Disclaimer: This is my first ever Stargate Atlantis story! And just like Stargate SG-1, I don't own anything.

AN: This is a rather weird story, came to me while listening to 'Private Universe' by Crowed house, which is the song used in this story. I not exactly sure what to say about the story, only that I hope you like it. I think perhaps it's abstract. Please listen to hr song, as you can really get the feel for a storm in a jungle.

Private Universe

The sky was darkening with rolling thunderclouds when John Sheppard gave the order to clear out. For the first time in his life he took off running without the slightest idea as to what he was going to do next.

"ELIZABETH!" It was Rodney.

"RUN!" She screamed back. "Just run, we'll find each other I promise!" The look on Rodney's face changed to one of pure terror. He knew there were too many; he knew the team couldn't fight. He also knew that this could be the last time he saw any of his teammates again. He took off after Ronan and this gave Elizabeth some relief. Ronan was a very private man, who appeared cold, but she knew he cared deeply for his team; he'd take care of Rodney. She felt a tug on her arm and urged her feet to move faster as John pulled her along. She could hear the roar of the monsters behind her, and her only thought was to keep running. The pair soon entered foliage that turned into a deep jungle, reminding Elizabeth of the ones in Africa. Thunder was more frequent now, announcing the coming storm. New noises surrounded her but she was too terrified to scream.

John knew his legs should be hurting, but he felt no pain and knew it was because of shock. He'd managed to keep an eye on Ronan and Rodney untill they disappeared into the jungle and he and Elizabeth had veered left. Every now and then he thought he heard footsteps but he wasn't about to stop and find out. His grip on Elizabeth's arm was like steel and he doubted he could let go, even if he tried. They had slowed down quite a bit due to the uneven, fern covered ground, and he tried to move faster.

Elizabeth could feel the first drops of rain on her skin and saw lightening flash. She looked up to the sky as they passed through a clearing, in time to see another flash and a loud thunder roll. And suddenly she was back more than 20 years ago.

No time, no place to talk about the weather

the promise of love is hard to ignore.

You said the chance wasn't getting any better

the labor of love is ours to endure.

The highest branch on the apple tree

it was my favorite place to be.

I could hear them breaking free

but they could not see me.

"Elizabeth! Come inside now, it's getting late." 8-year-old Elizabeth turned in her place in the tree and saw her mother standing on the porch of the family house.

"Not yet. You know the cats aren't out at this time. I want to watch the antelope cross." The banging of the screen door let her know her mother had relented, and she turned back to watch over the plain. Her family's house was located on one of the many hills overlooking the plain, and to Lizzy's innocent mind everyone had a backyard like this. Though it wasn't fenced, she had been taught from an early age that the tree marked the edge of the garden and to go beyond that someone had to be with her. She stood up on the branch as she heard the familiar distant rumbling, and laughed with glee as the herd cam stampeding onto the plain. The antelope always crossed at dusk, and Lizzy would always watch. 'I love living in Africa,' she thought as she climbed down. Though the idea of living anywhere else had never yet occurred to her.

Elizabeth felt a yank on her arm, and barely managed to stop herself from falling flat on her face as John pulled her forward. But when she looked ahead, it wasn't John who was urging her on, but a small coloured boy. And when she looked down at her feet she saw not boot s and fatigues, but denim overalls, the cuffs rolled up at her ankles and her feet in heshan sandals.