Shuurei opens her eyes finding her self in the future with the others, last thing she remembered was Ryuuren breaking a golden flower that teleported them to the future. Her, Ryuuren, Seiran, Ryuuki, Shouka, Shuuei, Kouyuu, Ensei, Kourin and Eigetsu where taken into the future. Her and the others are at this young girls house.

Shuurei sits up and sees Kourin also awake

"Where are we, I know where in the future but I can't remember coming here"

"Oh that's right when we found our self's in town and every thing being so different you fainted, Seiran has a crush on the person that brought us here"

"Seiran has a crush, Hm, I wonder if we'll be able to return to the past our own time, this is just not right"

A brown haired girl with pink eyes walks in the room with two cups of hot chocolate and places it down on the table

"I see your awake, glad your ok, I was getting worried, and oh I brought you some hot chocolate"

"Thank you, I never had hot chocolate before, um what is it"

"It's a hot drink that warms you up, it's also a sweet drink, and I know you'll both love it, Ryuuki, is hooked on coffee"

Shuurei giggles

"So um what's your name, I'm Shuurei, I guess you all ready know Kourin"

"I'm Serena, pleased to meet you Shuurei, well I'll let the guys know your awake, Seiran and Ryuuki are worried about you"

"Tell them I'm fine Serena, those two worry too much"

"Will do, by the way Seiran is really good looking"

Serena walks off

"Um Kourin, Is Serena the girl Seiran likes"

"Yeah, he didn't say it but he kept looking at her and blushing earlier"

Kourin picks a cup of hot chocolate up and drinks a bit. Her eyes go wide and she blushes

"What is it Kourin"

"This drink is really nice"

Shuurei picks the other cup up and drinks some

"Wow, this is good, we sure don't have any thing like this in our own time"

Ryuuki runs in the room all high on caffeine


"Calm down Ryuuki, don't shout"

Serena runs in the room

"He's drank a lot of coffee, I'm sorry"

"It's ok, but um, Serena"


"Me and Kourin love this drink"

Serena giggles

"Once Ryuuki calms down I'll tell you this true story I was taught at school, it's actually based on your time"

"Oh, well I hope I can return one day throw"

"Shuurei bad news on that, you and your friends are stuck in the future, I'll tell you the full story later, our country has had no emperor since the day and that year you and the others disappeared"


To Be continued

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