Goodbye my Love


Her call was a hidden one- her pride masking her anxiety to be near, and to touch and hold him in her arms…

"Yes, milady?"

That bleeding red fabric, the crimson as deep as any rose fluttered and sighed with the wind… Crisp, but rough about the edges. Much like the being wearing such a proud colour… The wheat beneath her feet was a reminder of their duties- Sparta would suffer if they did not leave.

"Come back with your shield…"

Muscles rippled beneath her hands, the powerful thump of his heart that had beat so steadily with her own the night before.

"…Or on it."

Could he see the painful agony in her eyes? Could he not notice the tremble in her slight hands, the screaming thump of her beaten heart? But his eyes told all, even if his body did not. The deep blue and green, like the sea in her powerful rage spoke words he dared not utter. Between them, the claw of the wolf gleamed like a slice of iron.

"Yes, milady."

He did not want to go. Although he struggled to hide it, she saw through his clever disguise. Their eyes met, her hands slipped, their heads tipping down to meet one another's… And yet, the laws forced him to stop. Laws and honor and duty forced him to go, to leave… He was already hoisting the shield higher and walking away when she looked up from the crushed ground.

He did not say it. There was no room for softness… Not in Sparta. No place for weakness. Every step he took, she longed to take with him. Every step he took lead him further from her… Wheat rustled. Wind stirred. Whispers floated, those last three words she so longed to hear, yet never would…

'Goodbye, my love.'

((As I watched 300 for the first time in March (I believe it was) I could not help but notice the immense sadness of that scene… The pull of their denied love was amazing to me, and I wanted to highlight this factor. And, my finished work - HERE IT IS! TAAADAAA! Read and review, duckies!))