(at least a year before movie. AU later on) Jack comes back to visit Evelyn, and this visit could ultimately change the course of his life. (Tagline: 'Cause you know we'll make it through)

Welcome to my first Four Brothers story! I hope you all enjoy it. (This story is also known as (in my mind), in the words of Odysseus of Troy, "Women Have a Way Of…Complicating Things")

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Keep Holding On


Chapter 1 – Rescue

The cold, Detroit wind whipped Jack's hair and his scarf up a bit. Sure, Bobby, Angel, and Jeremiah teased him about his long hair; but part of being a rock star is to look like one. He continued trudging through the rather cold weather towards the Mercer home. Jack knocked on the door, then shifted back and forth a bit as he waited. Evelyn opened the door, looking up as she did so.

"Jack!" she said, slightly shocked but happy. "You should have told me you were coming!"

Evelyn hugged him.

"Sorry Mom," he said, slightly muffled.

"No need to say sorry," she told him, "Come inside before you freeze to death."

The two stepped inside. Evelyn headed towards the kitchen while Jack took his shoes off and hung up his coat.

"It's good to see you son. What are you planning on doing while you're in town?" she called to her son.

"Just…thought I'd visit."

"That's sweet of you." Noise came from the kitchen. "What would you like to eat?"

"Mom, it's almost 11," Jack said a little shocked.


"At night."

"Well, it's not everyday my youngest son comes to visit! I should go make your bed!"

Evelyn was nearly everywhere, making Jack something to eat, making his bed; she was doing almost everything, some of which was unnecessary. Eventually, she sat down and began to talk with Jack.

"So, how's the band doing? Playing anywhere soon?"


"Because if you're playing nearby, you know I'll come, Jackie."

"Actually, we're going to be touring in about a week; opening for a band calledLithium."

"Oh, Jackie, that's wonderful! Where does it start?"



"The state," he said through bites of food.

"How long does it go?"

"About a year."

"I'm so proud of you."


Jack felt kind of relaxed as he smoked his cigarette in the cold weather. The alleyway to the parking for the bar was rather well lit. Snow was lightly falling over Detroit. People came and went through the alley, talking about different things. It felt nice out compared to what he'd experienced in Los Angeles the past few months. Another man and a woman, who looked maybe around Jack's age, came out of the bar. Something seemed…wrong, other than the fact that she was wearing a very short black skirt, a pink shirt with barely any strap to it, a pale white hoodie, and heels. The man grasped her wrist tightly, dragging her to the middle of the parking lot. Jack leaned against a wall as they began to talk.

"What the hell were you thinking?" the man glared at her, pulling her to a stop.

She wouldn't look him in the eye. "That comment was –"

"Shut the fuck up."

"– really sexist."

"What'd you say?"

"It was sexist," she whispered.

He slapped her across the face. Her hand lightly touched the spot.

"You wanna say it again? Break the rules?"

The girl began to turn her body away; she still whispered. "I'm tired of this."

"What you saying now? More bull shit things?"

"It's done. I'm through with this."


"This relationship is over."

She began to walk away; he grabbed her wrist again and yanked her towards him.

"This ain't over until I say it is."

The man began to hit her violently; the girl backed up, trying to hold her balance on the heels. Her back smacked against the wall, sending her crumbling to the ground. He hit her again, pinning her against the wall. Jack frowned; he could no longer ignore it. He dropped his cigarette to the ground, putting it out with his foot, and went over.

"Leave her alone," Jack's low tone broke the repeated hits.

The man looked at him fiercely. "What are you going to do about it?"

Jack had thought about this. He hated violence…but he knew what Bobby and Angel would do. He threw a punch to the guy's face, sending him to the ground. The man shot him another look of hatred and attempted to get up. Jack whipped out his lighter, igniting the flame.

"You wouldn't," the man commented, a look of fear in his eyes.

Jack moved the lighter closer. The man jumped up and stormed off, leaving Jack and the girl alone. He put his lighter away and kneeled next to her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think," she mumbled, her hand on the back of her head.

"Are you sure? Do you need me to call an ambulance?"

"No, no, I'll be fine." She took her hand from her head and began to unhook the straps on her heels, leaning her head to examine the clips on the shoes. Jack caught a glimpse of the back of her head; it was bleeding from the impact with the wall. He stood up and extended her hand.

"Come on."


"Your head is bleeding. You won't make it far alone."

"I'll be fine."

"Please. My mom and I'll get it bandaged up."

After a moment, she nodded. "Okay."

"All right."

She took Jack's hand, the straps of her heels in the other. He gently pulled her up. Jack began to go back to the house, carefully making sure she kept her balance and footing.

"My name's Jack."


When they arrived at the Mercer home, Jack pulled out his key and let them into the house. "Ma? Ma?" he called.

"Oh, you're home Jack. Do you need anything?" Evelyn asked as she came down the stairs. "I didn't realize you had a friend with you. I'm Evelyn."

"Jamie," she smiled.

"Ma, where's the first aid kit?" Jack questioned her.

Jack had Jamie sit down on the couch; Evelyn and he got the first aid kit from the kitchen. "What happened Jack?"

"Her boyfriend was beating her."

"Couldn't stand by and let it happen?"

"Yeah; she's bleeding from the back of her head."

The two went back. Evelyn and Jamie talked as she worked on the wound. Jack observed.

"Well, it looks pretty good," Evelyn smiled and stood up as Jack and Jamie followed suit. "Sweetie, you really should stay the night."

"Oh, thank you, Evelyn, but I really should be getting home."

"You shouldn't be going far with the blood loss. Do you live with your boyfriend?"


"Please just stay the night."

Jamie smiled a little. "Okay."

"Great!" Evelyn's face lit up. "Here, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping." Evelyn took off up the stairs, Jack and Jamie in tow. "Now, I'm going to go ahead and get some sleep, but you two can stay up as long as you like. Good night Jack! Good night Jamie!"

"Good night Ma."

"Good night Evelyn."

Evelyn disappeared into her room, the door shutting behind her. Jack and Jamie stood awkwardly in the hallway for a moment.

"Thank you, Jack."

"No problem. I think I'm going to…head off to bed too."

"Good night Jack.

"Night Jamie."

Jack went into his room; Jamie smiled and went into Jeremiah's room. She looked around for a moment, taking in the sight, then pulled the covers back and crawled in. Within moments, Jamie was sound asleep.


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