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001: Breaking Free

Rating: M

Theme: 011. Roadside

November 2, 2007

"If you have your own personal chauffeur, like me, why do you insist on driving your car so often? I can easily get you from one place to the next in less time, you know," he said, giving her a look. Sitting in the passenger seat made him feel... he couldn't really pinpoint the problem, but he always felt a bit inferior there. He knew he could never say this to Sam, since he knew he would get the silent treatment for a week for his sexist statement, but he thought he should be the one driving. It made him feel like less of a man in a weird, weird way. He had to admit, she did drive better than he did, though.

"I don't know why you make such a big deal about this sometimes," she said, obviously paying more attention to the road in front of her. Hell, she was paying more attention to the music flowing from the speakers. She just let him whine. Sighing, she continued, "I feel more relaxed when I'm driving–"

"You don't feel relaxed at all when–" he cut in, the question lingering in the air.

"If you let me finish," she growled softly, stopping at a red light. Turning to him, she frowned. "I feel relaxed with you, of course... but with driving, I feel more in control. I concentrate on just being free. It's like an escape." She shrugged, glancing back up at the light that hadn't changed yet. "I don't know, I just like the feeling. It's addicting."

"You like being in control?" he asked, his mind sending him different ideas than what the conversation deemed necessary. He berated himself for thinking such things. She was being open with him, and all he could think about was...

"Yeah?" she asked, wondering why he asked her that so oddly. After staring at the light for a few seconds, it turned green again, and she was off.

"I know the feeling," he said off-handedly, looking out the window. "It's great, just feeling free enough to go wherever you want, the wind blowing through your hair. You feel more and more invincible the faster you go."

"Yeah," murmured Sam in agreement, glancing over at a sign that pointed in the direction of the highway, and immediately went in that direction.


"I need to feel free," she said softly, so soft that he could barely hear her. Pressing a button and turning up the volume of her stereo, heavy metal crashed out, the bass vibrating the car.

Sam somehow felt at peace.

Danny was curious as to where this was going. He stayed quiet.

Turning onto the off-ramp for the highway, she sped up, skillfully merging. Without a specific destination in mind, she raced down the highway, completely disregarding speed limits.

Danny was used to flying fast, and he already had the ready option of turning the car intangible if she pulled something stupid. He figured that if she got pulled over, she could pay the fine without issue; he didn't want this adventure to boil down to that, though. He stayed quiet, empathizing with her, knowing how it felt to want to break free and just scream at the top of his lungs. Even in a wide-open space, a person could feel so cramped and confined. Just as a person in a crowd could never feel more lonely.

Sam continued to speed down the highway, weaving in and out of lanes that had cars that were going much too slow for her liking. Her mind had one goal, one set purpose: to fly without wings. Driving with one hand, she kept the other pressed against her thigh. Driving with two hands seemed completely overrated.

Eyeing that hand, Danny reached over and took it in his own, threading their fingers together. If she wanted to be free, then he wanted to be there with her. As soon as their hands touched, he saw a small smile form on her face. She understood. She tried to glance over at him with the best of intentions, but had her eyes more or less glued to the road ahead of her.

The first thing that caught her eye in the rear-view mirror were the flashing lights.


She swore under her breath; however, she made no move to slow down or stop, just went faster. Pulling her hand from his, she put both hands on the wheel now, keeping the car steady. She had to think fast.

The adrenaline rush began.

"Danny," she yelled over the music, "when I go off the ramp of the next exit, I need you to do me a huge favor."

He nodded, yelling back, "I got you covered!"Gripping onto the door handle, he changed into his alter-ego, waiting for the precise moment. She smirked at him and winked, making a vicious turn off the highway, just as if she had planned it all along... to feel her blood flow faster, her heart beat rapidly in her chest, to almost get caught.

Once he saw that they were on regular roads again, without the police in sight just yet, he smiled. She was cunning, he'd give her that. Slowing down, without being too noticeable, she thought fast as to what to do next. Surveying her options within seconds, she saw her exit strategy. Turning into the next opening, which happened to be a dirt road within a smattering of trees, she pulled over and turned off her car. Grabbing her hand, as well as keeping his grip on the car, he turned it invisible without a second thought.

The police car streaked past them on the main road, sirens blaring, chasing after the car that was no longer there.

Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, he turned everything tangible again, then reverted back to his human form. Danny turned to Sam and let out a sigh of relief. She smiled a lopsided smirk, her eyes raking over his form. He noticed that her chest heaving with every breath she took, the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

"That felt amazing," she said in a low whisper. "Thanks," she said, moving to unbuckle her seatbelt so she wouldn't feel so constricted. She was free, and she didn't want that wretched thing holding her down.

"Don't mention..." he trailed off, the sentence dying on his lips as he noticed her lifting her legs one by one to get over the middle console and finally straddle his lap. "...it." His eyes widened, a smile blossoming on his face. She unbuckled his seatbelt.

Giving him the second glimpse of that wicked smirk of hers, she leaned down to brush her lips over his skin delicately. Trailing kisses wherever her warm breath reached his skin, she moved lower, finally reaching his neck. Her hands moved from being placed flat-palmed on his chest to his lower back, slipping underneath his t-shirt. After kissing his neck softly, she lazily trailed her tongue along the area she had kissed, evoking from him a small moan of encouragement. She sucked and kissed at the tender area, every once in a while nipping at the skin to just get more of a reaction out of him.

Her lips felt like pure satin on his skin as he tilted his head to the side to allow her more access. Without consent, another moan snuck past his lips. Deciding not to be completely immobilized by her touches, he brought his hands to rest on her hips only for a second before sliding down and underneath her skirt. Reaching around, he grasped her backside and hauled her closer, not without feeling the effects of grinding their hips together. He felt himself harden, which wasn't highly unlikely in this situation, and wondered if she had noticed yet. She probably did, since that friction was delicious, and it didn't stop him from enjoying himself.

Stopping what she was doing, she pulled away, only glancing quickly at the love bite she had left. Looking into his eyes, she saw nothing but the love and electricity that surged through them reflecting there; she hoped he would be able to see the reflection of that same emotion in her own eyes. She smiled, biting her lower lip, as she watched him breathe heavily. By the erratic rise and fall of her own breasts, she was out of breath, as well.

Danny smiled lazily at her, that crooked half-smirk that immediately made her heart melt.

Pressing her forehead to his, Sam whispered, "Backseat?"

"You read my mind."

Delicately getting off of his lap, she crawled over the middle console and into the backseat. She was glad it was rather spacious; now she realized why Tucker joked about stuff like this... it would always come in handy every so often.

Lying back on the seat, she watched as he awkwardly tried to climb over the seats. Soon he got aggravated, due to his arousal limiting his movement, and phased through the seats to fit himself snugly between her opened legs. His jeans felt constricting, and he suddenly hated the idea of wearing clothes. Sam seemed to be one step ahead of him, her fingers working skillfully to unbutton his fly.

"Sam?" he asked. Her hands dipped into his boxers, caressing his length. He reached over to hold the back of the passenger seat as he leaned forward, his eyes squeezed shut.

"Mmm?" she asked, pulling him free from the confines of his pants. She knew she was in control, and she savored the feeling. "What is it?"

"Break free more often, okay?"