Amanda (Me): Camera is up! Spirits are high! We're ready! Action!

-- At the part when Jaden leaves --

Bastion: Do you need me to cry for this, Amanda?

Amanda: No, no. Just be sad.

-- When Farrah attacks Bastion and Victoria --

Farrah: You think you're a king, but now you're gonna die by a puffy outfitted girl. (Pounces on Bastion and begins to fight with him.)

-- Before they enter the dam --

Zane: (Laughs.) No reaction.

Satorious: (Chuckles sarcastically.) That's funny.

-- Random part --

Syrus: (Making an evil face at the camera.)

-- Inside the dam with Jesse and Hassleberry --

Jesse: (Doesn't know where Hassleberry went.) Hassleberry? (Enters a room and realizes that he's locked in.) Hey! Hey! Open this up! I'm locked in here!

-- Inside the dam with Alexis and Atticus --

Atticus: (Forgets his line.) Can you ask me the question again?

-- Another random part --

Hassleberry: (Sticks his tongue out.)

-- Another random part --

Jesse: (Is dancing with Jaden.)

-- When they're making their plan --

Satorious: (Talking to Aster about their future house.) I'd like a bar here, a bar here... I thought we could build a hottub over here. (Looks at the camera.) I'm sorry are we on? Sorry, sorry. (Puts the plans away.)

-- While they're heading into the dam --

Zane: (Turns around and accidently hits Syrus.)

-- Yet another random part --

Satorious: What would that be? That piece of direction?

Aster: (Smiles and shakes his head.)

-- When Farrah first comes into the story --

Farrah: Here I come. I am Farrah. Fear me!

-- Before they go into the dam --

Bastion: Nobody can start making out either.

Jesse: (Puts on handcuffs.) I shall restrain myself.

-- Before they go into the dam (yes, we had to do this scene a lot of times.) --

Jaden: (Giggles.)

Chazz: (Comes out of nowhere and mocks Jaden.)

-- Inside the dam getting ready to shoot the scene --

Amanda: Love struck!

Aster: (Scoffs at me.)

Amanda: Action!

Satorious: (Wraps his arms around Aster's waist and pulls him closer.)

-- Before we start filming --

Lily/Me/Victoria/Jazzmine/Tiffany: Check the dam! Check the dam!

Lily: Everybody now!

-- When Bastion and Jaden are in Bastion's room --

Bastion: Don't get too comfortable, Jaden. You're gonna have to go home soon.

(Long pause.)

Jaden: I know it's my line, isn't it? What? I don't wanna- (Starts laughing.)

-- Random --

Atticus: (Turns around slowly trying to look sexy.)

-- Inside the dam with Bastion and Victoria --

Victoria: (Tries to use the walkie talkie, but it statics.)

-- In Satorious' house --

Zane: I'm slipping on this couch. (Falls.)

-- At the end of the story --

Bastion: (Breaks away from Jaden, laughing.)

Jaden: That wasn't very good.

-- Random --

Satorious: (Starts randomly laughing.)

Aster: (Starts laughing too.)

-- Another random --

Syrus: Even the director has to pay up sometimes.

-- At the part when Bastion comes out wearing the kimono --

Bastion: (Keeps having to redo the part over and over again.) This is ridiculous.

-- At the dam with Atticus and Alexis --

Alexis: (Starts hitting Atticus.) Stop it right now!

-- At Jaden's house --

Bastion: (Exhales deeply.) You look so good. (Laughs.)

-- At the wedding --

King: (Puts the crown on Jaden's head and the camera shows Atticus holding a tray of cookies that had a sign attached to it saying "snack anyone?".)

-- At our drinking night (actors gotta hang loose too) --

Jaden: (Is drunk and singing.)

-- At the dam with Zane and Syrus --

Zane: (Burns himself with the bulb inside the flashlight.) Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

-- The rest are random --

Syrus: (Gets a glimpse of the scene where Bastion and Jaden are having sex and he smiles almost evilly.)

(Next one)

Satorious: You two had sex.

Bastion: (Covers his mouth and blushes.)

Jaden: (Gasp.)

(Last blooper)

Chazz: By the way... we cut.


I know that there weren't many bloopers, but I hope you enjoyed them anyway and if you're wondering where I got them... they're the bloopers from Narnia! So they are not mine. I just changed the characters and I was the director and everything! Everything else is the same!