I'm alive!

I'm sure most of you thought I was dead, but I can explain! I was really busy… OK, that was a dumb excuse, but it's true! School got hectic, then over the summer I had a full-time job, and now I'm back in school again. It's hard to find time for writing!

Anyway, when I look back at this story I realize that I've grown a lot as a writer. The whole thing just seems a little rushed, and I keep finding myself thinking about what I would do differently if I were to rewrite the story now. So I actually started rewriting it, and I like the new version MUCH better than the old. So I've decided to take this story down and post a new and improved version.

I deeply apologize to the readers of this story who've been waiting for an update. I know a lot of people out there have really liked this story (it's one of the most reviewed fics I've ever written), and I've grown quite attached to it myself. But the new version is on the way, and it's honestly much better.

The premise of the story is still the same. Shawn and Jules go to Jules' cheer camp reunion, Shawn pretends to be her husband, and crimes start being committed. There will be some significant plot differences, but the idea is basically the same.

I'm not exactly sure when you should expect the new story. I've got quite a bit of it written already, but I want to have a little more done before I start posting. I'll keep this up until a week before I'm ready to post the new version. But you should see it soon, I promise. Keep checking my profile – when I decide when I'll put the new story up I'll tell you there.

Again, I'm SO sorry about this. Please try to understand that I'm only doing this to make the story better. I'm not abandoning the story; I'm just making some improvements.