My first Harry Potter story … just a oneshot on Lily and James and Harry before the 31st of October on the year they died … going to be very short, but I really wanted to do it. Set at the time of the photo and letter found in Sirius's room in the Deathly Hallows. Enjoy!


Little Harry zoomed around on the broomstick, as if he'd been doing it for years.

'Oh James, look!' Lily cooed, brushing aside her long red hair 'he's inherited your skill on a broom!'

James Potter smiled as he watched his one year old son fly around the living room of their house, in the little village of Godrics Hollow. 'Yeah, he's a natural' James nodded

'I just have to take a picture' Lily giggled as he almost flew into the moggy, Nina. 'I'll send it to Sirius, he'll be so glad Harry liked his present.'

James nodded, and squirmed more comfortably in the chair he was sitting, while Harry zoomed around his legs. Its was quite amazing how alike they were - the hair that stuck up in exactly the same place, the same pale, thin face. You would have thought they were twins - if it were not for the eyes. The only thing Harry had inherited from his mother was the distinct green eyes. People commented all the time on how lovely there were.

'I can see him being a great Quidditch player one day Lil' James said, watching his son fly around

'Me too' she said enthusiastically 'okay Harry, say cheese!' she grabbed the camera and took a shot. It didn't matter that Harry wasn't staying still - the picture would move anyway. How did muggles get on without magic? James had often wondered. Lilly hadn't though - she had lived like a muggle for eleven years, she still remembered. But she didn't want Harry to grow up, not knowing what he was. That was why his name had been down for Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry from before he was born.

'I wish Sirius could be here to enjoy it with him though - I just wish everything could be normal' Lilly sighed, her arm falling to her side. 'I don't want there to ever be a risk of Harry being in danger from him.'

She said the word with an unexpected malice. James sighed and stood up to hug his wife.

'I wont let anything happen to Harry. I'll always protect you both from - from whatever happens'

Lilly hugged him back, and the pair watched silently as Harry zoomed around, shrieking with laughter and knocking his little glasses askew.

None of them knew it, but in only a few months time, there would be final chapters, and new beginnings - and the little boy zooming around the house would go from "Harry Potter", Lilly and James Potters son, to "Harry Potter, the boy who lived".