If Clockword was gay

Cockwork(if he was gay that is)

THis is a true story about clockwerk being a fag.

Clockwerk was with the fiendish five at the lava base.

"Where is clock werk?" panda king said. clockwerk came in. he was not silver any more he was purple.

"Hello eveyone." he said in a gay accent.

"uh hi clockwerk." dimitri said.

"you all look sssuper!!!!!" clockwerk says.

"I have some thing to tell you all. i am gay now. you will call me COCKwerk," clockwerk said.

"fuck you, i'm done with the fiendish five." mugshot said.

"oh , we're called the FABULOUS FIVE NOW!!!!!!!!" COCKwerk said.

"you suck you gay fag." ms. ruby said.

"ssssstop being such a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" COCKwerk said.

COCKwoek was sued for being gay.

"that ssssssssucks." COCKwerk said.

he got the death sentence along with kaiser snot, gamecubeprofeserANAL, raco faggooper, orgnkat, adverk,chocalateholic, and silverguard22, becasue they were gay.


there was a BIG FUCKING CROWD. sly was in the 4th row, section 8.

they exploded. everyone died but sly.

"but...how!!!??!" sly said.

everything was fucking gone. there were planes flying around.