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"Shawn, all I'm saying is if your dad was secretly blind, we would know it!" Gus said, looking at the ceiling while he talked to Shawn, who was spinning around in his chair and drinking a root beer.

"You never know, Gus," Shawn said skeptically. "You never know." Their somewhat strange conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door of the office. Shawn almost fell out of his chair.

"Gus, business!" he exclaimed. "Quick, go bake some cookies!" Psych had seen no business in the past month or so, and apparently neither had the police station. Shawn had done nothing for the past month except help women who thought their husbands were cheating on them, and that was a thankless, low paying job. "Come in!"

"Hey guys!" Juliet said as she walked through the door. "How's business?"

"Not good," Shawn said flatly. "Please tell me you're here to give us a case."

"Nope," said Juliet. "It's weird; except for the occasional purse snatching, we haven't been getting anything either. But I've got good news. Because business has been so slow, the Chief is letting me go to my cheer camp's fifteen year reunion."

"Cheer camp?" Shawn asked, taking another sip of root beer. "Is that the same cheer camp you told us you killed someone at?"

"I didn't kill anyone!" Juliet snapped. "She lived… and yes, it's that cheer camp. Here's the letter." Juliet handed Shawn a folded up piece of paper, which he unfolded and read out loud.

"'Dear Ms. Juliet O'Hara,'" Shawn read. "'We're excited to invite you to Camp Aitutaki's fifteen year reunion.' How do you pronounce that?" he asked, looking up from the letter.

"Aye-too-tak-ee," Juliet said. Shawn looked back down and continued.

"'We will be revisiting the memories that we shared at our year of cheer camp in 1992, and we will also help coach this year's cheerleaders at Camp Aitutaki. If you can come, please RSVP to Ashley Barkley with the number at the bottom of this letter. The reunion will be held in Topanga, California. We hope you can make it. Sincerely, Monica Worbuck.'"

"Monica was the girl I had some… differences with," Juliet explained. "I don't really want to see her again. But I have to go. If I don't they'll think I'm hiding something."

"Yeah, and now you can brag about the fact that you're a detective," said Gus. "I bet none of the other girls are that successful."

"You're right," Juliet said with a smile. "I bet none of the other girls have jobs that make a difference like mine!"

"That's the spirit, Jules!" Shawn exclaimed.

"Yeah, maybe this'll be fun after all," Juliet said. "I think I'll call Ashley right now." Juliet pulled out her cell phone and took the paper back from Shawn. She dialed the number on the paper and put the phone to her ear.

"Hello, Ashley?" she said. "Hi, it's Julie O'Hara! I just wanted to let you know that I will be able to make it to the reunion… yeah, I'm excited too!... Oh, a personal trainer, that sounds exciting. I'm a detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department… oh, it's not all that great." Juliet was smiling, obviously having fun telling people about her job. "Huh? Bring my husband?" Juliet's smile disappeared and a look of panic crossed her face.

"Uh oh," Shawn said.

"Oh yeah, I'll bring him," Juliet said. "His name? It's… Shawn." Shawn, who was taking a sip of his soda again, started coughing uncontrollably.

"Me?" Shawn asked.

"Okay," Juliet said to Ashley, ignoring Shawn. "We'll be there, I'm sure he'll be glad to help out… Alright, bye!" Juliet hung up the cell phone and looked at Shawn. "Hey Shawn," she said, looking at him with a fake smile. "Could I ask you for a favor?"

"Jules, you know how much I love to pretend to be your husband," Shawn said. "But I can't just drop everything and go to Topanga."

"It's not far away, Shawn," Juliet said. "And what would you have to drop? I know you've got no business."

"That's true," Gus chimed in, earning a glare from Shawn. "Come on, Shawn, it might be fun," he added, excited to have some time away from Shawn.

Shawn sighed in defeat. "How long is this reunion?"

"She said it's a week," said Juliet hopefully.

Shawn sighed again. "Okay, I'll go. But only if we get to have three kids named Shawn Junior, Thaddeus, and Apple."

"Done," Juliet agreed. "Now that I have a good job and a husband, this will be fun!" She had no idea how wrong she was.

I strayed from the plot bunny a little bit... but I really wanted to do something with the Cheer Camp Juliet mentioned in American Duos. Also, does anyone live in/near Topanga, CA? I could use some help. I kind of want to make the camp in a forest type place. Are forests common in Topanga? How long of a drive is it from Santa Barbara to Topanga? If anyone can help me with that, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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