Author's Note

First let me say: sorry about the lack of updates.

I've lost most interest in writing fanfiction in the past couple months, I don't think I've really been doing this story justice. When I first started writing it, I didn't expect too many people to actually read and comment on it. Somewhere around the original chapter 5 or 6, this story became an accidental comedy, and this being my most popular fanfic, I tried to roll with it. After that, I think I started trying too hard to be funny, and I lost sight of the plot. I tried to go back and start rewriting it, but I have to say I was incredibly disappointed with the quality of my writing (Chapter 4: Piece of Cake), and since then I've been reluctant to go back and finish writing the story.

So, sorry for the lack of updates (again), but I think I'll be working on my other stories while trying to figure something out for this one.

- Lazuline