Chapter 16-The Last Chapter

"The Silver Crystal" Sailor Moon said, taking it out of her broach, it proceeded to light up…

"What is that?" Zoey asked.

"The silver Crystal it has more power than the chalice it can power us both up" the Sailor Moon Stood up and Zoey Followed.



"Crisis Power!"

The light from the Crystal transformed them both, now they were both in there super forms, and had more power then the chalice could ever give.

"What's that light?" Dren asked, as both were covered in a pink and white light.

Both girls looked at their fallen friends and the civilians, and then up at Dren.

"You see what you've done here?" Mew Zoey asked.

"Not only have you hurt our friends, but you've hurt innocent civilians in the process." Sailor Moon told him.

"You have no heart, and if you do it's only focused on evil" Mew Zoey told him.

"You even take the hearts of those to strengthen it."

"Mimete may be evil but she doesn't deserve this."

Then Both Girls held out their wand, they knew with their combined power they could get rid of this Predicite and Dren for good.

"Rainbow Strawberry-Moon Heartache!" They said together as they combined their weapons.

"What?" Dren said as he was surrounded by a multi colored light, it wrapped around him and the Predicite. The instant it hit the Predicite the infusion and Mimete's spirit were released, as were all the heart crystals.

When it succeeded Dren faced the two girls again, and the heart crystals returned to their proper owners, but now he could see the damage it caused, and all that was left wasn't victory, it was the ashes of evil.

"Can you see it now?" Mew Zoey asked. "Victory…tastes like ashes." (1)

"I see, but don't think I won't return" Dren said as he teleported away with his two comrades.

Then all the other Mews and Mimete started to wake up "okay…" Mimete said "I'm outta here!" and she ran.

Mew Zoey and Sailor Moon smiled at each other then the power receded and they both fell.

"Guys!" their friends said as they rushed to them.

"The silver crystal" Sailor Mercury said as she picked it up and it went back to Sailor Moon.

"What?" she said when she and Zoey got up.

"You saved us" Tuxedo Mask said.

"All of us" Blue Knight said.

Both girls looked up to the sky "and we might have saved someone else too…" Zoey thought.

-2 weeks later-

Zoey: It's been 2 weeks since the huge battle, and things are calming down.

-Serena and come of her friends actually work Part-time at the café now.

-We've gotten the outer senshi to trust us

-And Dren's been gone for a while

At the Café' it was a usual day-only with Scouts. Serena, Rini, Lita and Raye had taken up jobs at the café and were doing pretty well.

"So how long do you think he's gonna be gone for?" Serena asked Zoey.

Zoey shrugged "I don't know, as long as he's gone I'm happy."

"And here's another question-if he's gone how come we haven't broken up."

"Because you might still need us and we can help." Zoey said and Serena nodded.

"Besides we all know" Rini started.

"That the Mews" Kikki said.

"And the scouts" Raye said.

"Are friends until the very end!" Everyone said together.

Zoey: The other reason is that we have a permanent alliance now, and we can always be there to help, even if new enemies arise.

Serena: We're a combined force, the saviors of the city…

Zoey: We are

Zoey & Serena: Sailor Mew Mew

Fighting evil be moonlight

Winning Love by Daylight

Never running from a real fight

They are the ones called Sailor Mew Mew…

A/N: And that's the end of the story! I hope you've enjoyed it! Oh and the (1)-that line was said by Derek Wildstar in episode 24 of Star Blazers.

Serena: Bye!

Zoey: See Ya!

Scouts: Join us on our next adventure: Mermaid Melody: Moonlight Pitch!

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