-1Leaving Is Never For the Best

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Authors Note- I am in big denial about EVERYTHING, that's why I haven't written in like a billion years...I still have A LOT of stories out that I have never finished...But I had a problem with my computer and I lost everything so I'm still trying to retrieve everything so Hopefully I'll start writing again soon. This story takes place like right after Joyce dies..
Summary- Read and find out...

Buffy held Dawn tightly in her arms.

"Shh, It'll be ok Dawnie"

Dawn looked up at her older sister. She never knew how she did it. Kept her feelings deep inside, Never letting them out. "How can you say it's going to be ok Buff? Mom just died!"

Dawn said before breaking down again, sobbing loudly into her sister's arms. Finally Dawn fell asleep and Buffy carried her up to her room. She kissed her forehead, Placed her into bed and turned off the light. She heard Willow, Xander and Giles all talking downstairs. She knew she should go down and join them. But something was pulling her towards her mother's room. She opened the door. The room was so neat and tidy...Just like it always was, Her mother was a neat freak. She went and curled up on the bed. She saw on the nightstand there was a piece of paper with Buffy on it. She took the piece of paper and gingerly opened it.

My darling daughter. If your reading this, it has happened. We both knew it would. Baby, I loved you and Dawn more than anything in the world. You two...Were my world. I would of done anything and everything I could for you two. I know Dawn wasn't really my daughter, Biologically, But in every other sense of the word she was. Buffy, Your my pride and joy and so is she. Please take care of each other. Notice I didn't say Take care of Dawn...I said take care of each other. Oh my darling, Your so young...You can't take care of a 13 year old teenager by yourself. So take care of each other. My daughters. My loves. My everything's. And Buffy, Don't push people away. Your going to need them now more than ever.

I love you,


Finished? Okay, I really don't know what to say about this fic. Lol. I wrote this in 2002 and just found it again on my moms computer. I guess I could continue it or leave it as a oneshot, it's pretty much all up to you. Just let me know what you want. I'll say it's finished for now, but if I get reviews wanting me to continue it, I will.