I had a strike of inspiration.. in the bad way xD
Anyway, I decided to replace the first chapter with this, it's makes more sense like this anyway..
The first chapter is now the second chapter.. And stuff like that.
I feel drunk when I'm writing these things, because I'm often half-asleep when I write them and can't remember them in the morning and have to re-read them x.x

Lupin and Fujiko sat on the couch near the fireplace, drinking wine after dinner.
Fujiko stared vacantly into her glass.
"Is something wrong?" Lupin nudged her arm.
"Hm?" She finally averted her eyes from the glass sitting gracefully in her hand.
"You've barely said a word all night."
"Mm, nothing…" she said with a faint smile.
Lupin sighed and placed his glass back in front of him.
"What did you come over here for then?" he eyed her suspiciously.
She glued her eyes to the floor nervously.
"J-just to spend time with you, I guess,"
"Oh, that's a laugh," he finished his drink in a swig, setting it back down.
"You spend hours trying to get ahold of me, taking a plane from France, and you say you're here just to spend time with me. I think I know you a little better than that!"
She backed away timidly, biting down on her lip.
"Lupin, I think you've had a little too much to drink…"
He sank in his seat, feeling more relaxed
"You're probably right," he sighed with a tired grin.
"But you wouldn't just be here without reason. Before this, you hadn't talked to me in weeks!"
"I know that…" she slid over closer to him, gazing straight into his eyes.

"You love me, right?"
"Of course," he glared curiously.
"Enough to spend the rest of your life with me?"
"Is this a bizarre proposal of some sort?"
Fujiko crossed her arms over her chest. "No."
"What is it with all these ridiculous questions all of the sudden then?"
"You already know the answers,"
"She can't be serious; this has to be an act for some farfetched plan of hers…"
She rested her hand on his, trembling anxiously.
"How would you feel about having kids?"
"Well, now I know it's phony!"
Lupin leaned back, chuckling mockingly.
"Cut the act, Fujiko! This isn't getting us anywhere!"
"You jerk!" she shouted, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.
He stopped himself, still unsure.
"Fujiko, what is this? We both said we never wanted kids, and what kind of parents would we be? We can't take care of a brat for a few days, let alone eighteen years,"
She wept in cracked wails, her shoulders heaving rapidly.
Lupin lowered his guard, placing his hand on her shoulder.
"What's wrong?"