Hi guys! About the Edward being drunk thing.. yeah I know it cant happen. BUT It would be funny. I think its funny. But then im weird. Well, im always in a weird mood when I write these fan fics! I am working on a very serious one though, it should (Hopefully) be vair romantique. This chapter is quite short (sorry if you wanted a long one!) , but women can be very scary, as Kenshin (dont worry if you dont know who he is) once said. And I dont wanna find out if that applies to the Math teachers. Ciao!

"Hahahahahaha" I couldn't stop laughing it was THAT funny! "Isabella, what happened to you today"

"Promise you won't get mad"


"I ummm ran into Mike, erm literaly, and then"

He rolled his eyes. But I just carried on giggling.

"Bella?" My, my! Who turned into Mr. Impatient?

"Oh yeah..." And I continued..

XD Flashbackk (sorry I keep writing these!)

"Crap, Who did I fall on?!" I moaned

"Me" Faithful golden retriever voice, recongise it anywhere. Uh oh. Im so lucky Edward isn't here, if he saw the postions Mike and I were in right now..Mike would have to go into witness protection. Honest.

"Mike! Oh! Im so sorry" I said quickly getting up

"Oh its fine.. umm Bella?"

"Yes?" Please let him not ramble on for hours. I want to see Edward!!

"W-Would you like to umm go see a movie..tonight" I'd rather him rambling on for hours now!

"Ka?" Wtf?! Ka??!!! He looked at me like I was an alien from planet Zob.

"Is that a Ye-?"

"NO! I mean..No...Edward.." I said shaking my head, gosh i felt so bad. But what was he doing? He knew me and Edward were together...why?

"Bella" He said taking me hand "I'll wait for you" Then he gently let go of my hand, and walked away from me.


Looking back, I found it hilarious! But then I looked at Edward. Uh oh, angry vampire alert. Edward was growling, wow he has such a sexy growl..it kinda turns me on...Wtf?! Bella, now is not a great time to lose it.

"Edward, I have no idea what was going through his head..but i love YOU. Y-o-u, okay"

"Yes, but he asked you to wait for him" He added angrily

"Yes I know" I said dreamily

"Bella! Why are you blushing?"

"Me? Blushing?"


"Oh it was probably something you did" Now, that was very easy to believe.

He stared at me for a moment before settling back down. I sighed, I liked it when we were like this..but then I didn't. Huh? Why's that?

"Okay, go to sleep. We will talk in the morning"

"Hmmm.. Mike.." I mumbled before drifting to sleep.

Edward POV

"Bella? Did you say.. Mike?"

Noones POV

But she didn't answer, because she was already asleep.

Ohhh!! I love, love triangles! Teeheehee XD We were reading Jane Eyre today, and there are perverted scenes in JANE EYRE. Yes. Like, "She stood erect" and I know that means she stood tall or something but its funny right?! AND "He ajaculated" hahahaha XD AND OMG. Mr Rochester right? HES CALLED EDWARD. I LOVE JANE EYRE NOW!! And we were reading that really passionate scene, and I was just sitting there in love. Even if Mr. Rochester is meant to be really ugly or whatever, you can IMAGINE Edward. Awwwrrr!!!

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