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Ah, well, enjoy!!

The Geek in the Pink


Dear Diary,

Men are jerks.

Alright, that's an exaggeration. I'll rephrase my sentence. University men are jerks. Er…university guys; I don't believe those are even close to being considered men. Honestly, the other day, I was just sitting in the cafeteria doing some research on my laptop, and a guy came and slid in next to me on the bench. He had squeezed me between the wall and the table, and I had nowhere to move! In the end, I ended up screaming for the security guards on campus to come and drag him away because he wouldn't leave me alone. Sheesh!

They say most people find their love in university and end up getting married. I don't think that would ever happen with me. If it did, then I would probably be dreaming.


"Excuse me, sir; I'm a bit late..."

There was a bit of a commotion as the new comer's book bag tore and the ten or so books toppled to the floor. There was a round of raucous laughter, and the book's owner fell down to his knees, trying to gather his books, flushing scarlet under the gaze of all those in the study hall. The professor cleared his throat significantly, and the laughter ceased. The new student scrambled up to his feet again, his arms laden with books, and everyone was able to take a good look at him.

Behind the flustered appearance was a short guy with long red hair and violet eyes. More interesting than his hair and eyes, was that cross-shaped scar on his left cheek...and the pink shirt he was wearing; it was rather like a tie; the students gathered in the hall, and the professor couldn't decide which they should consider odder.

"I don't believe I've seen you here before," the professor said, matter-of-factly.

"Er...yes, that's because this is my first day," the redhead replied, struggling to prevent his books from slipping to the floor again. "You'll find me under the name of Kenshin Himura."

The professor checked the attendance list. "Ah, yes...here you are," he said, tapping the clipboard with his pen. "Alright, Mr. Himura, do come in and find your self a seat. We were discussing velocity before you interrupted us."

The guy named Kenshin Himura nodded humbly, and staggered towards the rows of seat. Strangely, the empty seats he had noticed when he had first walked in were now either occupied by piles of books, or bags, and he found himself being forced to take the stairs up to the very last row of seats. He could feel everyone's eyes on him as he walked, and it made him feel awkward. The students would've continued to watch him, if it weren't for the casual "Ehm" of the professor.

The last row wasn't as empty as it had seemed to be, for there was a raven-haired girl curled up across a couple of seats, fast asleep. Feeling certain that this girl won't force him away, as she hadn't noticed the fiasco of an entrance that he made, Kenshin sank down onto the seat next to her.


"Ahh, that was a good nap!"

Kaoru Kamiya stretched her arms and grinned at her best friend, Misao Makimachi, who was busy trying to shove three huge books into her already bulging bag to spare a glance at her friend. Students were already clearing out of the classroom, and a few lingered back to talk to the Professor. Misao, being uncoordinated most of the time, usually took a while to gather up all her things, which always led to them being the last to leave the classroom.

"You know you shouldn't sleep during lessons, Kaoru," Misao admonished, her voice a little strained. "You know how Somiya always sets his exam questions from his lectures!"

"Yes, I know, which is why you're going to lend me your notes," Kaoru said brightly. Misao opened her mouth to protest, but her friend clasped her eyes before her and went on, "I promise I won't sleep during class again! But I was up writing my history assignment last night, and I was dead tired this morning! Please give me your notes!"

Misao rolled her eyes. "Alright, I'm crazy for doing this, but I'll lend you my notes," she said, resigned. She managed to fasten her bag shut and let out a triumphant sound. "There! That should stop them from falling out the way they did with Pink!"

Kaoru was just starting to inquire about who Pink was when she accidentally bumped into someone, and he dropped the books he was carrying. "I'm sorry! I wasn't looking," she apologized, and looked up to see a guy with red hair and a cross-shaped scar, wearing a pink shirt; she was pretty sure she had never seen him around before, and she particularly knew everybody on campus. "Um..."

The guy she had bumped into smiled gently at her. "That's okay," he assured her.

"I'm sorry, let me help you with your books," she said, and as she bent down to pick up one glossy Chemistry book, her head knocked into his. "Itai!"

His eyes watering in pain, the guy grabbed her around the elbows and easer her back into a chair, oblivious to Misao, who was watching this whole interaction with a bemused expression. "Please do sit down, miss," he insisted, as she started to lean down to try and pick up his books once more. "You needn't trouble yourself, really."

Kaoru nodded and took to massaging her throbbing forehead, while watching him gather up his books from the floor. "You should get a bag, you know," she suggested, trying not to stare at the scar on his cheek; she found it totally mesmerizing.

"I did have a bag, but it tore this morning, rendering me defenseless against people who bump into me and cause me to drop my books to the floor," he said pointedly, and she laughed. He got up to his feet, books back in his arms again. "Did you have a good nap, by the way?"

Kaoru frowned, puzzled. "Erm...yes, I did," she replied.

The redhead smiled. "Good; I was worried I might've disturbed you," he said, sounding relieved. He started to walk away from her. "I'll see you around then. Ja ne!"

Still feeling like she had missed out on something, Kaoru offered him a small wave and waited until he was out of earshot, before rounding on her friend, who was trying to stifle a giggle. "Who was that?" she demanded. "I've never seen him around before!"

Misao started to explain, when another crash and several thuds interrupted her. They looked around, and saw that the guy had again dropped his books, and was now apologizing repeatedly to the guy he had collided with. Giggling, Misao turned to her perplexed friend. "And that, my dear, is Pink," she told her.


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