Summary-What if events happened differently? What if there was another member to the trio? Amber is a young man with an extraordinary ability and the Queen of Ice wishes him dead. Toya, Atsuma and Amber race against time to stop the evil Ice Queen and to also find a way to save their friend Makoto from the Eternal Slumber he was put into thanks to Amber.


Chapter One

Yokohama's Finest

Yokohama City

Enchant University

The soft sound of Atsuma's snoring drifted across the lecture hall but it seemed the professor was either ignoring it or he couldn't tell that one of his students had fallen asleep again. Behind the snoring boy his two friends mentally pleaded with the Gods to wake Atsuma up before Professor Kou asked him a question.

Toya leant forward and whispered to Atsuma to wake up already. A gentle snigger drew his attention to his left where Makoto sat. He was probably pleased about all this. He and Atsuma, although they were good friends, were verbally sparring most of the time. Makoto always wanted to get one up on the silver haired fist fighter.

The one person of this strange group left was the strangest one of all. Amber was sitting directly to Atsuma's left and he was trying to wake his friend up. Amber had become part of their group when he was first found wandering around outside Yokohama with no memory of his life or even his name.

It was Atsuma who had christened him Amber when they first met. The young man had amber coloured hair and eyes to match. He was small in stature and looked fragile at best but his appearance was a cleaver deception. Amber had a sharp tongue and he is fiercely loyal to his friends.

"Atsuma please wake up." Amber pleaded softly.

"No more hamburgers..." the silver haired boy murmured in his sleep.

"20 tablets say he's being chased by giant hamburgers again." Makoto giggled. Toya shook his head.

"He better wake up soon." Toya sighed.

"Toya just let that poor moron sleep." Makoto waved his hand.

"Not even Atsuma deserves the wrath of Professor Kou." Toya replied with a small smile.

"Hmmm." Makoto nodded but he was too busy watching that smile light up Toya's beautiful face.

"Do you think he'll get detention again?" Amber questioned.

"Here comes Kou." Makoto muttered.

"Atsuma!" the purple clothed man yelled as he banged his cane on the desk. Mismatched eyes sprang open and stared at the scowling teacher.

"Oh boy..." Atsuma said sheepishly.

"So you've fallen asleep again during my lecture." Kou accused coldly.

"I'm really sorry Professor Kou." Atsuma apologized.

"Do you find my lessons boring?" the man asked with an icy glint in his eyes.

"N-No it's not that!" Atsuma stammered. "I just...had a rough night last night."

"Single brain cell alert." Makoto muttered.

"Today I shall see your battle techniques." Kou went back to the podium. "Show me what you have learned Atsuma."

"Yes sir!" the vibrant teenager leapt put of his chair.

"If the Gods are listening please let Atsuma make an ass of himself." Makoto begged.

"Don't you think you should forgive Atsuma already?" Amber turned around to face the blond boy. "He only ate your cookies."

"Those were for Toya and he had no right to eat every one of them!" Makoto snapped.

"You know how he gets. His stomach has its own dimension." Toya grinned.

"Still..." Makoto crossed his arms.

"Toya come down here and explain basic combat to Atsuma." Kou yelled.

"My lucky day!" Makoto smiled. "I get to see the finest specimen of man alive beat the snot out of Atsuma."

"Atsuma can hold his own." Amber retorted stiffly.

"You would stand up for him." The blond Enchanter scoffed. "Of course you only do it to get into his pants."

"Shut up!" Amber hissed as his face flushed red.

"Atsuma is clueless when it comes to romance." Makoto pointed out. "At least I'm actually doing something to win over Toya."

"Shut up already." Amber pleaded.

"Whatever you want honey." The watched as the lesson progressed.

Atsuma was thankful to be out of that stuffy classroom. Stretching his arms over his head he sucked in fresh air from the corridor then made his way towards the cafeteria. Students were coming and going along the main central tower of the school and lunch hour was always a gathering time for the student body.

Atsuma scowled when he entered the cafeteria only to see members of the A-3 sitting at a table near Toya. The A-3 had made it their mission in life to make Atsuma's time here a living hell. The blamed him for his influence over Toya, the best student in the University.

Atsuma was part of the freak crowd of the school. His red and green mismatched eyes along with his strange hair colour and magic destroying arm made him a school outcast. Toya was the most popular boy in the school. He excelled in all his classes and he was already one of the best Enchanters in the city.

His skill with a spear was unmatched thus far and there were whispers that great things were expected of him. Atsuma wished that people would just leave his best friend alone. Then there was Makoto. The gorgeous blond could probably have any girl he wanted in the school. Too bad he was blatantly gay and a cross dresser at that.

He was wearing his favourite outfit today along with the usual eye shadow, mascara, aquamarine nail polish and pink lipstick. His glossy blond hair was curled slightly at the ends and the shampoo he used gave it that extra shine. Of course he's only had eyes for Toya since the day that met.

Atsuma wasn't sure how Toya felt but it was obvious that Makoto really cared about the dark haired guy. Atsuma smiled brightly when he caught sight of Amber and the boy smiled back. To put it simply Amber was a complete enigma.

He had been found last year just outside Yokohama City by the dock workers. He had been naked and wandering around in a daze. When he had been brought to the University he couldn't remember his own name or his life. All he could remember was waking up outside the city.

It had been an accident when Atsuma met the strange boy. Members of the faculty were escorting him across the school and Atsuma had been running to catch a late lunch. What made this boy exceptional to the school was when Atsuma touched his arm and his Enchantment abilities weren't destroyed.

After running into him for the first time the strange boy quickly wanted to be Atsuma's friend and the adults had to agree. Atsuma had given him the name Amber and he has been using it ever since as a means of identification. Amber was sitting along with Atsuma and Makoto at their usual table. Atsuma quickly ordered his lunch then went to join them. When the silver haired boy caught sight of the lunch Makoto had made for Toya he suddenly felt even hungrier.

"If you even think about eating any of this I will personally hang you from the ceiling by your testicles." Makoto warned.

"Ok, ok." Atsuma held up his gloved hands.

"You can share my lunch if you want." Amber held out his meal.

"You're too good to me Amber." Atsuma smiled brightly as he ate the food.

"You can be such a pig." Makoto sighed. He glanced over his shoulder to see Professor Kou making his way across the cafeteria. "Don't even think about skipping classes today."

"Why would I do that?" Atsuma asked innocently.

"Because it's the festival today." Amber drawled. "You've only been begging me to go with you for the last two weeks."

"Oh is that today?" Atsuma asked through a mouthful of burger.

"Don't even think about it." Makoto warned. "I'm not going to be dragged into another of your crazy ideas. Remember the last one? I had detention with that upper class man. That pervert has wandering hands."

"You broke his wrist." Toya pointed out.

"So are we going? We'll only be cutting class this once." Atsuma asked.

"Atsuma you cut classes twice a week." Toya sighed.

"I'd like to see this festival." Amber spoke up. Atsuma flung his arm around Amber's small shoulders.

"See now this is a true friend." A bright grin adorned his face.

"I'm not listening to you this time." Makoto crossed his arms. "What about you Toya?"

"Well..." he looked thoughtful for a moment and then Atsuma used his ultimate weapon. The kicked puppy dog look. "I'll go just this once."

"Fine then I'll go to." Makoto growled. "I'm not leaving him with you."

"Awesome but I've gotta take Cota his lunch first." Atsuma grabbed the leftovers from the table.

"So what should we do about the festival?" Amber questioned.

"We'll meet up at the South Gate. I've got a plan." Atsuma got up and ran out of the cafeteria and into the sweet smelling garden.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this?" Makoto moaned painfully.

"Well Atsuma does get into trouble often enough but we always have a good time right?" Toya pointed out.

"Then let's go." Amber grinned and made his way to the South Gate.

"That boy's got it bad." Makoto put his chin in his hands.

"Come on." Toya laughed as he and Makoto left the cafeteria.

By the time Atsuma had met up with his three friends he was already going over his plan. Basically he would fight his way through until he got out into the Trade District of the city where the festival was being held. Toya knew that this was a bad idea but he said nothing and instead helped to find a way past the members of the A-3.

They were in the main hall in the south wing of the building when a few of the A-3 students cornered them. Before the fight even began it was over thanks to Amber. The honey haired boy moved fast and knocked out the three students before they could even summon their Golems.

"That was awesome Amber. You never cease to amaze me with your fighting skills." Atsuma smiled brightly.

"Well it's thanks to you guys I even know how to fight." Amber blushed.

"Let's go before a teacher turns up." Toya ran towards the large stone door.

"We're gonna have so much fun." Atsuma laughed brightly as he ran out of the building and into the district.