She stood there at the deck, even after the two slightly moronic pirates had left.

As she held the locket in her palm, its haunting melody playing softly, tears rushed down her cheeks.

What she had said before- 'He was a man, once.'

"Him still a man," she said to herself, then forcing a laugh. "Just lost..."

She remembered all the nights she had spent weeping for him, for the horrible fate he'd put upon himself.

She sighed as she stared out into the aybss that was once her domain.

Though he was responsible for his own anger and bitterness, she had always felt she had a part in his 'new-found purpose'. She did, after all, break his heart.

But stealing souls as to add to his damned crew... Providing no mercy towards the weak...

She scoffed. A few hundred years ago, he would've rebelled against that very thing.

"He still would. He's...just lost." She shut her eyes tightly and bit her lower lip, a futile attempt at supressing fresh tears.

"My heart will always belong to you." Those words, ever since he'd said them, rang through her head.

She hoped- no, ached, that one day, he would forgive her, and he'd whisper sweet nothings in her ear once more. They would finally be together.


What'd you think? My first attempt at a serious...thing. It takes place right after Pintel and Ragetti want to drop the canonballs on the floating bodies, in case you didn't realize.

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