as the boys haunting eyes scampered away from his form and onto something else.

The first time that Raito had played along, he had unlocked a golden opportunity. From the start, it had been a battle of wits. Kira versus L. Raito versus...whatever his name was. But Ryuuzaki would do for now. His real name would come in time. The focus now was getting closer to the boy. The son of the police chief had already been putting in small contributions so that the highlight of his plan wouldn't seem sudden, or that his character wouldn't change too quickly. However, the time was nearing. L's reactions to Raitos scemes seemed to get more and more shy each time. He gave this theory a test when he had insisted that the two take a shower together. The dark haired detective had not protested, but not once had he looked at the other male. His eyes had remained downcast, remaining expressionless- trying a little too hard. That was the moment he knew...The way to L's real name was through his heart.

The dark demeanored boy gave a feeble glance in the direction of his room mate, unable to give him the trademarked staredown, settling on talking none-the-less. "Its simple. The mannerisms of all the Kiras have been different. The first kira would kill upon particular hours of 8pm till usually about 11pm for a long time, until switching to hourly killing. This was once he realised that his power allowed him to determine the of death. The second kira was random in the killings, impulsive in decisions. Higuchi was careless- he made multiple killings in one designated time of the day: after 7pm, and seemed to work up until 9pm every night." Finding himself safe within his statistics, the detectives eyes found Raito's, his thumb locating his lip. "I'd like to point out, however significant this may be, that the first killings of the first kira dated to about a minute before each victim, meaning that he probably killed as he found the criminals. Higuchi, on the other hand, had the finance to acess vast amounts of information on anything, and his killings timed mere single digit seconds appart, all at one time. I've noted that since his death, the deaths reported have indeed shifted back to the 8-11 cluster, and that deaths have not been happening as rapidly. This hints at the first Kira picking up old habits, which could possibly mean that he's aware of his normal schedule and wants the credit for the killings to be turned back in his direction."

That's right. "Amazing Ryuuzaki." Raito commended, a look of astonishment across his face. "I was so focused on the number of deaths that I hadn't payed attention to the timing between them. I'm supprised you caught that." In reality, he had overlooked no detail, and payed particular attention to small ones such as timing. He made sure Misa was aware of this fact before allowing her to kill. Carefullness was crutial at this point in time. If he slipped up, his plan would fail.

"There is a chance, though, that I'm wrong." The blunt tone in his voice caught the brunettes attention. "Kira may have set us up to think that way. There is a high possibility that he is still in contact with the second kira, and is really not the one making the moves. The reason for this is simple- there was atleast two notebooks to start with, for the second Kira would not have been able to operate without the first ones notebook. And as far as we know, the killings had not ceased for a period of time of which the notebook could have been taken from its original owner. We have one killer notebook, but who knows how many are actually out there."

"Why wouldn't the first Kira be doing the killings? Isn't there a chance that you're over thinking this?" Raito challenged, a bit irritated in how the genious was able to pin every last point of his ideas. A brief panic swept through the inside of the boy, reminding himself not to let it show. He'd have to activate his plan sooner then he thought.

Despite his best efforts to hide it, he knew that the pale boy realised he had hit a nerve. "If Kira were to be in a situation where he would be unable to preform the murders, the second Kira would have to be careful to pay attention to every detail to seem as is he were the original. They can't afford to have even one little slip up. Say, if the first Kira were to be under constant supervision..."

That look that he was giving him- Raito knew it well. It was his 'I'm implying that you're the murderer, so hurry up and give me a comeback that I can disprove' expression. He would not let it be so. "Fine, I'll play along." He spoke through gritted teeth, annoyed at his so called friend. "Who are you thinking that I'm ordering to do the killings?"

"Amane Misa." The detective spoke matter-of-fact-ly, his voice unwavering. "The one whom I suspected of being the second kira from the start."

Thats it! Nows the time!. "What will it take to show you that I'm not a murderer, Ryuuzaki?!" Raito shouted, jumping to his feet. The swivel chair he was sitting in toppled over in his sudden movement, clammering on the hardwood floor. His hands landed on the smaller of the duo's shoulders, gripping them tightly, a stern look strewn about his face. "Why would I ever want to hurt anyone...and since L is Kira's biggest enemy, why would I want to kill the one I love?!"

A look of suprise crossed both of their faces, as Raito stood and L sat staring at one another in shock. Mouths both agape, eyes locked, the pair was unmoving. Silence floated around them, no noise whatsoever auditable past the privacy extremeties set up by the overprotective detective.

"Ryuuzaki...I-I didn't...I mean..." Raito started. Oh this is grand. What more of an act do you need?

"Is that how you feel?" That soft voice returned. His body was quivering, The auburn-haired boy could feel it. He could almost sense the boys mind scrambling for rationalization, searching desperately for the right answer, or to why such simple words were affecting him. It was obvious that past his calm exterior, a hurricane of thoughts were overwhelming his steady paced train.

Raito struggled to hold back his laughter at the sight, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath to hold on to his act. How does it feel to be on the helpless side, Ryuuzaki? Hm? Whats your thought out comeback now? The fact of the matter is that you have none. "I-I'm sorry..." The boy lied, clutching his head in distress, and gave a slight laugh. "I really didn't expect that to just come out like that-"

"No." He was interrupted. "No, Raito-kun, its ok. Love is just an imaginary expression for caring about someone." Almost as quickly as the storm had come into the detective's mind, it passed. Too quickly. "It does not bother me, because Raito-kun insists that he is not Kira. However, if Kira were in contact with me, it would be exactly of his nature to think love to be a weak spot, as it is something I am not too familiar with. If Raito-kun is Kira, I can guarentee that this will not make me, on any circumstance, reveal my name."

Bastard. I didn't anticipate on him figuring out so quickly. I just have to keep up the act. "You know, you're right. It is just a silly little emotion, and probably caused because we've been locked up in here so long. But...wow, that does seem like a pretty impressive plan. Even if I were Kira, I wouldn't have thought of that. Forgive me for my impulsiveness, and I'm sorry if I made you feel that way." Ah, the guilt factor. It was only a matter of making it work now. The student forced a blush to his face, scratching his head and looking away. In the corner of his eye, he could see the boy fidget in his odd sitting position. He was chewing on his thumb- a habit Raito had noticed that formed when he was nervous. Again that silence was there, allowing more time for the darker haired teen to struggle with his words as it was his turn to reply.

"Raito-kun..." He began, obviously bashful on the topic. His toes battled one another as his free hand clutched his knee, a bit of color appearing in his cheeks. "W-well...t-though its just a feeling..."

Thats it. Keep going.


Not good enough.

"I might like Raito-kun as well."

Not yet.

"No, Ryuuzaki, its not right. I dont want you to lie to yourself for my benefit. I want you to be honest and not suddenly decide that you 'might' like me. Something tells me that you're just saying this because you think its what I want to hear." The son of the police chief knew well that probablility of sucess is never 100 percent unless all possible trap doors were sealed off, and neither Raito nor Kira could afford to make any mistakes.

The color of the boys cheeks grew darker, his hand unable to stay at his mouth. "Its not like that, Raito-kun. I've...actually had these feelings for a while now...I just..." His gaze turned downcast. "Never mind."

"No, go on." Raito insisted, urging the boy forward with every tempt. His head moved to meet the boys eyes, a smile grazing his lips. "I want to hear everything you have to say."


"I...I just didn't want you to turn me down."

I win, Ryuuzaki!

The look in the boys eyes was something Raito had never seen before. That look of longing within those murky orbs...It almost made him look cute. The college student took the opportunity to make a move. In one swift motion, he moved his head upward, catching the pale boy's pouting lips in his own. The other teen gave an muffled "mmph" in suprise, eyes wide, not having the slightest clue of what to do, and the brown eyes boy could tell. "Just close your eyes and let it happen," he broke the kiss to whisper, recieving a small nod in response. A hand found the detectives chin, pulling him closer this time for the perfect do over. The pairs eyes fell shut, lips finding each other after their parting and never wanting to leave again. Wow... For an obvious virgin, the boy was actually a good kisser, once he got the hang of it. The students tongue began to knock at the door of the other boys mouth, L permitting his entry. An overwhelming taste of sugar hit the brunette like a tital wave; Raito could have melted. L tasted like chocolate.

The teens hands moved downward, traveling the length of the boys chest, until finding the bottom of his shirt. A group of gingers teased his back, tickling the surface of marvellingly soft skin beneath. Raito could hear the boy stiffling his moans through the kiss, and the frail hands had already found their way to his shoulders. It wasn't too hard to notice how deeply the inexperienced boy was getting into it...not to mention the excitement welling in his midsection.

This was all so easy...bending the boy to his will. There was practically no challenge to it, hell, the hard shelled detective was practically melting in his arms. And once he had made it into the boys pants, the poor virgin would cling to him like a desperate school girl. Thats when he could ask the question- innocently ask his real name. With just his first name, it would be a sinch to find the second half. It was foilproof, and L only proved it with every movement of his tongue.

Things are going just as I thought they would.

Exactly as planned.

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