Sailor Mew Mew

Chapter 1- School Transferees

(Corina and Zoey)

In a mansion in downtown Tokyo Corina Bucksworth was in her room working on ballet when her Nana came in.

"Corina?" she said.

"Yeas Nana?"

"I have some good news for you; first of all you won't be going to your school anymore."

"Huh?" Corina gave her a confused look.

"Because you've been accepted into Mugen Gauken Academy" She gave her granddaughter a warm smile.

"Mu-Mugen Gauken?! The school for the gifted? Really?"

Her Nana nodded. "Here's the letter" Corina took from her and read it over.

Dear Miss. Corina Bucksworth

Due to your exquisite ballet talent and intelligence you are here by accepted into Mugen Gauken Academy for the gifted we look forward to seeing you.

Dr. Tomoe

Mugen Gauken owner

"Yes!" Corina said and she began to twirl around "I'm going to Mugen Gauken!"

Meanwhile on another side of town Zoey Hanson was talking to her parents. "A t-t-transfer?" she said.

"Yes" her parents said "Juban is a great place for you" her mom-Sakura said.

"But why?" Zoey whined "what's wrong with my school?'

"Nothing we just think that this school is a good place for you and it's a little closer."

"Whatever!" Zoey said and went into her room and layed on the bed. "It's no fair Mini Mew I didn't do anything."

"Not Fair! Not Fair!" Mini Mew said.

Zoey sighed.

Two days later Corina woke up happy. "Today's the day!" she said and went to her dresser where she had layed out her new school uniform: a long sleeve dark red shirt with a black sailor collar and a green skirt with blue stripes on it and a matching bow on the front of the uniform. She looked at herself then went to work on her hair putting it up into its usual twin bun style. After she was done she looked at herself again, "Okay Mugen Gauken! Here comes Corina!"

While she did this Zoey woke up feeling a little depressed. "I can't believe it transferred!" She went to her dresser and glumly put on her new uniform: a long sleeve white shirt with a blue sailor collar and red bow on the front, with a matching blue skirt, and then she tied up her hair and made her way downstairs.

"Good morning Zoey!" her mom said.

"Yeah, yeah" she sat down and her mom placed a plate of eggs, bacon, and a small jelly doughnut in front of her.

"The Jelly's strawberry, your favorite" she kissed Zoey on the forehead.

"Thanks" she looked at it and moved the food around a bit before finally eating it. Then she glanced at the clock and sighed "It's almost time" she said.

Corina, on the other hand was happy when she looked at her clock "Almost time" she thought while eating her breakfast of blueberry pancakes, orange juice, strawberries, and eggs benedict. After breakfast her Nana handed her a new black school bag and they climbed into the limo that would take her to school.

When they arrived at the academy many of the students watched as Corina stepped out of the limo and into the main courtyard.

"Thank you" she told the driver.

"Have a good day" her Nana said.

She nodded and walked off, and then she stopped and looked around at her new setting it was beautiful, the trees and flowers really added to the essence of the place. Then she took out her schedule and looked at it "So let's see building 2 class 1-B" she muttered to herself before walking on, she walked a little while, stopped, and glanced around. She did this several times before giving up. "Oh I'm lost" she admitted to herself "That's just great!" She looked around some more then went over to another girl and tapped her "Uh excuse me?" she said. The girl turned around, she had shoulder length aqua hair with a black headband, and beautiful cerulean eyes "Yes?" she asked.

"My name's Corina and I'm new here, so I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find building 2 class room 1-B."

The girl smiled, "Well I'm going that way anyway so I can take you."

"I'm fine" Corina said.

"Really?" the girl looked at her.

"No" Corina said.

"Right then I'll take you."

"Fine" Corina followed her and they talked "I told you my name so what about you?"

"My name's Michelle" she told Corina.


Then there was a call from behind them "Michelle wait up!"

Both girls turned around Corina looked at the boy coming towards them; he had short blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. "Huh, he's a good looking guy" Corina said.

Michelle looked at her as the boy came up "Uh Corina, Amara's a girl."

Corina blushed slightly. "Oh, I- sorry" just then "Amara" came up to them.

"Hey Michelle, who's this?"

"This is Corina she's new here."

"Hey Corina, I'm Amara."

Corina looked her over, "Uh, not to be rude but you look like a boy."

"It's okay, and let me guess you thought I was a boy." Amara said

"Well- I- uh why are you asking me that anyway? My opinions are my own!" she crossed her arms.

Amara laughed "Very well then, what are you doing with her?"

"She's helping me" Corina said quickly.

"Right Corina's sort of lost and she asked me to help so..."

"So come on!" Corina finished.

Michelle sighed and all three continued walking.

-Meanwhile Juban

Zoey was in the hallway looking around. "I don't like this one bit" she said to herself. Then she walked into her class room, the teacher looked at her and Zoey gave her a note. "So you're our new student, class meet our new transferee."

"Hi, I'm Zoey Hanson" she said.

"Okay Zoey you can sit over there" she pointed near the middle of the room, "the student next to you will share textbooks until you get your own."

Zoey walked over and sat down.

"Hi" said the girl next to her. Zoey looked at her she had long blonde hair in two pigtails with two buns on the top and big blue eyes. "I'm Serena!"

"Hi" Zoey said.

Serena looked at her, "You seem upset" she said "I know! Why don't you sit with me at lunch later? It will give us a chance to talk"

"Fine" Zoey said.

Later at lunch Zoey went with Serena in the courtyard where they met up with another girl who had short blue hair and blue eyes. "Hi Serena, who's this?"

"This is-uh, Zoey right?"

Zoey nodded "I'm new here."

"Well Zoey I'm Amy, sit" Zoey did and they all started eating.

"Lunch is the best! Are you gonna eat that?" Serena motioned toward Zoey's delicious looking strawberry cake.

"Uh yeah but you can have a piece" she spilt it and gave each of them a piece.

"This is amazing!" Serena said "where'd you get this?"

"Oh at my work Café' Mew Mew."

"Café Mew Mew?" I've never heard of it Amy said.

"Well then I can take you after school if you want, it really is a good place" she said.

"Let's go for it!" Serena said.

Zoey giggled "Maybe this will be a good school" she thought.

A/n: Okay what do you think? Also I'm using the Mew Mew dub names in this but I will use the orginal Japanese phrases for transformation and attacks. Though some of the attack names will be changed I'll do it like if I was dubbing it does it make sense? Also Reviews appreciated just not flames!