I though that this would be kinda funny. And kind of an eye-opener to people who do these things way too much!

Ten Ways To Know That You Watch InuYasha WAY Too Much

If you suddenly say, "hmmm how ominous" when you see a storm cloud.

If someone gropes you and you chase them with a large boomerang.

You're walking down the street and you suddenly stop and say 'I sense a demonic aura.'

If you have frequent dreams that you're in the Sengoku Jiidai with Inuyasha.

If you start to memorize everyone's scent.

If the only thing you can talk about is Japanese stuff in general.

You eat ramen on the daily basis. And you refuse to eat anything else.

You suddenly take to wearing long sleeved sweat shirts and cute green mini-skirts.

You wiggle or make you're ears move at every little sound.

If you send an angry letter to Rumiko Takahashi, demanding that she make more episodes of Inuyasha considering she ended it on such a I-want-more- thing. And if the letter didn't work, you frickin' fly to Japan, go to Niigata and drag her to the studio with Kappei Yamaguchi, Satsuki Yukino, Noriko Hidaka, and all the other voice actors from InuYasha.

Well that's it. I can make a second list if u want me to. To me, this list was frickin' hilarious! Please REVIEW, REVIEW,REVIEW! Remember, tell me if you want me to make a second one!

With that said, Sayonara!