Summary: This is basically another version of the classic tale of " Cinderella"----except Bella is the 'prince' and Edward is 'Cinderella'. Everyone is human. Bella is a popular girl that everyone knows and she just happens to be single. Edward is beautiful boy that is disliked by pretty much everyone. What could happen when these two, who have completely opposite worlds, collide and fall in love? And where's the fairy godmother to turn Edward into the prince of Bella's dreams?

Chapter One: His Life

"Edward! Get in here, NOW!!" Zack yelled.

"Coming, Zack!" Edward shouted back. He was used to this ever since Carlisle, his father, had gotten cancer and died. A couple of years later, his mother Esme remarried Hal. Hal had always been a really nice guy around Esme, but when she wasn't around, he smile became a scowl and he could be your worst nightmare. His two sons, Zack and Andrew, were spitting images of him. But Edward was so self-sacrificing that he never said anything to Esme, since she was so happy.

In the later days of Hal and Esme's marriage, Edward would hear them fighting late at night. Hal would always be yelling, Esme would protest, then Edward would hear a smack, followed by Esme's sobs. In the morning, Edward would see a bruise on Esme's face and ask her what happened. She always had an excuse like she fell, rolled off the bed or she hit her cheek on the bed stand. But Edward would always know the truth.

After she died, Hal started taking over. He took Edward's stereo and put it in Zack's room. He took Edward's piano and sold it to a collector. He made Edward do everything and didn't care about him. Edward had tried to run away once, but Hal caught him. After that night, Hal had put bars on Edward's windows and treated him like a fugitive from the law.

And Edward's life had been miserable ever since.

As Edward made his way up the stairs, Andrew, who was coming down, pushed him into the wall. Then he continued on his way, snickering.

"What do you want, Zack?" Edward said as he entered the room.

"Well, I have a date tonight, so could you run down to the bank and get some money from your account, maybe about $100, and come back and give it to me. Okay?" Zack said lazily.

"But that's the money that I earned. I need it-"

"Look, Ed, I don't really care. Besides, what are you going to do with it? It's not like you have a girlfriend or anything," Zack smirked.

Yeah. Of course I don't. Just because that's how you and Andrew want it, Edward thought. When Zack and Andrew decided that girls thought Edward was attractive, especially the pretty and popular girls, they told Hal and he didn't let Edward dress nicely. Zack and Andrew got new things all the time. All Edward got was the used stuff that they didn't like anymore. After that, girls stopped liking him and the only thoughts about him that ever crossed their minds were: Ew. What a nerd.

"Sooo...Are you going to go or do I have to get my dad?" Zack glared at Edward, an wicked smile on his face. Edward sighed and turned to leave.

As he climbed down the stairs and got his coat that smelled of moldy cheese, Hal came from behind him and grabbed a fistful of Edward's beautiful bronze colored hair. Hal pulled his head back and glowered into his sparkling green eyes.

"Where do you think you're going, boy? Huh?!" Hal growled. His breath smelled like liquor and chewing tobacco.

"To the bank to get money for Zack," Edward said through clenched teeth.

Hal released him. " You'd better be back boy! Go! If you ain't back in ten minutes, you gonna get a whipping that will make you wish you was never born!" Hal bellowed in his ear. Then he walked away.

Edward put on his coat and walked outside, glad to be out of that house.