Mystic Girl: Welcome to my third fan fic. I would like to introduce my new co-host…

Tucker: Me, Tucker 'too fine' Foley

Mystic Girl: TUCKER!!!! I asked for Sam.

Tucker: Um… she's busy.

In Sam's room

'How on earth did my computer get a virus,' she cried while trying to stop her files from being deleted.

Back in the story

Mystic Girl: Riggghht, well would you do it then.

Tucker: Mystic Girl does not own any of the characters or places mentioned in this Fan Fic. They belong to Nickelodeon Studios. She does own the ghost 'Mirror Maiden' and the mirror realm though. Also if any cute girls are reading this, I am still free for the school dance.

Mystic Girl: And you wonder why I wanted Sam.

Chapter 1

'Image is the key to true art,' Miss Stroke Caper Highs art teacher said walking around the class. 'Through image we see how something or someone wishes to be seen.'

'So Dash wishes to be seen as an idiot,' Sam Manson, the school Goth said to her two best friends Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley, who giggled slightly. 'Though of course you must remember that a persons image does not show the real person ('See,' Sam whispered to Danny and Tucker.) This is why we will be drawing 'reflected images' today.'

'Meaning …' said Dash from the back row.

'Meaning,' said the teacher in a fairly annoyed tone. 'That you will be drawing yourself as you own complete opposite.' Just then the ghost alarm bell rang. 'Come next lesson,' Miss Stroke said as the students quickly filled out of the class room. The minuet Danny was out of eye shot of anyone he quickly dived into a nearby class room. With a bright flash of light two rings traveled up and down the teenager. Turning him from school loser Danny Fenton into the town's ghost hero Danny Phantom. Turning intangible he flew up above the school to see most of the activity coming from thegym. Flying closer something in there practically blinded him and a cold high voice snapped 'YOU'.

Cue Theme song

Once the light subsided he saw a pretty young woman wearing a green dress and a lot of make up with a multiple number of mirrors floating around her. 'Let me guess,' Danny mocked. 'You can't bear to be away from your reflexion for long so you bring mirrors everywhere.'

'I know who you are,' she snapped some of her mirrors glowing. 'You're that do-gooder ghost who ruined my sister's plans to create a new body for herself.'

'You're related to Spectra, I guess vanity runs in the family.' Danny said before shooting an ecto-beam at her. Just before it hit her one of the mirrors floated in front of her and absorbed the beam and spitted it back at Danny, twice as powerful. 'You can't stop the Mirror Maiden. My magic mirrors absorb all harmful beams and reflect them back at the attacker.'

'Well then,' said Danny recovering from the blast. 'I'll have to take seven years bad luck.'

'Get her Ghost boy,' came a familiar voice from the bleachers. Turning around Danny could see Dash, Kwan, Paulina and Star had snuck away from the group to watch. 'Ok Danny, we're here,' Sam said as her and Tucker came trough the gym doors. 'What are you doing here?' Paulina hissed at Sam.

'So it appears we have an audience,' said Mirror Maiden looking greedily at the group. 'Personally I never cared for large groups.' Just then one of her mirrors glowed a different colour and a large tornado like funnel came out of it sucking up everyone except Danny.

'What did you do with them?' Danny snapped angrily.

'I sent then to a realm known as the Mirror realm, and your about to join them,' she said as the tunnel changed direction and sucked him up too. 'Lets see if the great Danny Phantom can get out of this one,' Danny heard her laugh as everything went black.

Mystic Girl: Well that's the end of chapter one

Tucker: Wait, I get sucked into another realm

Mystic Girl: What like it hasn't happened before King Tuck

Tucker: HEY that happened only once

Mystic Girl: Well see you next time, till then R&R.