A short drabble-oneshot for Miss Rosie Real in honor of her birthday. Much love to you, darling. You're an amazing person, and your friendship means more to me than I could ever say.

I'm pissed at him, and I'm pretty sure he knows it.

I can't even remember why I'm mad. Something stupid and thoughtless he said an hour ago that made me want to go out and set fire to a kitten or hex an innocent passerby, just to spite him. And now we're not talking to each other, not looking at each other, not acknowledging the fact that we're sitting next to each other in a meeting room of twenty-something Titans while Robin paces around the head of the table, babbling about something I could really care less about.

He can't expect me to apologize. He was the one who said…whatever it was he said. And okay, maybe I said things back. Maybe a lot of things. I don't remember what. But as I'm sitting here zoning out of a lecture on some uber death ray that I should probably be paying attention to (note the key word 'death' in 'uber death ray'), I can't help but think that maybe that fight just ended our friendship. Maybe I'm out of a friend, a team, and a home, just like that. I'm probably officially back on the streets, cause it's not like I can go back to the HIVE Five, exactly. Supposedly, this meeting goes on for another five minutes before Wally has to go zoom off to the other side of the world to hunt down scientists who might build said uber death rays, and I doubt that five minutes will do much. And when the lecture's over and we all go our separate ways, the recent gap between us will probably just grow.

But just as I'm sitting there trying to figure out the fastest way to move out so that I'm gone before Wally gets back from China, even if he hasn't even left yet because the meeting still has four minutes to go, I feel his hand on my knee. Wally's still gazing intently at the charts and diagrams I long ago gave up on attempting to understand, but his fingers are absentmindedly fiddling with a loose thread on the hem of my skirt. Absentmindedly fiddles as he absentmindedly runs his other and through his hair and absentmindedly drives me absolutely insane.

Trying to keep a shred of dignity and hardly willing to give in so easily, I try to remove his hand from my knee, but he only manages to catch my fingers and intertwine them with his own. So I end up just staring at our hands like an idiot while Wally asks an irritatingly intelligent sounding question of Robin and his fancy death ray diagrams. And when he's done sounding smart in front of the class, he squeezes my hand. His attention is still fixated on Robin's presentation.

I've officially never wanted to kiss and slap a guy at the exact same time until I met Wally West.

He just expects this to be over, doesn't he? He thinks that he can just take my hand and everything will be okay.

For some strange reason I cannot fathom, I actually like that he thinks that. I can tell because I can feel myself leaning into him a little more as he releases my hand and wraps an arm around my torso, gently rubbing my side with his thumb.

Finally, finally he tears his eyes off of Robin's death ray thing and looks at me with eyes that ask if we're okay. In response, I kiss his neck as discreetly as possible, considering the other twenty-something Titans in the room. He flashes a smile, and the feeling I get in response tells me that I've fallen way harder than I ever intended, and that I somehow don't really mind that much. The meeting ends but we stay sitting for a moment. Smiling.

Some people say there isn't enough time in life. Personally? I think five minutes is plenty.