TITLE: Aren't we mister daring?
AUTHOR: Sakuraxkisu
FANDOM: Naruto
PAIRING: Uchiha Sasuke/Haruno Sakura
TABLE: #5 Light
PROMPT: #3 kisses
1,106 words
SUMMARY: The first dare you do is always the best one.
NOTES: AU and OOC Characters; from Sakura's POV.
DISCLAIMER: The anime/manga series Naruto are the property of Masashi Kishimoto.





I remained safely seated in this cold, leather single seater, trying to keep a straight face at the sight of Naruto's childishly adorable face turn shocked, his eyebrows furrowed together and mouth in a big "O".

"Sas–Sasuke–teme?!" Naruto spluttered, whilst Sasuke smirked haughtily, "You can't dare me not to eat ramen for a month!"

"I just did," Sasuke deadpanned, his tone of voice slightly exasperate, but the triumphant smirk still on his face, "Baka."

Naruto growled at him, ready to completely lose his rag and pounce on him at any moment.

Sometimes, their pointless arguments could be hilarious –when you weren't involved in them, mind you (!)– as long as they weren't rasengan-ing or chidori-ing the other persons' ass.

(Well, not the ass, more like the chest, but you get my point.)

However, this time, their was a slight point to it.

You see, the whole thing started off, when Naruto decided it would be "Utterly hilarious" to see the "teme" (Sasuke-kun) doing his dirty work –To which the "teme" glared viciously at said idiot–. And, the glaring soon lead to more glaring, which then lead to Naruto's utterly haphazard and equally slow mind getting a light-bulb-worthy idea; They should play dares.

And, what's more shocking, is that Sasuke-kun actually agreed to it.

Which has lead to the current situation at hand.

Naruto decided to be "fair" and give Sasuke-kun the first dare, which was for Naruto to not eat ramen for a month (which is pretty harsh, but I guess he deserves it. Sort of.)

And, currently, Naruto had started mini-argument, for umpteenth time.

(Naruto: "You bastard!")

(Sasuke: –Deathglares–)

Which was not turning out to be as hilarious as I thought it'd be.

Sasuke-kun was saying nothing, and using those captivating yet spine tingling in-more-ways-than-one sable orbs to glare holes inside of Naruto's body.

As for Naruto…Well, let's just say he was being his usual retard yet utterly loveable self.

(Though I'm not surprised Sasuke-kun doesn't think of Naruto as loveable.)

(Sasuke: Shut it, Dobe.)

(Naruto: TEME?!)

I let out an exasperate sigh, as I hear the same argument I've been given the honour of hearing for the last 4 years, before getting up.

"Ja ne," I quickly murmur, flashing a smile – to which Sasuke 'Hn'-ed and Naruto stared at me curiously, before smiling deviou—I-DON'T-LIKE-THAT-SMILE!

I walk away briskly, before I could hear, or see, what Naruto was going to do.



I was busy sorting out Tsunade-shishou's papers –DAMN THAT LAZY BITCH!– whilst she was out, most likely drinking, considering her habits, when I heard a knock on the door.

"Hai?" I stated, looking up and cursing when I heard the papers in my hands fall to the ground.

I hear the door open swiftly, as I quickly gather the papers in my hands.

"Well, what do you want?" I ask the person in a rather rude manner –I'll apologise later, papers now!–, quickly re-shuffling the papers into the correct order, waiting for the person to speak.

The person hadn't spoken for 30 seconds, I noted, as I quickly got up and placed the papers on the desk.

"Well, what do you wa—"

My words were cut off, as the person grabbed me by my arms and…


The person was kissing me; oh god, this is just like one of those cliché romance stories I've read about, when the stranger kissing the main female protagonist turns out to be a sexy god, who then claims their undying love for the heroine, marries her, and impregnate—I WAS BEING KISSED BY A STRANGER?!

Even though my eyes were open, I couldn't make out the person's face; I could see a few sable strands of hair, and long dark eyelashes that reminded me of Sasuke-kun's eyela—

Wait a second…

I looked harder at the person, until…





Sai was kissing me…!


Sai was kissing me…?

Sai was kissing me…?

Sai was kissing me…?

Sai was kissing me…?!

Wait a second; Sai, as in the new guy who had virtually no social skills save romantic skills, was kissing, kissing, kissing me, when he can't even interact with me without making me angry…!?

I couldn't help but gasp, opening my mouth; Sai was KISSING ME?!


Wait a second…






He was frenching me!

(And he was doing it pretty well, at that!)

I felt his mouth leave mine, moving all around my cheeks, before moving downwards towards my neck, leaving a trail of saliva all around my face and neck.

His eyelashes tickled my neck, as I wrapped my arms around his upper arms, his arms already around my waist.

I couldn't help but whimper and moan softly; where had Sai learned to kiss like this? Do they have kissing classes or something in England?

I heard him moan softly, his voice sounding strangely alien to me.

I then felt a sudden cool feeling around the small of my back…

Wait one goddamn second…

His hands were going up my shirt; what, did he like me enough to do this sort of thing? I mean, if he even liked me, why the hell does he call me hag—OH MY GOD HIS HANDS ARE GOING UP MY SHIRT?!

(And god, they're cold!)

I quickly reopen my eyes, upon my short wakeup call, and pushed him away from me, stumbling back a few steps, as did he.

And, when I finally opened my eyes, they needed a lot of rubbing…

I mean: since when did Sai have spikey hair? And colour in his face? And all black clothes? And eyes, which reminded me of Sasuke-kun's ever-so-mesmerising eyes…






And, he was quite a sight, at that; a red tint to his cheeks, messy hair, a few buttons ripped off his shirt –oops– and the zipper of his trousers were slightly undone.


"Sas…Sasuke-kun…!" I said hoarsely, finally realising how hot my cheeks were.

Honestly, I didn't know what to say after that, other than OHMYGODMYLIFELONGDREAMHASCOMETRUE!

I just got frenched by Sasuke-kun, yes, The Uchiha Sasuke-kun!

So there was a purpose for my existence (!)

"…Sakura…" He mumbled, –god it was weird to him speak so quietly–.

But, what was stranger was that I had an urge to kiss him.

And I did.

And I frenched him.

And groped him.

And got groped.


I smiled against his lips, before opening my mouth.



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