I was doing my morning meditation. Sitting and listening to the sounds only heard at sunrise. I often used this as a preparation for the day to come. Many wondered how I could keep my emotionless façade. This was how. I used my meditation to calm myself before anything had the chance to ruin my mood, and would stop and simply remember the calm I felt in the morning when I was beginning to lose control. It was how I was able to lead the clan so effectively. How I was able to remain passive during even the most annoying of moments.

As I sat and listened, I let my thoughts drift. This was the only moment in the day when I permitted them to. To my annoyance the first thing that came to mind was Hinata. I had heard yesterday evening that she was packing for her move to the branch. It had surprised me when I heard it. She often displayed the competency of a two year old. I did not think she was responsible enough to think ahead and cause the least amount of fuss possible.

However when I thought about it more, I realised I had not told her when she was moving, and she may have assumed that it would be today. Actually, as she has already started packing then I may as well make it today. It disappointed me that she was so weak. Not just physically, but mentally. She had never once displayed a will of any kind, never shown the desire, or skill, to lead that I expected of the future head of Hyuuga. It was better this way.

I had thought about having her assassinated while she was on a mission, however her team would have most likely found out the truth. I had also thought about disowning her then having her assassinated. However there was a slim chance that she may get away before she could be killed, and that was not allowed. She would be in a position then to threaten us with the possibility that she will share the Hyuuga secrets. So, I had opted for the safest action. Making her a branch member ensured that she would be supervised at all times until her branding, after which we could activate the branch seal and kill her claiming that she had somehow betrayed us.

The hokage would be powerless in this matter as individual clans are responsible for the treatment of family members, unless they call upon the assistance of the hokage. In a nutshell, the head of a clan has the power of a kage while amongst their own clan, unless they ask for the hokage's help. So, this plan that was in action would not fail. I would make sure of it.

As I finished this thought I sensed the presence of a person running in my direction. I got up, walked over to the door and opened it just as the person arrived.

"Hiashi-sama," he said as he bowed. "There is something you must see."

I nodded and silently followed him down the hall. As I reached her door, Hanabi came out and joined us. After a couple of moments I realised that the messenger was leading us towards the gates. I was wondering what it was that I was meant to see when I saw it. I stopped walking and just looked at the figure above the gates. I silently activated my byakugan to see if what I guessed was correct.

I was surprised that what I had thought had happened was incorrect. It was not Hinata up there, but merely a wire structure wearing her clothes. I looked over at the messenger and he just looked at me worriedly.

"There is also something that you must see from the outside Hiashi-sama," he said as he looked at me and then started walking. As we got closer to the gates, some of the other people leaping over the wall recognised who I was. They moved over and started opening the gates. Suddenly there was a loud bang as the wire structure atop the gates exploded. I twitched slightly then narrowed my eyes. Obviously they were all too preoccupied to notice the trap.

I strode out of the gates and turned around. I almost gasped at what I saw. Into the front gates, a poem was burned. I read through it quickly, not understanding some of it, though understanding enough to make me shake softly in anger. I also noticed the small letter at the bottom, addressed to me. I read it quickly then growled. That SNEAKY LITTLE BRAT! How dare she defy me! And using one of the only privileges granted the heir, that of naming their replacement if they choose to renounce their claim, to deny me the right of having my child succeed me. She and I both know that the elders would agree with her and make Neji heir. HOW DARE SHE!

I looked back towards the poem and did not notice Hanabi flinch and step back as she saw my eyes. I did not notice Neji arrive. I did not notice the looks exchanged between the Hyuuga present. I did not notice the quiet murmurs of the crowd gathering, drawn by the loud explosion. I was consumed by my thoughts. I recognised muddled thoughts of anger, disappointment, outrage, fear and fury. But one thought rang out louder and clearer than the rest.

I would have her killed for this. I would get my revenge.

I stood and looked at the figure in confusion. Seeing father activate his byakugan I did the same, and looked at the figure more closely. I noticed it was only a wire structure wearing Hinata's clothes. I did not understand. Why were they there? I deactivated my byakugan and started walking after I sensed father do the same. As we neared the gates a couple of the other members opened them for father. As soon as the gates moved my sister's clothes exploded. I jumped about a foot in the air, having not expected that to happen.

I looked at the flaming pieces of ash with wide eyes as they floated around us, and then turned to look at father. His eyes were narrowed and though he did not look it, I could tell he was angry. As we strode through the gates and turned to look at them I drew in a sharp intake of breath. There were words written on the gates. No. That wasn't right. They were BURNED into the gates. I read through the poem and could feel my eyes widen as I realised this was written by Hinata.

I could feel the blood rush to my face in an anger fuelled blush. I looked at father and took a quick step back.

He looked FURIOUS.

He LOOKED furious.

HE looked furious.

Father never showed emotion. I had never once seen him lose control. I saw him trembling in anger and could no longer look at anything but the ground at my feet. I was angry. No. I was way beyond angry. How could she do this? She had been trained all her life to become the heir. She knew how the Hyuuga family worked. How could she bring such shame on our family? I was also very upset. She had named Neji the heir. She knew I wanted to become the heir. She said I was not suited to be it. Was she calling me weak? I felt betrayed. Even though I had never been close to Hinata, she had always been nice and encouraged me. Even when I hated her. I could feel a wetness in my eyes. How could she do this to our family? To me?

I felt someone stand next to me and looked up to see Neji. I watched him as he read the poem and was surprised when he smirked, but then I saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop in surprise as he read the letter to father. As much as I wanted to, I could not hate him. I had wanted to be as strong as him for years. I was always trying to be like him. Besides, from his reaction I could tell he wasn't expecting this. I had to remember. Maybe he too felt betrayed.

I was doing my usual morning exercises in one of the many Hyuuga training fields, when I heard an explosion. I stopped and turned towards the front gates without deactivating my eyes. It had sounded very close by. I looked around quickly then spotted where it had come from. I deactivated my eyes and sprinted towards the gates, hoping that nothing bad had happened. As I ran towards the gates, the thoughts I had been having all morning returned.

I had been thinking about Hinata. I was confused. So many feelings raced through me when I thought of her. Anger, sadness, happiness, and most of all, regret. I was happy that she and I had become friends again, but I would always regret the way I had treated her. I never realised how much I missed her friendship. I was sad that she was to be branded, and angry at her father for doing it to her. I know how it feels to be branch. I deal with it. But Hinata… I don't think she can.

I landed softly a couple of steps behind Hanabi. I looked around quickly at all the people, wondering why they were here, when I noticed they all kept glancing at the gates. Surely a small explosion isn't that interesting? I turned, only to see that there were words burnt into the gates. Slightly angry that someone had dared defile the gates of the Hyuuga, I stepped up next to Hanabi to read the words better. As I read through the poem, my anger died away, and I smirked in approval at what Hinata had done. I knew it was not likely that she would live for long. Now she had a chance.

I noticed there was some more writing underneath the poem. I started reading the letter to her father and felt my eyes widen and my jaw drop in shock. ME? The… HEIR? I inwardly smiled as I thought about what she had done. Even as she was fleeing for her life, she had thought of, and helped, me. I didn't deserve her kindness. I looked over at Hiashi, then back to the gates. I walked over to them, activating my byakugan on the way. I wanted to make sure that this was indeed Hinata's doing. As I looked and sensed the chakra in the words, I also felt another chakra. One that I recognised.

I had an idea of where Hinata was headed. I had known for some time now that he would be leaving. I was surprised that they had ended up leaving together. I gave a small smirk. Who would have thought they would bump into each other like this? I looked up at the poem again, understanding its meaning. I thought it over quickly and decided that I may as well tell Hiashi about the other chakra. He would find out eventually anyway.

"Hiashi-sama," I said turning to look at him. He looked over at me and nodded sharply. "I recognise another chakra here, other than Hinata's." He raised one eyebrow. I took a breath and answered the unasked question. "It is Uchiha Sasuke's." I could feel the killing intent rolling off my uncle. I know he is going to send people after her. And it was only a matter of time before he realised the two of them were going to Orochimaru. But I wouldn't tell him. If there was a way for me to finally repay Hinata, I would do it. Though not if I could get caught. I had to be sneaky, but then again, that is what I'm good at. I thought quickly. This was becoming, for lack of a better term, troublesome. I sighed.

I'm sorry Hinata, for making your journey more difficult. He would have found out anyway. I looked up at the sky, and gave a small smile.

I hope you find what you are looking for.