This, ladies and gentlemen, is the end. You might not have noticed until now, or maybe thought it was a trick of the eye, or anything, but this story is over. Everything in this last chapter is set up for the sequel, which will revolve around Axel rather than Roxas. I want to say, thank you for your support. My school days are officially over until next year, meaning I'll have the whole summer if you want a sequel. It's up to you guys.

So, without further ado, the last chapter to Multiples of 'I Love You'.


"'s true, huh?"

Roxas nodded, not looking at him. He never felt like this before. His heart was breaking into a thousand, million pieces and he knew the only one who could put it back together was the one person he was leaving behind. He looked up when he felt his hand being gripped.

Axel gave a broken smile. "I...understand, Roxy. You have to save your cousin, it's okay...It hurts," the red head ducked down his head and Roxas felt his heart ache. "But it's okay. You're coming back, right?"

Roxas kissed the older teen's knuckles. "Of course I am. I love you, Axel, and as soon as Denzle is healthy, I'm coming back for you."

Axel nodded, still not looking at him. He didn't want the blond to see he was crying, it would make him feel even guiltier. He loved Roxas, more than he ever thought it was possible to love anyone, but at the same time, at least it was now. He wouldn't be able to see him anyway thanks to his Dad.

"Axel," Roxas made him look at him, wiping away the tears falling down his face. "You need to promise me something, okay?"

He nodded. "Anything."

"Promise me, no matter what happens, you'll never end up back here." Roxas whispered. "You'll control them. You're stronger, this is your body. Never have a relapse, not until I come back. Promise?"

Axel nodded. "P-promise."

Roxas hesitated slightly before kissing him on the mouth. They hadn't done so in what felt like forever. He wrapped his arms around Axel's shoulders, letting Axel move him more on to the red head's lap. He wanted the red head to feel what sex was suppose to be like before he went to his Dad's. This was the only thing Roxas could do at this point.

Axel lightly ran his tongue across the blond's lower lip, hands around his waist. It didn't feel awkward doing this. It felt completely natural. They had done it before, and even then it wasn't weird. Not to them. Neither was afraid to touch the other. Roxas parted his lips, letting him enter his mouth.

They both moaned. Axel pulled away, nuzzling the other's ear. "Are you sure?"

Roxas's eyes were glazed over and his face was flushed; he never looked more beautiful in Axel's eyes. "Y-yeah. I'm sure."


"I'm...going to miss you, Riku." Sora whispered.

Riku nodded, somewhat afraid of what he'd say in front of his crush. "M-me too, Sora..."

"But, as soon as I come back, we'll still be best friends, okay?" Sora asked, smiling. "Then we can both go to school and do homework and hang out and...we'll have a lot of fun, okay?"

Riku smiled, though it wasn't anywhere near what the brunette's was. "I'd like that, Sora..."

Sora hugged him, making the silver haired teen tense up. Where had this come from? He hugged him back tightly. Should he tell him? He didn't want to face rejection, or make things awkward between them. All those things he just listed, they could all go away if he opened his mouth. He felt prickling in his eyes and hid his face into Sora's shoulder.


"I-I...I think I might l-love you, Sora." Riku gushed, hugging him tighter. "At first it was just a crush and I ignored it because you were fawning over Axel, but...then you started spending more time with me, and...I-I'm sorry if this makes it awkward, and I know you probably don't feel the same way, but...I had to tell you before you left."

Sora didn't say anything for what felt like forever. "R-really, Riku?"

Riku nodded. "I'm sorry about this, Sora...You can forget I ever said anything-."

The silver haired teen was cut off when Sora kissed him. "I really do like you, Riku. A lot. I can't say I love you, not yet..."

"I can wait, Sora." Riku whispered. "I'd wait forever."

Sora smiled. "Once I come back, we'll make this work, okay?"




Axel looked up. Aeris and Zexion smiled back, though they were fake. They were now that Roxas was gone...

Axel felt a lump in his throat. Roxas was gone. It could be a month, or it could be five years. The disease that Denzle had, it didn't just go away. Maybe Roxas would get so attached to his new home that he wouldn't even bother coming back. That's what scared him the most. He could see the blond finding someone else to love, leaving him here. With his Dad.

"Axel..." Zexion placed a hand on the red head's shoulder. "I'm afraid that it's time."

Axel glanced up at him. "I'm cured, huh?"

"Not fully. You'll never really get rid of the others." the lilac haired man explained softly. "They'll always be there. They might even continue talking to you. But don't worry, huh?" He gave a small smile. "At least you'll never be alone."

Axel smiled. "That's true..."

"We're also releasing Namine and Riku." Aeris whispered. "Namine won't talk still, but her brother wants to take her back, maybe see if he can't help. And Riku...Riku's fine, he just needs someone to look after him."

Zexion nodded. "I'll do it. Demyx was complaining about kids..." He sighed. "Axel, once the three months are over, or anytime at all, you're welcome at my house, okay?"

Axel smiled, tying his red hair back into a pony-tail. "You, be my Dad?"

The shorter male blushed. "I prefer Guardian."

The red head chuckled. "I'd like that, Zex."


"This is where we'll be living for now."

Roxas took a deep breath. Midgar was such a depressing place. It lacked life at all, and so many orphans were on the streets. Maybe there weren't even orphans? Maybe they were just kids whose parents let them run loose and get filthy and couldn't afford to get clean. Many of them had the same disease as Denzle, who had been transported here by Helicopter with Cloud.

"I don't like it." Sora muttered.

Roxas frowned. "Me either."

Tifa smiled. "It's only temporary, boys. Besides, it's not that bad. This is where me and Cloud met, you know."

Roxas blinked. He hadn't known that. Not that it was any his business where Cloud and Tifa met and got married and had Sora and Denzle. They were his parents after all. No, his parents were six feet under at the Cemetery under a huge Sakura Tree.

He hadn't visited them before he he was sorely regretting it.

Tifa led them to the outskirts of Midgar, where it looked a lot more healthier. They came to a large ranch. Sora gaped when he saw the Chocobos. He had only heard of them from Cloud when he was little. Roxas had only seen pictures in textbooks.

"We're staying with an old friend." Tifa explained. "Obviously he owns a Chocobo Ranch."

"What's his name?" Roxas asked.

"Zack Fair."



"Why would he do something so...stupid?"


"Don't touch me."

Zexion backed away, hands up in a peace gesture. "I'm not going to say what he did was smart, or wise, or...anything, but I know why he did it."

Axel shook his head, hiding his face into his legs. He didn't want to hear why. He already knew. But it didn't make it seem anymore real. No, this was a nightmare. He was dreaming. Any moment and he'd wake up and Roxas would be there, and Rufus wouldn't be lying on the floor and covered in blood-

"He did it to protect you." Zexion whispered, placing a hand on the red head's shoulder. "Reno blamed himself for you returning to this Hell Pit, he felt he had to make it right. Axel, can you blame him?"

"Yes!" Axel snapped, wrenching himself out of the other's grasp. "I'd have been fine! I've done this before, Zexion, I know who to deal with him! He was the only thing I looked forward to!" He sobbed. "Roxas is gone...And now Reno, he's gone too."

"He killed your Father for you, Axel." Zexion muttered. "I know you would've done the same thing for him. He'll be back. No one blames him for what he did. Rufus hurt the both of you."

Axel looked at his Dad one last time. He almost laughed. The man who haunted his nightmares, who caused him to be so messed up and who had taken away so much of his life. Who'd have thought he could be so easily killed by a gun? By his youngest son that he never wanted?

Why did the irony make him want to cry? Wasn't this what he wanted?


"Don't worry, yo." Reno smiled over the phone. "Rude's making sure they take good care of me. Course they're relocating me to be Prosecuted, but that's fine. I'll be back and maybe take over Dad's business so you and me and Roxas can be a family, huh?"


"Axel," Reno sighed. "I know you're upset, but...I had to do it."

"I know, Reno. I'd do the same thing..."

The younger sibling smiled at this. "I'm glad that I got to meet you, Ax. You're probably the best older brother...even if you are psycho."

He heard the other snort. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, yo." Reno grinned before frowning a little. "I'm sorry I won't be there for your first day of High School, though."

Axel chuckled. "It's fine. Riku and Namine will be there, so I'm not alone. Even though Riku can't remember a thing about High School, Namine's told us about it."

"You mean written about it." Reno said, rolling his eyes.

"Same thing."


'Dear Roxas,

I fucking hate writing letters. But I guess I'll put up with it. For you. I'm living with Zexy and Dem now. I'm sure you've heard about Dad. Reno's sure he won't go to jail; he deserved it after all. I've been getting phone calls and letters from other people that he hurt too. They'll come to our defense. It feels kinda nice, you know?

'Things are weird now. It's only me, Riku and Namine. Riku's sure that she likes me, but I don't buy it. He's such a pansy. How's where you're living? Zexy said that Midgar's a bad place. I hope it's bearable. Hopefully nothing to get attached to, right?

'I miss you. Riku does too, along with Sora of course. Didja know he confessed to Sora? He's so embarrassed about it. And I got a dog. I'll just put that out there. She's pretty awesome. I almost named her after you, but I figured that'd be weird. Her names Stitches. She's a black Grey Hound. Dem bought her for me.

'Write back, okay? It's bad enough that it could take forever to get Denzle cured. In a week I'm starting High School. Maybe I'll meet some of your friends? I hope so. Hopefully they like me.

'Stitches is eating Namine's crayons, so I gotta go. Love you and see you soon.



And that's a wrap. I hope you all liked it. I know I loved writing this. Thanks for sticking with me through all this. :cries: I've never finished a story before! I think I'll die now! And at four hundred reviews...

Thank you.

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Preview of Sequel

Riku sighed. "He's obsessed. I'm beginning to think that that dumb art class is all he cares about now."

Namine scowled, kicking him in the knee and furiously writing in her notebook. 'At least he can commit to something.'

"What's that suppose to mean?!"

"Easy." Axel cut in, placing an arm on Riku's head, much to the other's annoyance. "Ever since Sora left, you can't stick to anything!"

Riku went to bite him but missed. "Says the guy who draws Roxas every five minutes."

"Oh, thanks for reminding me. My five minutes are up."




The End.