I like bears.

I like them because they are so very tasty, and they put up a good fight when they are irritated.

That's why everyone else thinks I like them. - the fighting.

Sure, I like a good fight. You have to find ways to pass the time when the days and nights meld together. And my particular strength is... well... it's my strength.

I know it gets old when I challenge any of the other men to a fight. I know they indulge me. That's fine. A little indulgance never hurt anyone... most of the time. They all try to win, and they've gotten better at it over the years as well.

So I let them think that I like bears because of the fighting. Really, it's easier than trying to explain it to them.

Edward knows, but he pretends he doesn't understand. He refuses to see that I would be grateful to a creature that led to the eventual "damnation of my soul." What a crock. He needs to get out of his head more. Bella is good for that. He's starting to figure it out.

Because you see...

without the bear...

I wouldn't have Rose.