One ordinary summer day Bastion Misawa was walking home. He could swear that there was someone following him, but everytime he turned around no one was there, or following him anyway. So he would always turn around and start walking again.

Pretty soon, he got to where he wanted to be and started to look for a door that he knew was somewhere in the ally he was in. Soon, he found the door, he looked around before going into the door and started walking down the path that was underground.

The person who had been following him also jumped into the hole and followed him down the underground path.

-- At the palece --

When Bastion got to the door that would lead him above ground again to the one place that he needed to be he opened the door and went through it. When he got up there were a bunch of people in the room. He was in the basements kitchen.

"Prince Bastion. Welcome home." The cooks said, all in usion, then bowed.

"Please... don't bow." Bastion said, sounding almost depressed.

"What's wrong, Prince Bastion."

"Don't call me that. How many times do I have to tell you that I'm just plain "Bastion"."

"Forgive us."

"You're forgiven. Where are my parents?"

"They're are away on buissness."

"As always." Bastion said under his breath. "Well... okay then. Well, where's my sister then?"

"Upstairs in her room. She's been saying that she can't wait to see you again."

"Well then, I'll just have to go upstairs and pay her a little visit." Bastion said as he went up the stairs.

-- 10 minutes later --

Bastion was sitting on his sisters bed, talking to her, when there was a knock on the door. He got up and answered the door to see a couple of the gaurds with Jaden.

"Jaden? What are you doing here?" Bastion asked.

"We found him come out of your secret passage way."

"So you were the one following me?"

"I'm sorry, Bastion. I was just curious. But... why haven't you told anyone that you're a prince?"

"Because... I just want to be normal and if everyone knew that I was a prince then I wouldn't be so normal anymore now would I?"

"Well... no."

"Prince Bastion, what do you want us to do with him?"

"Let him go."


"Are you deaf? I said let him go." Bastion said so the gaurds let go of him and walked away. "Now... do you mind explaining to me again why you're here?"

"Well... I just wanted to know where you lived because you've never told anyone." Jaden said.

"If I tell anyone where I live that's really my decision."

"I'm sorry." Jaden said as he bowed and Bastion sighed.

"Stop bowing and get in here." He said, and Jaden quickly did what he was told.

When Jaden was fully in the room, Bastion shut the door and Jaden looked around.

"Uh... who's room is this?"

"Mine." Victoria said as she raised her hand.

"And uh... you are?"

"Oh, forgive me." Victoria said, quickly. "Where are my manners? I'm Bastion's little sister, Victoria."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance." Jaden said as he bowed.

"Pleasure is all mine, monsieur." Victoria said as she bowed back. "Please... feel free to take a look around."

"Okay." Jaden said, and started walking around the room looking at all of Victoria's things. "You sure uh... have a thing for Dark Magician, don't you?" Jaden asked when he reached a shelf that was full of different Dark Magician stuff.

"Yeah. He's the greatest duel monster ever." Victoria said as a blush appeared.

"Is it just me or do you have a crush on him?" Jaden asked, and Victoria's blush deepened. "Oh... uh... well-"

"Yeah, she does." Bastion interrupted.

"Bastion!" Victoria whined, which caused Jaden to laugh (very cutely shall I add).

"Hey, Bastion! Can I see your room?" Jaden asked.

"Uh... sure." Bastion said, then stood up and walked towards the door with Jaden right behind him like a baby duck, following it's mother.

'Hmm... I wonder how long it's gonna take Bastion to tell Jaden about the little event that's gonna be happening soon enough.' Victoria thought to herself.

-- In Bastion's room --

Bastion opened the door and let Jaden into the room first before closing the door slilently behind them.

"So... what do you think, Jaden?"

"I love it! It's so... so... so... you."

"That's it?"

"Well... it's neat and clean." Jaden complemented. "I like it a lot."

"Thanks." Bastion said, and before he could even do anything else, Jaden ran over and jumped on his bed.

"This bed is so comfortable."

"Don't get too cozy, Jaden. You're gonna have to go home soon." Bastion said, and Jaden sat straight up.

"What? I don't wanna leave."

"Jaden..." Bastion said, slowly.

"Please, Bastion, I wanna stay. Just for the night. Please."

"I don't really think that that's the best idea, Jaden."

"Why not?"

"Because... I just don't think that it's the best idea in the world is all."

"Bastion... are you hiding something else from me?"

"Jaden... I don't... exactly know how to tell you this, but I'm... I'm..."

"Yeah? You're what?"

"I'm getting married."

"What?!" Jaden yelled (not in a mad kind of way though) as he stood up. "When?! To who?!"

"At the end of the summer and as to who... I don't know. It's an arranged marriage. My parents are setting the whole thing up. That's why I don't like being a prince. I must get married to a girl by my 18th birthday... and that's at the end of the summer."

"You poor thing."

"Huh?" Bastion asked as he turned to face Jaden. "What do you mean?"

"Being forced to marry when you're eighteen. And to make it even worse you're forced to marry someone you don't even know." Jaden said. "I'd run away if my parents ever tried to do that to me."

"Yeah, but I couldn't run away if I tried. I'm watched like a hawk." Bastion said, and Jaden sighed, sadly.

"I don't want you to get married." Jaden whispered, and Bastion heared, but didn't actually hear what Jaden said.

"What was that?"

"I said I don't want you to get married." Jaden said, louder this time.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to loose you, Bastion."

"Why not?"

"Because... I... I..."

"Yeah? You what?"

"I just don't want you to. You're one of my bestest friends, Bastion. And I really like you a lot."

"How much?"

"Truefully... I like you as a possible brother."


"And... I love you." Jaden said, and looked away.

"You love me?" Bastion asked, and he saw Jaden nod, slowly. "For how long have you?"

"A while now."

-- That night at around 10:30 --

Jaden and Bastion were still talking when Bastion yawned.

"You're tired? It's only..." Jaden trailed off when he looked at the clock.

"What's wrong?"

"I should of been home a while ago. It's 10:30."

"10:30?" Bastion asked, then looked at the clock himself. "Oh, so it is."

"We've talked all day." Jaden said.

"Sure looks like it." Bastion said as he yawned again.

"I should be getting home."

"But didn't you say that you wanted to stay here over night?" Bastion asked, and Jaden was about to say something when Bastion interrupted. "Whether you do or not I can't let you go out this late at night." He said, then reached for his phone and handed it to Jaden. "Call home. Tell them where you are."

Jaden want to disobey him so, Jaden took the phone and called his house to have his mom answer.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hi mom."

"Jaden Yuki! Where are you?! I haven't heard from you all day and I was worried sick that something could of happened to you!" His mom yelled.

"I'm sorry, mom. I'm over a friends house. Could I stay the night?"

"Well... alright, but I want you back here tomorrow and I want you to be nice."

"Yes, mom. I love you. Bye." Jaden said, then hung up to hear Bastion laugh.

"You're treated like a little kid."

"Please don't laugh at me, Bastion."

"I'm sorry. I really am." Bastion said as he placed a hand on Jaden's shoulder. The sudden contact caused Jaden's stomach to do a backflip.

Jaden reached his hand up and gently grasped Bastion hand and gave it a loving squeeze. He laced his fangers with Bastion's and held his hand for a little bit.

Bastion didn't know what to think about Jaden's reactions. He didn't exactly know what to do about them, but what he did know is that these touches where far more than just brotherly love, which caused Bastion to ask this question to himself. 'Is he in love with me?'

"Jaden?" Bastion asked.


"When you told me earlier that you loved me... what kind of love were you thinking of anyway?"

"I already told you. It's-" Jaden was cut off when Bastion pressed a finger to his lips, gently.

"You can't tell me that you love me as just a brother, Jaden. I'm not stupid and I know where people draw the line at brotherly love. And how can you do this and say that you love me as a brother?"

"Do what?" Jaden asked. (Note: Bastion had put his finger down from Jaden's mouth.)

"You know... how can you touch me like this and say that I'm nothing more than a brother to you?"

"Well, what do you want me to say?"

"Why don't you just tell me the truth already?"

"Well, I can't. Did you ever think that maybe it's hard for me to tell someone that I love them?" Jaden asked, and covered his mouth, but Bastion didn't really notice what Jaden said, and instead responded to it before he even had time to process it.

"Well, that's strange because I wouldn't have any trouble telling you that I love you." Bastion said, then realized what he had just said.

"You do?"

"Well... yeah, I do." Bastion said, slowly, then looked up to see Jaden with tears in his eyes. "What's wrong, Jaden? Was it something I said? Tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing is wrong."

"Then what are you crying for?"

"I'm happy. These are tears of joy." Jaden said as he flung his arms around Bastion and hugged him.

"So am I, but you know... we can never really be together."

"Oh, that's right... you're getting married." Jaden said, and sighed, sadly.

They stayed sad for basically the rest of the night until morning came around.


Awwwww! Poor Bastion-baby! (My own little nickname for Bastion.) He and Jaden both love each other, but because of Bastion's family they can't be together the way they want to be.

Will Jaden and Bastion find a way to be together or will this marriage and Bastion's family break all the love between them? Find out in the next chapter of: The Prince Of Japan! Coming soon to a computar near you! Lol!