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The house was dimly lit, dusty, and definitely not clean. Yet Edward Elric was there anyway, rather much against his judgment.

It was an eerie setting, almost like a haunted house…so spooky, Ed's brother Alphonse Elric, a seven foot tall empty suit of armor, stayed fairly close to Ed, stepping lightly on the creaky floorboards.

They must have been on the tenth or so floor, because they were so high, the house seemed to rock back and forth in the wind. "Brother…this is really…" started Al.

"It's Colonel Mustang's orders," said Ed in an irritated voice. Unlike his frightened younger brother, Ed sounded bored and hungry, like he did this every day. "There's supposed to be information on the Philosopher's Stone in here, so we should look here. Besides, we have to get a new lead on this thing, right?" he asked, looking back at the suit of armor.

"Erm…" said Al. He wasn't sure if he wanted the Philosopher's Stone if it meant swaying back and forth in a tower that was on the verge of collapsing.

Ed's foot somehow managed to find its way into a small nook on the step, for he fell and landed hard on his chest, causing the whole building to rattle dangerously. Al quickly grabbed the railing on the steps, only to have it crumble away when he gripped it. The building gave a lurch, and soon, Ed was sure he was on his side…but he was right-side up when he opened his eyes.

These little chain reactions were common. Just one little thing that happened could send the precious source of information into pieces and falling down. Ed managed to push himself off the step, brushing his red cloak off. His golden eyes, alert as ever, scanned the horizon of the top of the steps.

"We're almost there, Al!" he said excitedly. Al sighed and followed his brother up the ascent of the stairs, climbing higher and higher as carefully as he could.

"Brother, why are we even in here? What if the information crumbled away along with the rest of this building?" asked Al.

"Oh, relax, Al," said Ed impatiently, hoisting his automail leg up to the top step. "This building is still intact, which means that the answers should be, too." Al stepped as softly as he could off the top step. He even made sure to stand in the middle of his foot, so his weight could be distributed evenly.

"Wow…" breathed Ed, looking around. The library assembled at the top of the rickety old building was small, but it contained volumes that Ed had never seen before. He walked carefully (only with much restraint) to the bookshelf.

The books were crinkled and worn with age, but the information in them looked enormously valuable. Ed trailed a gloved finger down one of the leather-bound spines. Small gold print read, "The Devil's Quest of the Philosopher's Stone."

"This is amazing!" exclaimed Al enthusiastically from another bookshelf. "These books you can't find anywhere else! Look, brother, almost all of them are about the Philosopher's Stone!"

It was true. It was almost no wonder why this person hid these books up so high in the building. Only those who knew the great power of what they were searching for would foolishly risk their necks climbing the ancient house's steps to get there.

Ed quickly got the Philosopher's Stone book and knelt on the ground, propping it open, and began to read. Al had already done the same. The book's prologue seemed to cover everything that Ed and Al had found out over the years…human sacrifices, red water, the Ishbalan method of the Grand Arcadium…

Ed felt his position shift. Confused, he looked up from the book, and realized what was going on almost immediately.

The wind was blowing against the walls so hard, the whole house acted as if it were to fall apart. The room had shifted slightly in its strong bluster. "Oh God…" breathed Ed, realizing that he and Al were in a house that was collapsing.

"Brother…what's going on? Why is the room different? We aren't…we aren't collapsing, are we?" asked Al nervously from the other side of the room. Another strong gust of wind sent the house shifting even more to the side, this time tilting slightly.

"Al…quick…grab as many books as you can and get the hell out of here!" Ed yelled, filling his arms with the priceless alchemy books. Al did the same, dumping as many as he could into his armor. Ed rapidly picked up on this and placed all of his books inside Al, hoping to save as many as he could.

Another tuft of extremely strong wind sent the room shifting even further. There was a splitting sound of wood being separated that gave Ed a thrill of fear. The wood sounded like a gunshot.

"Al, quick! Down this way, come on!" Ed yelled, heaving open the heavy oak doors another stairway. He hoped this one was shorter than the other, which took fifteen minutes to climb up. Al began to move down the steps, tripping over his feet but managing to stay on them. Ed followed, stumbling awkwardly down the steps.

The whole staircase was beginning to crumble. Wood shavings and chips were raining from the ceiling, and there was a sinister creaking noise from upstairs. Ed could only continue to run as fast as he could.

Al suddenly froze when a giant piece of rubble fell in his path. Ed gasped and quickly looked up, only to be met with a horrible sight.

A giant support beam was falling toward him, and before he could do anything there was a sickening crack, and everything went black.


"Sir! There have been reports of the house in which the Elric brothers were investigating finally gave way and is collapsing!" said Riza Hawkeye, bursting in the room and saluting her superior.

Colonel Roy Mustang glanced up from his endless mountain of paper work, an expression of worry quickly flooding his features. "It's collapsing? Are they still inside?"

"It's a safe bet," said Riza. "There have been no sightings of them after they had entered, so they may be still inside."

"Quick, get a rescue team. We may not reach it in time, just gather one as fast as you can and be ready to help them. Our first priority right now is keeping those boys alive," he said, getting up from his seat and grabbing his white spark gloves. "I'll be down there already though, so meet me there."

"Yes, sir," Riza said calmly, her business-like attitude at things keeping her at somewhat ease. Although, she was as worried as much as Roy was for the boys' fate.


When Roy arrived at the house, he none too soon realized he was almost too late.

The house was swaying back and forth, and one section of it had already caved in. Without hesitation, Roy pulled on the spark gloves, and snapped his fingers together, aiming as low as he could. He could only assume the Elrics were at the library on the top floor, so he aimed low just to stay safe, but away from the base of the building.

At once, the lower section burst into flames. They slowly crept wider and wider, until a large pile of rubble fell in to feed the fire, followed by another, followed by another.

Riza had gathered the rescue team, and they were running on to the field as fast as they could, anxious to start their search for the boys. Civilians were gathered all around the house as well, curious as to why the old thing decided to break while the two poor boys were in it.

Roy could only hope that the Elrics were in there, safely.


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