100 fic challange

Author: animefanqueen (afq)
Title: Introduction
Characters: L, Light, Teru, Misa, Near, Mello, Matt
Disclaimer: I do not own death note or any of the characters, if I did then misa wold have died eons ago and there would be oodles of slash.
Warnings: there is an oc character in here, but it was necissary
Spoilers: contains the real names of all of the main characters.
Summary: crack fic. many DN characters going to group tharapy for their problems and introducing themselves.

"Welcome to the first day of group therapy. I would like all of you to introduce yourselves. Tell everyone your name and a little bit about yourselves." The therapist said to the group of seven. "Would you please start out L?"

"My name is L, just L. I-"

"L hunny, will you recite your last name please?" The therapist said in a sweet but demanding voice.

"Fine. My name is L Lawliet. I am a detective and my goal in life is to hunt down and kill kill Kira. I love sweets and hate socks."

"Very good, Light you're next."

"I am Light Yagami. I enjoy tennis, love justice, and hate evil. I am also a megalomaniac mass murderer with a god complex."

"I knew it!" L and three other men yelled.

"May I remind you all about the contract you signed." The therapist said. "What hapens and is said in therapy stays in therapy." The four boys groaned in disapointment. "Next please."

"My name is Teru Mikami. I am a lawer and I will do anything that my god asks of me." He eyes Light. "I will kill anyone that god commands me to." His eyes travel to L and back to Light. "I am gods biggest fan. ALL PRAISE KIRA!"

"I am Misa Amane. Misa loves Light, Kira, pink, frills, jewlery, fluffy things, plush toys... and Misa loves Kira much more than Teru does."

"That is not possible little girl. Kira calls upon me and I carry out his biddings daily."

"So dose Misa. Plus Misa gets to be intimate with Kira."

"Will you two shut up before this becomes a blood bath?" The therapist growls. "Next."

"My name is Nate River but I prefer to be called Near. I don't get intemidated easily and I love toys... a lot. I also adore L, he is my hero. Oh, and Mello sucks."

"My name is Mihael Keehl but I go by Mello. I am addicted to chocolate and I run my own mafia. If everyone in this room were to die the only person I would mourn would be my best friend Matt... and maybe L too. Maybe. By the way, Near I do not suck, you do."

"I'm Mail Jeevas but if you call me that you'll get a bullet in the head, so call me Matt. I chain smoke, I'm in love with videogames, and I have a gun and will use it if you piss me off. Shooting things is fun and the only person I will never shoot to kill is Mello."

The therapist jotted down a few things in a notebook and looked up at the group. "You all did very well today. Our next meeting will be on thursday. Please try not to kill yourselves or get imprisoned by then."

Authors Note: i decided to take down the thing i labled 100 fic challange (since I'm obviously not going to do it) anyway, i hope you liked