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005 : Interruption

Rating : PG-13

Theme : 06. Replaced: Laughter

March 20, 2009

It had started innocently enough, sitting on the couch watching a movie.

The movie they had chosen couldn't hold their attention the way that the warm body heat from the other did. Hands began to wander: his cool hand underneath the back of her shirt, her hand idly playing with one of his front pockets of his jeans.

The second his hand, that felt like ice, touched her back, she squirmed; she giggled, more of a shriek with additional laughter, but he managed to get a giggle out of her and that's what really mattered.

"Danny, quit it. Your hands are freezing," she complained, trying to get out of his reach. She had goose bumps, she was positive, where his hand had just trailed.

"I'm just trying to warm them up," he said, pouting a little at her before smiling. He rubbed his hands together in a lame attempt for friction. "Can't I just keep them by you? You're a lot warmer."

"Sit on them or something," she said, shooting him a look. "Want me to get a blanket?" Her tone, this time, was a little more concerned. She knew how his ice powers acted up every so often, but... she felt like she was a little on the cold side, as well. She could help out.

"Actually, yeah," he said, a tentative plan forming in his mind as he watched her rise with his affirmation. Under the blanket, she wouldn't be so alert to what he was doing with his hands, now, would she? "That'd be nice."

Sam disappeared for a couple of minutes into the hallway, going into a closet and pulling out a giant blue blanket. Sam ventured back into the room, the blanket almost overwhelming her in size.

He was pleased by this.

"Here," she dropped the blanket on him before settling herself next to him, her eyes on the screen in front of her.

Opening the blanket properly and draping it over himself, he let out the edge a bit so she could grab at it and pull it over herself.

All was going as planned... especially when she scooted over on the couch and leaned against him, her head lightly resting on his shoulder.

The movie took their attention for a short period of time; however, when they hit a lull in the plot, Danny's attention shifted to the feel of the smooth skin of her thigh underneath his hand. He moved his hand, rubbing gently, glancing out of the corner of his eye in order to gauge her reaction.

He got none.

Taking his short nails, he lightly dragged them down her leg in a feather-like touch before resting on her knee, tickling the skin. She jerked suddenly, laughing at his playfulness while trying to attack back to defend herself.

Without preamble, he moved their positions. Using the blanket as a clever cover, he captured her lips with his, coaxing her to lie back on the couch as he took over a more dominant position, straddling her waist.

She met his lips eagerly, and he assumed, in between kisses, that she had been waiting for something like this, as well; he wouldn't hold it past her to be plotting the same way he had been. The second she hooked her leg around his hip, pulling him closer, his hypothesis was proven correct.

All he needed to complete was the experiment and maybe he could receive a good grade. Hell, maybe even a gold star if he was lucky. If the moan that slipped past her lips indicated anything, he was definitely a lucky boy today.

Without the need to prop herself up like he was doing, she allowed her hands to embark on a little journey of their own. Swiftly breaking the kiss, he realized absentmindedly that his shirt was now on the floor. Alright, he could deal with that, as long as her shirt followed suit right after–which it did. She broke the kiss after a few minutes to gain traction, kissing down his chin and to his neck while he mirrored her actions on her own skin. For fun, as usual, she nipped and licked at his neck, marking him as hers and only hers. She bit him again for good measure, enjoying the growl that rumbled in his chest as his crystal blue eyes met hers.

"Oof, Sam, you don't need to bite that–"

"Sammykins! We're back early!" they heard called from the main entrance of the house, soft. Due to the home theater being rather loud, it gave away their position in the house.

With the ominous click-clack of high heels echoing with every step, Mrs. Manson walked through her house, nearing the room they were occupying. The tension in the room was almost palpable, Danny already putting together a will in his mind, knowing that if her mother didn't kill him completely, her father would. Hell, he was even trying to figure out what he could possibly say that wouldn't scream, 'Why yes, I was just about to defile your only daughter. Please don't bring back the restraining order!'

Thinking quickly, Sam reached for the discarded shirts on the ground, pulling them underneath the blanket with them (solely to get rid of the evidence) and prayed (as much as she could) that by pushing Danny a bit down the couch, it would only look like she was there under one, albeit large, blanket.

Hauling the blanket up to her chin, she focused on the screen as much as she could with Danny who realized suddenly what her plan was, but didn't stop breathing on her stomach. How would he know that was tickling her? She tried pinching him, but that just made him pinch right back.

"Samantha, darling!" her mother opened the door and peeked in the room. Seeing the state her daughter was in, she a peculiar look crossed her features. "Cold?"

"Very," she nodded, shuddering a bit in the pretend cold, as well as Danny's new fixation with the waistband of her loose-fitting shorts.

"Is Daniel here?" she asked, glancing around the room just in case she missed her daughter's boyfriend the first scan around. "I saw his shoes at the door."

His shoes. Ugh.

"Uh, actually, he left those here a couple of days ago... never got around to–" she gasped, coughing to hide the sudden noise at his sneaky little hand dipping below the elastic waistband of her underwear. His fingers danced around the juncture between her thighs, and it took all of her focus to not squirm under his touch. She pinched him hard.

That sneaky bastard could probably turn his elbow invisible and—wait a second, why didn't he automatically turn invisible in the first place? God, he made everything so much more difficult for her than need be. "–bringing them back home with him."

"Who forgets their shoes?" she asked, finding the whole situation rather absurd.

"It was nice out."

"Uh... huh," she said, not exactly buying the excuse, but deciding that it was alright to drop the subject. She was young once. "Alright, then. Well, your father and I are going to be going out to a dinner rotation tonight, so don't wait up!" she waved, blew a kiss, and exited the room.

The second her mother was out of sight and earshot, she wacked Danny on the side of the head, lifting the blankets. "Do you know what was wrong with that situation?" she threatened with eyes that looked like electricity surged through them and could attack him at any second. The deer-in-the-headlights look that Danny was giving her with a hand down her shorts almost caused her to laugh, but she had to refrain for the sake of her argument.

He looked like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"I didn't stay still?" he supplied lamely with a half-shrug. Still not moving his hand, sans a couple fingers in hopes to sway her over to his side of thinking.

"The moment has passed."

"Dammit," he swore, finally removing his hand, making the elastic snap softly against her lower waist.

"Why the hell didn't you go invisible?" she asked, not exactly mad, just curious... and a tad frustrated in more ways than one.

"Can't I just pretend I'm a normal guy for a bit and... get too worried about getting a certain piece of anatomy chopped off more so than remembering the fact that I have ghost powers that would've come in pretty handy?"

"Alright," she smiled at him, running a hand through his hair. "My parents are going to be gone for the evening, so we can pick up then, when I don't have to worry about my mother popping in."

He rested his head on her bare stomach, smiling up at her. "I like this view."

She rolled her eyes, yet continued to smile.

Cuddling for now would be just fine.