I do not own Elfen Lied in anyway. I just liked the poems the narrator said in the previews for each episode, so I just strung them together into a full poem for anyone else who might like it. This is PURELY made for fun.


The hunter and the hunted.

The tables turned and then, turned again.

Torn between an instinct for destruction and an ignorant bliss.

Innocence is her only chance at peace.

It's to cruel to describe it with the word love.

What she felt was a sad imitation.

Created in a world ruled by eternal pain and despair.

That synthetic emotion could only serve a single goal.

It became a place without reason or meaning.

Only the inevitable strife of a species born to bite and tear itself to pieces.

A mortifying banquet of blood and tears.

Held at the eternal peaceful sanctuary of resting souls.

A black stain called memory spread across the wall.

It filled the world with a despair so deep, that even death offered no relief.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for this tortured girl?

Or, does the tunnel lead to infinite darkness?

Anxiety and relief. Cruelty and kindness.

A never ending tide of conflicting emotions.

The contradictions combine to mean only one thing.

Passion buried for many years is uncovered by the falling rain.

The greatest way it begins is the smallest tear drop.

Having lost both the reason and the means to survive, the little soul is set adrift.

Each encounter is rendered meaningless, accept for the pain it cause.

And the stain of blood and tears it leaves, too dense to wash away.

Soon ,the little girl has become a vicious animal.

Discrimination, fear, pity, hatred, and betrayal.

How many indignities will one girl suffer?

How many human sins will she have to endure?

Will she defeat the demon of revenge?

Or will it poses her forever?

The gears never stop spinning.

Yet, never mesh.

Even a ray of light does nothing but empathize the depth of her own darkness.

Yet what good are memories without meaning?

For something inhuman, this man has sacrificed his humanity.

But the price he's paid, has purchased him only the eternal hell call regret.

This disease is not fatal.

And yet, it causes sickness onto death.

Born with a cursed cry, a young devil descends to this world.

Having found the meaning of happiness, a young girl fights to protect it.

Trying to break loose from his chains, a man joins hands with a beast.

In every corner, the preparations for a bloody banquet steadily begins.

He himself had locked the past away.

To bring it back, it took a formal dance.

Decorated in streams of blood.

To an eerie music sung out by the last gasp of the dead.

He watches as the bells of the ball move through their gruesome waltz.

A sea of grudges, curses, sadness, and love between them.

The pray was never heard.

The penitence has lost all meaning.

Will a newly remember sin shatter the longing, compassion, and love

that sprung from the absence of memory?

Like tragic, fragile song that the elfen sing.

A/N: Yes, I know id didn't make any changes to it. Like I said, I just strung them all together because I like them. And let me repeat, I did this solely for fun.