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roxiri for tragic serenade
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His blue eyes glowed, his perfect white teeth gleamed in the sunlight, and angelic blond hair danced slightly in the wind, her heart leap, and decided, I will tell him today. After quiet urgings and self encouragements, she picked up her courage and hoped for the best.

He followed her to a empty hallway, she heard her heart pound, and hoped he didn't hear it. "Do I ever cross your mind?" Her voice was breathless, nervously twirling a locket of scarlet hair between her fingers. "No." He replied, and her heart drops a little.

"Do you like me?" Her voice sounded less confident, but still hopeful. He looked tired, sighed lightly, and replied. "Not really." Her heart shattered, but she kept on going. "Do you want me?"


"Would you cry if I left?"

"Definitely not."

"Choose- me or your life."

"My life."

"Would you live for me?"

"Not in a lifetime."

Finally she got a reaction from herself by pinching her own arm. Heartbroken, she started running. The angelic blond runs after her though, and takes her wrist to stop her. "I never said I was done answering your questions." He smiled, and she looked at him through the tears.

"You never cross my mind because you never left in the first place." His fingers left her wrist and found her hand. "I don't like you, I love you." He raised her hand up. "I wouldn't cry if you left. I would be dead and buried." His lips hovered over the back of her hand. "I only chose my life because you are my life." He pressed her hand against his lips.

His hand slipped away from hers, and it fell limp at her side. "I won't live for you because I'm willing to die for you." His lips brushed up against her ever so slightly.

foot-notes: a myspace bulletin/chain letter i received, and used it as inspiration.