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Ideally, hearing the words "FILM FESTIVAL!" shouted at the top of someone's lungs was not the way the Scarecrow liked to wake up.

Apparently, as he darted up in bed and heard a crash in another part of the hideout, followed by "CAPTAIN! I just went to bed!", he could only gather he wasn't the only one who shared this sentiment.

It was only with a mind toward witnessing the impending bloodbath that he actually found the strength to drag his carcass out of bed. After all, Techie had spent three restless nights pacing around the lair doing this and that for no apparent reason (the mural depicting the death of Superman that now graced one of the common room walls was his personal favorite)--so he could hardly blame her for the homicide she was about to commit for being awakened after finally falling into bed.

Looking as intimidating as any man should at six in the morning, Crane shambled out of bed and as far as his door, which he flung open.

The Captain was flailing her arms at Techie, waving a bright pink handbill around and jabbering at the speed of light. He deciphered a few of the words that filtered through the babble--'Ops', 'Gotham', 'Film' and 'Festival' among them, but nothing further.

In an instant, Crane found himself forcefully reminded of why he was glad Techie was on his side. With all the speed of a cobra-strike, Techie sprang at the Captain and pinned her to the wall by the throat. It was clear that she wasn't hurting the madwoman, merely holding her and the movement had the desired effect--the Captain went silent.

She growled, "If you intend to live to see dawn, the next word out of your mouth better start with 'Bruce' and end with 'Campbell'."

The Captain looked her friend in the eye and spoke, enunciating each syllable of her statement, "U-ni-ver-sal." and then proceeded to wave the pink handbill around for effect.

Techie blinked lethargically but snatched the flyer.

She spent a few moments reading it before she released the Captain and sniffed. "I'll get my coat."

Ordinarily, watching this scene would have been the extent of Crane's involvement. Ordinarily, he would have turned around and gone back to bed, disappointed that nobody had lost a limb.

Ordinarily, they wouldn't have asked if he wanted to come…

Obviously, this occasion wasn't ordinary, because they did just that.

His first reaction was an emphatic, ringing, "No."

Then the Captain said that Al wouldn't want to come (therefore giving him the choice of being at home with his least favorite of the bunch or being elsewhere)…

Then Techie had to insist that people who went to horror film festivals were bound to be 'interesting' fear toxin test subjects--since they sought out and embraced fear rather than running from it…

Then he evidently suffered some sort of momentary lapse of sanity…and agreed to go.