Code Geass: The Realm of God

Chapter 01: V.V.

Writer: Asheron Karuma

Set after the season final!

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Yay a new story, something I wanted to write in a long time, of course it's a boys love kind of story, but don't worry about that aspect too much since I wont do it too detailed, for now everything is still cool so I wont move it there yet, right now it sets off right after the episode special

The first part is something that might happen in the future, so it has nothing to do with the situation at this point, enjoy and R&R if you have time, a writer always appreciates a review

-The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth-

Chapter 01A: The position of King

A contract... by the time I initiated it, it only meant only a pathway to the road I wanted to take, to stain my hands with the blood of those responsible for a murder that happened a long time ago, yet to me it always seemed that it took place yesterday, I could never forget it...
I stood helpless on the steps of the stairway as the blood dripped down my face, the silent screams that my younger sister was making towards the dead corpse that surrounded her as a shell for protection were the only sounds that went through my mind at that time, and I could never forget it...

The consequences that came after... a former Prince banished to walk the land of a country that was soon to become a battlefield... Japan... never did I thought that I would smile ever again... yet the only friend I had in that time made sure I wouldn't forget how to laugh and experience happiness... Suzaku... and in the middle of paradise a war broke out... Area 11 is what remained... yet little did we know about the reason for assault... we didn't care about it, nor did we know... we found out later and it still makes me feel as if I am to blame for everything... was I only brought into this world to bring misery and death to those that surrounded me?

The position of King... I hated that word... I never wanted to grow up being the person my father is... and eventually I grew up to be a little too much like him... it wasn't because of the contract... no it was because of my own shadow, the shadow of a person that wanted to bring peace and happiness to one person and to bring down all who opposed it... Zero... I never quite understood why I picked up the mask... and I never understood why people started to pray to me as a God, not that it matters much now anyway... because those people were right, even if I wanted to proof them otherwise...

I found out about the truth years later.

I smile and look at the person who is holding my hand, Suzaku... even after all these years... after all the bloodshed, love and tears he still holds my hand... but my smile isn't as gentle as I think of it, it is more a smile of sadness because I know what is to come... and for the first time in my life I am actually afraid... not for my own life but for his and the one I am trying to protect... Nunnally...

Suzaku starts asking me something as he tightens the grip around my hand, I can see his mouth moving but I can't hear him... I want to but I can't... I close my eyes shut as I feel tears prickling down the sides of my cheek...

Chapter01B: He whose blood stains this Earth.

The sound echoed through the stone walls when he pulled the trigger, blood drips on the floor as a scream fills the stone hallway, Kallen flung herself at Suzaku and they both hit the ground, from a distance he could hear Suzaku curse and he watches as he kicks her of himself as if she is just a doll with no meaning at all

"This doesn't concern you Kallen!"

"Zero... no Lelouch, I can't let you kill him... after all this fighting... I don't want to die!"

She yells those last sentences with despair and she starts to cry, Suzaku doesn't respond and gets up again but just as he looks at his friend he notices the blood dripping down his shoulder...

The gun was still in his hand, Lelouch never pulled the trigger instead he lowers it and looks at the ground with a sad expression, but an expression that also shows confusion as he silently ponders to himself why he couldn't pull the trigger even in his enraged state...

He looks at the blood running down his sleeve and looks at the small pile it makes on the floor, for a moment there is silence, the two of them say nothing only the sounds that Kallen emit echo through the hall, Suzaku raises his gun once more and looks at his friend with disgust, Lelouch doesn't have the courage to look back, he looks at the small puddle of blood that started to form underneath him, yet his expression doesn't change

It is when his blood starts to run into one of the streaks cut out of the stone floor that his expression changes, as the blood drips down the small cut out pathway something seemed to activate it, from the spot where it hit the ground inside a soft glow started to emit and slowly it starts to make its way to the door, Lelouch looks at it with shock but soon feels a small sting developing in his left eye, with his other hand he raises it towards the painful area and covers it, not noticing that his geassed eye started to glow up once again, Suzaku simply watches the scene carefully and Kallen covers her ears as she looks at Lelouch, who falls down on his knees, his hand digging further into his skin as the pain becomes worse

The door was the first thing to glow up, but within seconds the entire room starts to glow, Suzaku looks at the runes in the walls, ceilings and even in the room, his look is anxious as if watching something he has seen before, yet he doesn't remember it, the rainbow like glow it emits starts to burn more intense and it is then that Suzaku turns to Lelouch

"Lelouch! Stop it!"

Lelouch doesn't respond, he is slowly losing consciousness due the heavy pain in his left eye and can feel it spreading to his other, Suzaku runs up to him noticing a thin red line surrounding his body and puts his hand on Lelouch shoulder, what he received in return was not what he expected

His eyes widen as he finds himself on top of a set of stairs, the classy hallway in front of him that reminded him of castles he saw in magazines of the Britannia main land and the blood on the floor, noticing something he reaches up with his hand, only to find blood on his own cheek and he hears soft squeals, as if someone is crying, he looks down and is even more shocked to see a woman lying on the ground, a puddle of blood surrounds her as she holds a younger child closer to herself, Suzaku runs down and tries to help, only to find his own hand fading through the body below him, when he hears something else he looks up and stares at the top of the stairs in shock, on top is a young boy who looks very alike to Lelouch, blood covering his cheeks as he looks down below, he is shaking and doesn't move and it is then that Suzaku knows who the girl is in front of him...


He shuts his eyes and as he opens them again he notices a bring light coming from above, he shields it with his arms as he looks around, somehow he ended up in another weird place, yet it doesn't seem like any place he has seen before, he stands up and notices the white stone pathway with water on each side, he turns around and looks around, the sky is yellow and clouded as if he was outside, but the light betrays the scenery it doesn't complete it instead it makes it look more fake than real, he walks down the pathway, past the Greek like pillars on his side until he finally hears something and soon he recognizes Lelouch's voice

"You won't have her!"

Suzaku starts to run up the steps to a platform where he sees Lelouch standing in front of Nunnally, one arm hanging limply to his side and then Suzaku notices the small trail of blood leading up the steps, his gaze turns to Nunnally who is unconscious in her wheelchair and only then does Suzaku look at the perpetrator, V.V.


The young looking boy turns his gaze towards the newcomer and smiles slightly, Lelouch turns around and sees Suzaku, his expression not changing and he glares at him with anger, like a wolf trying to protect her pups

"Kururugi, have you come to see the spectacle?"


Suzaku turns his gaze back to Lelouch and Nunnally, he is confused and wonders what V.V. means by it... the person who took Nunnally, was it V.V. ?

"What are you talking about?"

V.V. laughs and even though it sounds more like a child laughing at a prank it still sends shivers down Suzaku's spine and for a moment he forgets about everything, because Nunnally is also important to him...

"What do you want with Nunnally!"

V.V. laughs at Suzaku and looks at him with a strange expression as he answers

"She was only the bait... now Zero... no, Lelouch Vi Britannia let us begin!"

With those words V.V. points his finger at Lelouch, who stares at V.V. surprised after hearing him say out his real name, the symbol of Geass shinning on his forehead as in the distance Lelouch grabs for his head and falls down on his knees, Suzaku's eyes widen as he turns to V.V. once again

"V.V. stop it!"

"Why would you care, he is the one who killed your princess, wasn't he?"

Suzaku's eyes widen at the mention of Euphemia and he looks at Lelouch once more, in his head he is fighting a war right now, would he let Lelouch die or would he help him? If the situation was like before he would probably leave him to die... but now... would Euphemia have wanted it this way... or Nunnally... what was he going to tell her... the screams that erupted from Lelouch mouth snapped him back to reality and he looks at his former friend, his eyes determined as he decides something that goes against his own morals


V.V. merely smiles as he glances at Suzaku

"Don't you want to know what he is?"

Suzaku stops

"A vessel of God... that is why I want him..."

"A vessel of God?"

Suzaku eyes Lelouch once again as V.V. raises his hand, Lelouch rises from the ground and is pulled onto his feet slowly as if someone is holding him by his throat, from his feet to his toes and then slowly into the air, held several inches above the ground as he gasps for air...

"Don't you want to know about us, Kururugi?"

Suzaku doesn't respond and looks at Lelouch, his expression shocked and with disbelief yet confused by its meaning

"We make Gods..."

And with the a red glow emitted from Lelouch for a few milliseconds as he falls back on the ground, Suzaku ignore V.V.'s laughter as he runs up to Lelouch side, shocked to see a geass symbol on his forehead, Suzaku grinds his teeth as he turns to V.V. once more, he can hear Lelouch's fast breathing but doesn't touch him, because he is afraid that he will disappear one again...

V.V. doesn't say anything and instead turns to someone behind Suzaku, Suzaku turns around as footsteps are heard and he looks at the person in shock

"Is it done?"


Suzaku simply stares into the serious eyes of the Emperor and he looks back in detest...