Twitches 3

Chapter 1

After they gave their father every thing the sisters started to spend every day with their mom and dad. Cameron would go see their mom and dad and Jeremy, while Alex would go to school, and every thing was going fine until their father saw what he thought was the darkness. He did not say anything because, he was not sure if he should. But, what he could not understand was, how that could be the DARKNESS if he had killed his brother. Then just a few days later their mother saw the same thing. Then she told her husband, and he said "the same thing happened to me." So they decided not to tell the girls.

Chapter 2

That night when Alex got home Cameron said look what I found what is it said Alex? It's a letter from who I don't know lets read it . it said DEAR TWITCHES, TELL YOUR PARENTS THAT THE DARKNESS IS BACK oh! No! we got to show mom and dad but wait Cameron said what said Alex me and Jeremy are going out isn't that great??!! Yeah, said Alex. Let's go all ready. OK!!