-The Student and the Medic

Chapter 1- Friends? Not so much.

Ikizawa, Himino, was a very quiet girl. She isolated herself from the world, and trusted no one. She wasn't heartless; in fact, no one knew just WHAT she was. They thought of her a demon; they kept their distance from her. A demon was inside her body, dwelling within her soul, a monster. And for this reason, she hated herself.

Himino was orphaned at the age of 2, after the slaughtering of her clan at which she had paid witness. The demon that had killed them, approached her in a more 'humane' form, and taken her to where she saw now, and raised her. As a child, he taught her how to fight, passing down all his moves to her. He made marionettes for her to play with, puppets too, until she learned to make them herself. When she no longer liked one, she would discard it into a large trunk for safe keeping. As it happened, she had actually created a human puppet that she had given the name, 'Bankotsu', and lived with him now. He was like a human, almost complete, and was modeled after her real father, but he could not be killed. Wounded, yes, killed, not so much.

Himino was always smiling, whether or not Bankotsu was with her. Now, here is her story….

Himino woke up to her alarm clock buzzing, as Bankotsu walked into her room, smiling, walking over to her bed as she sat up. He ruffled her hair lovingly.

"Time for school, sweetie, my baby girl!" He smiled. Himino did not return the gesture of smiling.

He was so much like him, but yet, so DIFFERENT than him. She got up and changed, before running out of her room, two puppets of hers lay on the ground.

She grabbed her back pack, and left. Bankotsu grinned, as he waved after her.

Himino was the first in her classroom. Others started to arrive, as she turned the page in her book that she was reading.

"Hey, four-eyes, whatcha' reading now?" A classmate of hers demanded, snatching the book away from her.

"Hey, that's mine!" Himino protested as a female classmate of hers snatched away her glasses.

"Wow, you're eye sight must be really bad!" she snickered, before throwing the glasses to the floor, and picking Himino up by the collar of her shirt. "So, you gonna fight back to day or what?"

Himino was thrown onto the lower floor by the chalkboard. She didn't move for a couple minutes. The two bullies laughed along with their friends as she lay there motionlessly on the ground. Another classmate of hers, Hyuuga, Hinata, ran over to Himino and helped her up, just as Iruka- Sensei came in.

"What's going on?!" He demanded, taking Himino from Hinata. "Thank you."

"Iruka-Sensei, they were picking on Himino again!" Hinata said quietly. Himino didn't move. The pain from her chest was swallowed by the creature that harbored inside of her.

"Ok, I'm sick of this! You two! Three days detention and I want an entire page, front and back, on why you're picking on Himino- Chan, and another page to your parents telling them WHY you're in detention and what you did!" Iruka demanded, the tormenters groaning, as Iruka picked Himino up in his arms and carried her off to the nurse's office.

Nurse's Office

"Mr. Ikizawa, it seems that your daughter is being picked on again." Iruka told him. "I'm sorry to call you here at such a horrible time-"

"Not at all." Bankotsu smiled, waving it off, as he placed a necklace of sharp teeth and jade beads around her neck. The symbol of a music note glowed blue, and electrocuted her of the spirit's control. She didn't flinch or move a muscle, until it stopped. She sighed and took it off, handing it back to Bankotsu.

"You ok?" Iruka asked, getting a nod in return. Bankotsu hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"Be good, darling." He said, stashing the rosary in her jacket pocket, before leaving the school.


She sighed. They had just been told about these exams that were coming up soon. What were they called again? Chunnin Exams? Himino shook her head, looking at the ground. She had a reminder that a week was left to train. Well, the class had been told about it a month ago, but she had only gotten it now.

She looked up at the clouds in thought. A week. The proper construction of a decent puppet would take her six days and a half at the LEAST. She had no time to fight the ones she had now, they were too easy to read, even if Bankotsu controlled them. And Bankotsu himself wasn't complete; he still needed data on fighting, which she wasn't going to spend a week getting.

She let out a sigh as she came up to the two story building. The stairs to her floor against the wall, but someone was leaning against the wall, blocking her entrance to the stair way. Himino slowed her walking, and then came to a stop.

"Uchiha." She said formally.

Her classmate, Uchiha Sasuke, was blocking her way. He opened his eyes and looked at her, smirking slyly.

"Ikizawa-"He said, standing up, now inches from her face. His onyx eyes locked with her own. "Welcome home." He said. Himino rolled her eyes, as Sasuke leaned in rather closely.

"Get real, Uchiha." She said, walking past him. He was leaning so far just waiting for that lip lock, that when she had past him, he fell forward and face first on the ground. He groaned and stood up, dusting all the dirt off of his clothes.

"Hey!" He yelled, running up the stairs after Himino, before catching up and walking along side her, hands in his pockets. "I want you to teach me that move your dad did that one dad. You know, when you two were training?" He requested. Himino whipped around, angry.

"You were watching me train!?" She demanded. "You are such a stalker, Uchiha!" She declared, before stomping off towards the door to her house, jamming the key into the door handle.

"I was walking by and saw you two training, that's it!" Sasuke protested, grabbing her hand and jerking it away from the door knob, before getting between her and the door to her house. "Seriously, teach me that move!" He said, looking directly at her.

"No." Himino replied, moving him aside and turning the door knob, shoving the door open. "Dad, I'm back." She yelled out her presence in the house. She quickly closed the door and locked the three different locks on it, before putting her back to the hard wood and letting out a relieved sigh. She was confident she had locked that pesky classmate of hers out of her home.

"Why won't you?"

Himino's eyes snapped open, as she looked up slightly into Sasuke's onyx eyes. He had a hand on either side of her head, pinning her between himself and the door (not literally, though). He looked dead serious, especially from the very few inches that measured the space between their faces. Himino shook her head slightly.

"It takes a good amount of practice and a load of patience. Took me a week to get it down, but it will probably take you a month at the least." She said, pressing her back further to the door, trying to make up for the slowly decreasing space between them.

The Uchiha shook his head.

"I don't care how long it takes-"He said, leaning in closer. "You either teach it to me, or I'll take it by Sharingan." He hissed in her ear, as me moved down from her ear to her neck.

"You two can get a room," Bankotsu said, plucking Sasuke up and away from Himino by the scruff of his shirt, and bringing him to his face so clear eye contact could be easily made. "-but you won't be doing any of that in MY house!" He stated, pulling the boy away from him, giving off an annoyed aura. "'That clear?" He questioned. Sasuke looked back at Himino who was still against the door, but not as much now, before looking back at Bankotsu.

"Yes, Sir." He said.

"Good, and since you're here, why not stay for dinner?" Bankotsu suggested, giving Sasuke a look that stated, 'We-need-to-talk'.

"Hmn." He replied, before Bankotsu send them off to Himino's room so she could entertain her guest.