A/N: Later in the story I say the characters, but… I don't really know their personality, not to mention one of their names… So they're really OOC. Coz I skipped a whole bit on Naruto to Naruto Shippo.

Sasuke Uchiha walked down the night streets, hands in his pockets while he strolled along deep in thought. It was raining, but Sasuke didn't mind, he always thought the rain was refreshing and cleansing and could also trigger his thoughts. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and stepped backwards to see a body lying on the ground in a puddle. He creased his brow as two other bodies approached the one that lay on the ground.

Sasuke walked closer and hid himself as he watched, the two men laughed and pointed at the body which Sasuke now recognized as a girl. The men rolled her over and snickered, they lifted up her top and began to abuse her sexually. Sasuke stood up as they pulled down her pants, he walked towards them.

The men nudged each other and laughed.

"Don't touch her," He walked up to them and they laughed harder.

"And what are you gonna do little man?!" By the swaying and portrayed attitude, Sasuke could tell they were drunk.

"Get lost before I kick your sorry ass," He took his hands out of his pockets.

"Fine, then we'll take miss pinky with us then!" Sasuke didn't want to take anymore in, he quickly sprinted towards them, it was too easy, just two simple kicks to the heads sent them to the ground, unconscious.

Sasuke stared at the girl who lay on the ground; he readjusted her clothes properly and looked around, as if someone was coming to claim her.

He grunted as he picked up in his arms, walking back to the dim lit streets. As he walked, he stared at the girl's face, nothing but a few scratches. What was she doing out so late anyway?

Her pale face informed him that she was sick, he snorted, who wouldn't be sick in the rain? She must've been out for hours. He lowered his ear near her nose, she was still breathing fine. He examined her head, her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and it looked like she had bangs that were pinned back.



Sakura's thoughts awakened, where am I? Am I back home…? She thought to herself.

She dared herself to open her eyes, doing so, the same teenager and a middle aged woman appeared in her blurry vision. She closed her eyes again as they began to water up from dryness.

"A-are you alright? Sasuke, get a glass of water for her!" Voices began to stream into Sakura's ears.

"Nod your head if you can hear me," Sakura nodded slowly, her body felt like it shut down, it felt weak and fragile, just like after you did hard work of physical exercise.

A hand was placed underneath her head and back and Sakura was sat up, her head flopped around limply. She opened her eyes again and saw the woman smiling at her.

"Drink some water," She placed the cup to Sakura's dry lips and she drank obediently suddenly realising that she was dry. She had a duvet over her body which she could feel was only wearing her undergarments, her hair was damp but was still tied back with her bangs pinned up.

I must've been out for a long time… who are these people? Sakura exhaled.

"I appreciate this but…"

"You should stay for a few nights until your ready to take off again, you're really sick, dehydrated and you have the fever! Do you want to call your parents to say that we're taking care of you?" Sakura was flattered, she was sick? I thought I… wait. Oh yes. Them. I was… in the streets… yes. I can remember everything clearly.

Taking care of me. Sakura could feel the urge of the tears wanting to well up in her eyes. It's been long since someone's taken care of me.

Her lips parted, her story was filled with drama and confusion, sadness and anger.

One night, her mother left her when she was so young she could hardly remember it, she was so confused she approached her father, he told her everything. Sakura could remember she was so angry at him, she kicked him as hard as she could, although it did no damage.

Weeks and months passed by and Sakura waited for her mum, stuck with her secretive, drunk and abusive father. It was that one day when Sakura's heart fully shattered, her father spilled it all when he was drunk, he slapped her as she cried, shouting at her that it was her fault that her mother left and telling her she was a no good daughter.

"Thank you, I think I will call my parents," Sakura smiled at the woman gratefully and at the teenager, although he did not return the expression. The woman handed her a phone and she dialed a few numbers, her finger edged towards the 'call' button, but then pressed just another number. She held the phone up to her ear and began to work her magic.

"Father?" Sakura paused for a fake reply, "yes I'm alright…no…another family's taking care of me…I've got the fever but I'm alright…don't worry, I'll come back home soon…love you too, bye." She handed the phone back as another young man walked in, Sakura glanced at the teenager then the man not helping to realize their distinguishing features.

"Who's this otuoto?" Otuoto? So they're brothers… "your girlfriend?" He lifted his eyebrows and the younger shook his head.

"Stranger, she passed out on our doorstep," Sakura creased her brow, why was he lying?

"I'm sorry to be such a trouble," Sakura mumbled.

"Nonsense, we get travelers all the time! Although I've got to say, you're a bit young for a traveler," Traveler? I'm not a traveler…

"Uhh yea,"

"Do you attend high school?"

"No, I don't," Sakura wasn't surprised that the woman tried to keep her shock in, it was normal, Sakura never attended high school because of her father, but it was a huge surprise when she knew all the answers to year 12 math questions of her friend's.

"Do you know if there is a near school I can attend? My parents asked me to investigate…"

After all this hard work, Sakura wanted to start a new life without any heavy burdens bearing upon her.

"Yes, my boys attend a school that's adequate, right Sasuke? Itachi?"


"I'm sorry, I've got to go now, Sasuke and Itachi will help you out for the time being!" The woman rushed out and Sakura was left in silence.

"What's your name?"

"Sakura, and you?"


"I'm Itachi," The older stepped forward and sat next to Sasuke.

"I really do appreciate this,"

"Why don't you just stop thanking and introduce yourself?" Sakura creased her brow, the younger came to her impression of rude and arrogant.

Sakura had no idea when she introduced herself, it just came out of her mouth flowingly like a river. And the rest of the night felt like it was fast forwarding, the clock needles being moved with fast speed.


Sakura sat up gasping, was it all a dream? She looked around her room, it was different… the battered desk that always sat in the corner was replaced with a wardrobe, the scratches that were always at the end of her bed disappeared and was replaced with wonderful mahogany.

"Oh," It wasn't a dream.

She looked to the side to see another bed which was occupied with a body, Sakura peered to get a closer look. It was the younger one, Sasuke wasn't it?

I'm sharing a room with a boy. Sakura's eyes widened at the thought.

What happened last night?