Title: Love
Pairings/ Main Characters: L/Light
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I do not own death note or any of the characters, if I did then misa wold have died eons ago and there would bee oodles of slash.
Warnings: yaoi smut
Summary: quick little drabble, L centric, his thoughts on his and lights 'relationship'

"I love you." Light whispered into L's ear as they moved as one in a rythmic patteren.

L knew these words ment nothing. He knew that Light was lying. L didn't care, nothing the younger man said mattered to him right now. The only thing that mattered was Light's body and what it was doing to his.

Forget Love, it had nothing to do with what L felt when it came to Light. It was all pure lust. Light was L's favorite sin.

Author's Note: If this was to short for you, get over it... I labled it a DRABBLE for a reason