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Neji: Kairi, make me look foolish and I'll go Gentle-Fist on your ass..

Kairi: n.n Dun worry! Lee-kun's the uke!

Lee: .////////.

--- --- ---

Lets put it this way. Neji didn't like being sick. At all.

Geniuses didn't get sick. So he, therefore, should not get sick. It was the laws of nature. Or, the laws of Neji's nature, anyway.

Anyway, he still hated being sick. It wasn't anything that was disgusting or made him look less-appealing... he just felt horrible. He had a running fever, his throat was sore and coarse, and his hair was all ruffled! It wouldn't go into the ponytail without falling out, so it just fell over his shoulders and forehead as he laid in his bed, coughing and groaning from his migraine. At least it was still silkyish.

" Neji" Came a cheerful shout from the bedroom door. Neji groaned, digging his fingers into the welcoming cotton pillow that was at the moment covering his head. His aching head, and Lee's shouting definatly wasn't helping.

" Go. Away."

" But Neji! I came to visit you in your time of need! How could I leave a teammate to be sick when everyone else is training? Besides, Gai-sensei cancelled training upon your absence." The green-clad teen sending a blinding smile at the pillow, hoping the rays of shiney-ness would phase through and make Neji all sparkly youth joy(1).

" No."

" But Neji--"

" Lee.. five seconds." Lee stuck his tongue out, pouncing on Neji's form.

" Nyahh! Nejii!" He whined, wriggling the blankets off.

" Lee! Get off of me right now!" Neji exclaimed, the pillow falling off his head and to the floor and Lee wrestled playfully with him. And, in the end..

Neji had him pinned down effectivly.

" I told you to leave me alone." His cheeks turned dark red as Neji planted butterfly kisses on his cheek. " Why didn't you listen?"

" You shouldn't be in bed at this time of day!!" Lee exclaimed suddenly, bolting upright and knocking Neji into his lap.

" Ack.."

" It's nearly two!!"

" Lee."

" And Gai-sensei alway said that a fit body--"

" Lee."

" Needs a fit soul!"

" Lee." Neji shoved his lips roughly against Lee's, shutting the youthful ninja up. He shoved Lee backwards, so he could return ot his position straddling him.

" N-Neji!" Lee exclaimed in a shy shock, his face turning the same shade as when he had tasted the curry of Life. Neji chuckled, leaving Lee's lips and planting kisses down his cheek and neck, tugging down the fabric of the spandex. And you would be amazed at how far something as this could have gone, had it not been for a certain uncle walking in. Without knocking. With Lee stripped of the top half of his jumpsuit, and Neji shirtless(2).

" .. Neji.." Hiashi said, causing Lee to jump out of his skin. He seemed to zip out from under Neji, yanking up his jumpsuit and turning beet red.

" S-s-sorry, Neji!! I hope you f-feel better!" He zoomed past Hiashi, leaving Neji there, sitting calmly and cross-leggedly on his bed.

" .. remind me not to walk in without knocking again." Hiashi mumbled, turning adn walking right back out, leaving Neji to start laughing quietly to himself.

And as if on cue, the next day Lee was training with a cough.

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